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  1. Sometimes it takes kids three or four games to really get a feel for how to play defense on the varsity level. CH is not the team you want to play with an inexperienced defense. Even though the score shows 23 points for CH, only 8 were given up by the first team defense, as a result of a relaxed punt return unit that gave up a long fake punt run. BUT... WW was a heavy run team and WH is the exact opposite, so nobody can really look at what happened last week and decide what to expect this week. By the way, CH special teams played horrible. Kickoff coverage was awful, missed PAT's, and the fake punt run.
  2. I like that prediction. I'll second it. Bullard did a lot of growing up last year, and coming off of a HUGE win like last week will only boost confidence levels up.
  3. Gilmer vs. Tatum, CH vs. WH, & JT vs. Longview. This is an awesome week for high school football.
  4. I disagree with one player making or breaking a team. Look at Matthew Tucker in the 2008 season for the bulldogs.
  5. CH can't look at what happened in WW as a picture of what will happen Thursday night. In the first couple of minutes of the game, CH look nothing more than sloppy and lazy. A good team would have put the ball in the endzone at least once, possibly twice on CH in those first couple minutes. WW was a run heavy team, and once the ball got on the outside CH had trouble coming up with the stop. WH is a pass heavy team, with 395 passing yards according to the tyler paper. Last year WH tore CH up with the short, quick passes (to the outside). I think CH will control the clock, and have a more potent offense. CH defense has to put their first game behind them and the new kids in the line-up have to step up and play mistake free football, as far as for the returning starters/leaders, they need to set the tone this week in practice of what is expected come Thursday night.
  6. Are they playing in Jacksonville or Carthage?
  7. You may be right, but I hope it is competitive physically and mentally regardless of the score. Not saying it will be even, but competitive yes.
  8. Sounds like yall have some boys that can go. It's not in the books yet, anything can happen on Friday night. There have been a lot of David and Goliath games, CH has been the David before, and sometimes David pulls out the victory and shocks everyone fans and foes. I just hope CH focuses on winning this game as seriously as they are the WH game next week.
  9. CH let some big runs go through in the Arp scrimmage. It could be interesting to see the new LB's for CH respond to some 1 on 1 with some good RB's.
  10. Its very hard for a defense to hold a team to one or less touchdowns in the first game of the year (it happens, but it's very hard). Usually their are still some bugs that need to be worked out, first time friday night jitters, and rusty areas that need a good greasing. Hope it happens for em, but I bet they put it in the end zone more than once.
  11. I think Carthage will win it, but I don't think it will be a dominating win. I hope they can get things rolling again to make another run for the crown.
  12. What kind of offense and defense were they running? What plays were working for them?
  13. I want to see Rusk get something going during the pre-distric. They could end up being competitive for the third spot in the district. Brownsboro will be tough to knock out, but it can happen, and this team can do it.
  14. What type of offense and defense will WW be showcasing? What plays/players seemed to work well in the scrimmages?
  15. Castles did a pretty good job of turning the program around. Three straight playoff appearances isn't anything to fret at. CH went from a community (not just a team) that was happy to be above .500 to a community that didn't accept losing, all while still under Castles direction. Not saying Sitton hasn't done a great job, he has continued the growth and raising the expectations, but Castles first year CH was 3-7(I believe) and his last year CH only lost two games, both to state championship contenders (Gilmer and La Vega). I'll be right here.
  16. Osup, I read an article talking about Westwood football and the changes that have been taking place. I remember back when ww had Crawford and Morrow on the field. They were pretty competitive then. Beat ch by quite a bit. I wish good things for ww. A team like ww is what teams like ch have to watch out for. They can put up more of a fight than expected, and make for some frustration.
  17. I hope CH takes this week VERY seriously. I know they have had a lot of focus on the big game next week vs. Whitehouse and beating them, but WW should not be taken lightly, as no team should. WW will not have near the talent that CH has, nor will they have as much experience, BUT... Average teams have a few really good games in a season where they don't look so average. I think WW is an average team, and I think most teams that play CH will have a target drawn on the back of CH, which means they will be hyped up and ready to play their best football. I think CH is a great team, and it's easy for a great team to walk onto a field and immediately see the "advantage" in size, speed, and numbers, and write off a victory in the win column before the opening kickoff. If CH doesn't come ready to play their best football, they will be embarrassed. I'm not saying they will lose, even though it is possible, but they may end up with a score that is a lot closer than what it should be. For preparation sake for both teams, I hope WW and CH both come ready to play good, focused, fundamentaly sound, mistake free football.
  18. How long are you going to hold onto this? It's a new season and what happened last year doesn't matter anymore. Winning State is great and all, but what happened in December of 2010 doesn't put any W's on the score card for anybody, so just let it go. This is a "CH vs. WW" thread, not a "Henderson keep talking more trash" thread.
  19. I like where CH is sitting in these ranking, even though they don't amount to anything come game time.
  20. I would love to see CH and Hen play in the big game again. Hopefully CH will play to their full potential when they make it back. The bottom line is Henderson made enough big plays to win and CH made enough mistakes to lose. A champion can't have a bad game. Henderson did not have a bad game and CH did, that is why Henderson has the crown for now. Congrats to Henderson, but keep your eyes out this year. P.S. I am a faithful CH fan and have been for years. I never heard or saw any t-shirts like those described in above conversation.
  21. There are quite a few CH fans that are still in hibernation. TheStudd, Dog93, ChillFan, they all had lots of comments about CH football last year. Maybe they are waiting for 0 week to heat these forums up.
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