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  1. End of the season for the dogs. There’s teams that just want to win more games than they lose. There’s teams that just want to make the playoff, there’s teams that want to win just one playoff game, and there’s teams that want to make a deep playoff run. CH’s goal all season was to make it to the SC. Considering where this program was before Rio got here, I’d say they have come a long way. Making it to the final 4 is a great season, and the fact that it feels like a major let down is a testament to how expectations at CH have changed for the better. Go have a good offseason and keep setting high goals.
  2. Bris has a lot of growing up to do this offseason.
  3. All that matter is this one and this one isn’t close.
  4. And for the record, the long bus ride and low attendance WAS NOT the difference in this game.
  5. The biggest factor I expected coming into the game was Boerne’s o-line.
  6. Strength of schedule just makes for conversation leading up to a contest. It’s across all levels of football and always will be. At the end of the day what matters is what happens between the whistles. Today Boerne and in particular Boerne’s o-line earned it.
  7. Maybe so. There will be all kinds of would’ve, could’ve after this one, since isn’t was such a lop sided drive, but when you can’t agree and go to a coin flip you take that chance. That Boerne O-Line is exactly as I expected. THE best O-Line they faced all year. Exceptional unit.
  8. If I’m Boerne, I’m not throwing the ball again. I’m running behind that o-line. Their offense has seen way more stall and failure throwing than they have running.
  9. CH defense has played well considering how much time they’ve been in the field and the field position they have been in. They gave up one big run. the difference imo has been QB play by CH. Too many mistakes and missed opportunities.
  10. Halftime 14-0 Boenre An Int on 4th down is better than a sack, but he’s got WRs wide open all day. Their secondary can’t run with these CH boys. CH defense deserves a gold star after that 1st half performance.
  11. Boerne Int on 4th down. Bris throws have been bad inaccurate. Just calm down.
  12. CH defense has earned it this game. They have made Boerne drive, which has allowed for Boerne mistakes. Offense has to wake up.
  13. CH just needs to calm down. This game is very winnable
  14. Not really sure what just happened with the call. CH fumble bad snap on the 1yd line Boerne recovers.
  15. Last drive their secondary was man on the outside with a very loose zone in the middle. Bris overthrew a sure TD by a few yards. They are committed to stopping the QB/RB run.
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