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  1. 2 hours ago, Jknight03 said:


    there is alot of talk about State Championship, but not the Semi-Finals 

    To be fair, the reporter is who asked the question about the SC.  The coach just gave an honest answer, which seemed to be on par with what any coach would say.  I don’t think this team is looking past CH.  I think they are new to the situation and don’t know what to think right now.  They have had the best year in school history this season.  The kids may not fully understand the place they are right now, because they have never been there before.  That’s not necessarily a negative or a positive.

    CH has been here twice in as many years and has incredible motivation to get over this hump, but sometimes that type of monkey on your back can work against you mentally.

  2. They are a really good offensive team.  Literally every play seems to have set up qualities for the next.  They have two really good WRs, a RB that can carry the ball 20+ times in a game & catch it like a WR. a QB that seems to make really smart plays and takes what is given.  Doesn't force the ball.

    The WRs don't seem to be exceptionally fast, but they seem to always be WIDE open.  Excellent route running and timing is impressive.  They can go a lot of different directions, so it's hard for a defense to force their hand by shutting down one phase of their game.

    The more I watch this team, the more impressed I am by them.  I do believe CH can beat them, but I also believe CH better play their best football yet.

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  3. These stats are also minus the Calhoun game.

    Season Rushing Total

    Att - Yds - Y/A - 100+ - TD

    434 - 2710 - 6.2 - 9 - 38

    Season Avg/Game Rushing

    Att - Yds - Y/A - 100+ - TD

    33 - 208 - 6.2 - 1 - 3

    Games Lost - Avg/Game Rushing

    Att - Yds - Y/A - 100+ - TD

    30 - 123 - 4.1 - 1 - 1

    Games Won - Avg/Game Rushing

    Att - Yds - T/A - 100+ - TD

    40 - 259 - 6.4 - 1 - 4

    Difference between Games Won/Games Lost Avg/Game Rushing

    Att - Yds - Y/A - 100+ - TD

    10 - 136 - 2.4 - 0 - 3


    This means that in games that they have won, they have averaged 10 more rush attempts for 136 more yards with 3 more TDs than in games they have lost.  Also interesting there have been 9 times where a player rushed for at least 100 yards in a game this season.  All 9 of those were one player, Fallon.  He's overwhelmingly the workhorse on the ground game, and they do a good job of mixing him into the pass game as well.  This tells me that if CH shuts down Fallon, their chances of winning increase substantially.

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  4. These stats are minus the Calhoun Game.

    Season Passing Total

    Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT

    238 - 393 - 3813 - 43 - 8

    Season Avg/Game Passing

    Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT

    18 - 30 - 293 - 3 - 1

    Games Lost - Avg/Game Passing

    Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT

    19 - 34 - 254 - 2  - 1

    Games Won - Avg/Game Passing

    Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT

    18 - 29 - 305 - 4 - 1

    Difference between Games Won/Games Lost Avg/Game Passing

    Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT

    1 - 5 - 49 - 2 - 0


    This means that in games that they have won, they have averaged making 5 less pass attempts and 1 more completion for 49 more yards with 2 more TDs than in games they have lost.  This tells me that it's not as much about their completions and yards as their TDs.  CH can give up a little in the passing game, as long as they keep them from scoring 3 or more times on pass plays.

  5. 18 hours ago, TrumpisDump said:

    Unfortunately they weren't real creative. They packed the box and played over the top of everything. Either way it goes Sanders got behind them almost every chance he got. You have to try to manipulate the defense with motions, swaps, and reads to get them out of place so you can run the ball against an effective line. CH is physical for sure, but are beatable in playoffs. 

    It’s hard to implement a bunch of new stuff like that in 1 week.

  6. 3 hours ago, Jknight03 said:

    awesome, im excited about this game. Davenports RPO game is really good and defense our has stepped up in a big way plus our O-line was dominate last week 

    its going to be a good one and we have to make Hamlin uncomfortable 

    I’ll know more about it later in the week, but so far it looks like they use the quick pass game to set up the run game.

  7. On defense Davenport relies on their mlb to do be their bread winner. He has 137 tackles on the year and the next closest player has 57 less than that. He also leads the team in sacks, tied for the lead in fumble recoveries and forced fumbles, and even when he isn’t in on the play, he’s causing problems.  He’s good, but he’s one man.  CH has to figure out ways to take him out of the play or give him extra attention in the blocking schemes. 

  8. 8 hours ago, CHDog77 said:

    Agreed......Our outside linebackers should be able to crash the edges against Davenport. Brooks and Cook should be able to live in their backfield. 

    I just don’t see Davenport’s O-line being able to control the CH front 7.

    In the 3 games Davenport has lost, there passing offense looked average to any other night, no real drop off, but their running game in all 3 losses was way down.   If CH holds them to less than 150yds rushing, Ch wins the game.  Davenport has only one kid that’s achieved a 100yd game this season.  He’s their work horse and it’s a big drop off from him to the next best runner.  

    They have 2 WR that consistently make plays.   But combined they have 22 TDs on the year.  Their RB has 25.  Shut Fallon down and you win the game.

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