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  1. There are a few teams in East Texas that have losing records, but are in no way a "bad" team. Which teams will bounce back and surprise some folks?
  2. I agree, If your going to put John Tyler in there SS definately needs to be included.
  3. Who are their scoring threats this year, and who seems to make the plays on defense?
  4. It would be amazing to see him come back and lead the team through the playoffs and to a championship. What a story that would be.
  5. I don't think they should rush him getting back. It's bad that he is gone, but it would be terrible if he was rushed back onto the field before he is properly healed and reinjured it. He would for sure be done for the entire season then and that could hurt his college chances even further. Take it easy and come back healthy and strong!
  6. Carthage will go .500 with this game. They play hard and take advantage of teams mistakes. Their record doesn't give a good picture of just how good they really are.
  7. Coach Toon "Oh GOSH!! that locker room smells like the south end of a northbound mule. I know half of yall haven't hit puberty yet and are embarrassed about what ya don't have, but yall gotta start taking a dad gomn shower before you go back in that school. I'm guna start gettin emails from teachers, and you (Insert kids name), you need to start brushin our teeth. Your breath is kickin like Bruce Lee.
  8. Coach to a middle school linebacker - "You plannin of hittin anybody today?" Player - "Coach, I've hit somebody every play" Coach - "Your own teamates don't count son" Player - "I thought I was supposed to be blocking"
  9. NBD. I don't think mobile will let user start a poll. I know I can't on my phone, but on a computer it will let me.
  10. I've heard the same from multiple sources.
  11. Which team has the best offense pound for pound in east texas? post stats to back up your pick.
  12. I know the world doesn't revolve around my wants and desires, but it would be awesome if whomever decides they want to be the one to start up the weekly game thread between ch and the big bad opponent would put a poll up for smoaky users to vote on. I just like to see the "smoaky voting spread"
  13. I bet it's heck in hallsville trying to prepare their defense for ch's offense. The offensive coordinator seems to be creative with the talent at ch. Think about it. They have no idea who will be lined up behind center on Friday. Will it be Kincaid? Day? Lex? I don't think anyone know for sure until monday and then, if its Kincaid you can't expect to see the same play that was displayed Friday night because they will be in preparation all week for it. If it's day they will get to leave Kincaid at receiver and if it's lex they will ge to leave Kincaid and day at receiver. And with day or lex starting at qb, they would be setting themselves up for a veteran qb to take the lead next year. I watched lex thursday night and he has a great arm and he has a very smart/calm demeanor about him.
  14. I think ch will be fine. Defense wins championships. They will miss Saenz, but there are a lot of playmakers on that team. It's not like Saenz was/is the only weapon. They will still go to the playoffs as the undefeated district champs and they will beat center or Jasper inthe first round. Saenz will rest like he is supposed to and not push it and be back. This is what I hope and think will happen. As far as the coaches calling bad plays and causing saenz to get hurt. I have seen more qb's get hurt from a blind side sack while trying to pass than I have from running downfield and being tackled. It was a freak injury and they are just part of the game. That's what sets football apart from any other sport. The severity and likelihood of a season ending injury goes way way up when you strap on pads and tell young men to hit each other as hard and often as they can. Ch will be fine. These coaches have their stuff together.
  15. I'm excited to see what Allen can do. He looks like a pretty good athlete. I can't wait until the dogs have all of their pieces in place.
  16. It's no different than when Carthage came to town last year. They sent look like a state chapionship team, but they continually got better EVERY week. That program knows how to win, and knows how to make needed changes in order to do that. You don't get three rings not being able to graduate and grow.
  17. I don't think you even read what I wrote. I stated that people couldn't expect the defense to be the same as they were in the playoffs last year. You stated that you disagreed and then talked of how they will get better, which is basically what I meant by saying you can't judge how good a team is in the first couple of weeks.
  18. If lee plays like the first half vs. Ludlum, they will lose, but if they play like the second half, they will win. It's a toss up, because they are so inconsistent. I personally think JT will take it again this year.
  19. They will make the adjustments needed over the next few weeks and get right back to where they were I bet. Teams like that don't stay average, they improve every week. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up making a game out of it against gilmer and Henderson. I also wouldn't be shocked if gilmer took that district this year. They also have a tendency to make the adjustments and get better.
  20. Just look at what the defense did against wh last year. Gave up 42. That same d went on to Arlington. Two weeks into the season is too early to compare to last year during the playoffs, and certainly no team in east Texas knows for sure just how good or bad they are just yet. Let's wait until the end of pre-district and see how they are playing, and then look again at the beginning of the playoffs. They will improve every week, as should every other team around.
  21. I would like to get some opinions from the red dog fans. What happened last night? Can it get fixed easily? Any major injuries? Is lindale "that good?"
  22. I added this topic so we could get a poll going. I know there is already a CH vs. Carthage thread, but I'm just curious how the general smoaky nation is picking this game. CH defense did not look like a state championship defense, but last year vs. WH they did not look too good either. I believe WH is one of the most explosive offenses they will see all year. They need to do a better job of wrapping up on initial contact, and somebody has to replace Lee's knockout hitting. Carthage has three rings in three years, which means they know how to make adjustments and they find a way to win. Teams like that don't typically lose two games in a row, but it can happen. CH IMO was humbled a little bit last Thursday, and they saw that they still have a LONG way to go on both sides of the ball. Penalties could be the difference in this game, along with turnovers.
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