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  1. Much respect to Kilgore. Hoping for a good clean safe game for all. CH has unfinished business!
  2. Time to hit a lick blue boys! Go eat greedy and get another gold ball on display for the community!
  3. I just don’t see either team not playing hard all 4 quarters at this point in the season. May even take a little overtime.
  4. I just hope it’s a good hard fought game and the kids stay classy. Everything that needs to be proven can happen on the field between the whistles. If it can’t be done then, then you ain’t the better man/team. Just keep it classy.
  5. Good read. I’m thankful Kilgore won last week. You want to be the best you gotta beat the best, so bring on Kilgore.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Several post from both fan groups declaring that the past is pointless come Friday night. I guess he just really wants to be the underdog. If that’s the case, I don’t think CH has an issue at all with climbing on top, especially since a couple smoaky posts will alter their motivation.
  7. Really putting a lot of words/thoughts into a simple post about the lop sided poll. The comment I made has nothing to do with the team’s motivation. You drew that conclusion on your own. My point was only that CH is perfectly okay with being the underdog. They were last week against IC and against Kilgore the first meeting. Worked out one of those and didn’t work out on the other. This group of kids has been “favorites” plenty of times, but they’ve also been “underdogs” several times over the last 3 seasons and they don’t seem to play timid in those games.
  8. Maybe so, but it’s also hard to beat a great team once, which is what Kilgore is. It’s going to take a big effort from CH.
  9. Nope. Highly doubt the football team cares about the polls. I do believe that the coaches are talking a lot about who CH has to do what not a lot of people outside their locker room believe they can do.
  10. Kilgore has more than double the votes in this poll. CH is perfectly okay with being the underdog.
  11. The last time CH played an East Texas team deep in the playoffs with a “questionable” QB, they got beat. Henderson fans remember that one. CH better plan like he’s playing.
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