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  1. Boerne receives kickoff. CH strips ball from Boerne. 1st & 10 CH
  2. That’s the test I’m excited to see. CH’s front seven have not played an o-line like this all year. Smart offense can take away strengths from the opposing defense and I believe CH’s biggest strength in this matchup is speed. Boerne’s is a talented O-Line. On offense of Boerne figures out a way to take the CH speed out of the equation and then figures out how to leverage that O-line. Their odds go way up. A lot of folks have said it, but CH cannot make a bunch of mistakes and expect to be playing in another week.
  3. Which is exactly why a solo tackle team is meaningless to someone like him. A team that can quickly get 3-4 hats all closing down on him right on top of each other has a chance to make a stop. 1 on 1, the odds aren’t good for whoever is trying to bring him down.
  4. A few years ago whitehouse switched their entire offense mid game against CH. They went from throwing the dink and dunk passes and getting picked off or going 3 and out, to driving down the field out of a power I. They ended up beating CH, because they had the better o-line and way more depth to survive a physical battle. I don’t expect Boerne to line up in a power I tomorrow night, but their best plan of action may be to shake things up completely and try to highlight their strongest position, which is their o-line.
  5. In watching the film I’ve seen, I don’t think it’s their MO either. I just think it’s the only way they win the game. If they throw the ball, that QB will end up getting picked off, and it will speed the game up for CH to take to the races.
  6. I think CH has to score points in this one. I could be wrong, but I don’t see them being successful in a 4qtr defensive slug fest with this o-line. If I’m Boerne that’s exactly what I’m doing. Run the ball, slow the game down, and try to catch CH in a mistake or two and capitalize on those.
  7. Anybody that knows HS football, knows you can’t put much faith in defensive statistics. If anything I look at the gang tackling as a plus for Boerne for swarming the ball. That’s what it takes to stop CH in the open field. Lots of hats coming as fast as possible.
  8. It’s been fun to watch him develop as a leader.
  9. And there is a difference in “could’ve” and “would’ve”
  10. That’s fair. But… I think it’s fair to say that CH and Kilgore both “could’ve” beat Gilmer and Van. Carthage is another animal. That’s not new news though.
  11. You are absolutely right about that. It will be a tough one. SA is a long ways!
  12. Castles wasn’t the problem there. It was just a down year that year.
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