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  1. WOW! you are a homer. I understand your exitement! Lindale will be a very solid team this year! But dont overdue it. They are not on Chapel Hill nor Hendersons level this year. I doubt yall will beat carthage either. Chapel Hill will come to town and win by 24 or more. Yall will make the playoffs and win 2 maybe 3 rounds. Depends on the match ups. Good luck to yall





    Chapel Hill @ Westwood----easy win. warm up game

    Chapel Hill @ whitehouse(Rose stadium)-----Im pickin a W..But very hard fought

    CH@ Carthage-----In carthage we show the state champs a loss. Also very very hard fought

    Hallsville @ CH------easy win..weak 4a team

    CH@ Lindale-----Come to town and lay the smack down!!!

    Center@CH--- easy win

    Bullard @ CH----Next

    CH@ Brownsboro--- Brownsboro will play tough but lose

    Rusk @ CH-----next.....weak district

    CH @ athens----We will will but what a great game it wil be!\





  2. I have often wondered why Arp and Chapel Hill don't play an actual game. I know chapel hill would most likely win 95 % of the games but Arp would play them hard.



    They would be some hard hitting games. CH would probably win with their current group of kids, but a couple years ago Arp would have taken it.

  3. Good luck to you guys this year. I hope we get a chance to take some pics for you guys. It should be a pretty good scrimmage for the most part. See ya friday



    I wish CH and Arp would play 0 week, instead of just scrimmage. CH travels to westwood next week, and they typically aren't much competition. I think Arp has better athletes.

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