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  1. Honestly if that’s how Boerne is trying to attack that QB will end up screwing up. As good as that O-Line is. That QB is a liability. He will end up throwing a couple picks if they put it in his shoulders. CH better come ready to score some points and make it a track meet.
  2. https://www.captiongenerator.com/v/2284320/how-boerne-takes-care-of-business-
  3. You can’t just look at the opponents, you have to look at the opponents of the opponents and the circumstances within each game. Greenville lost to teams like Melissa, Lovejoy, Crandall, Lake Dallas, and Terrell that were all playoff teams. Multiple playoff 5A teams. Nac lost to Lufkin, Palestine, Lumberton, Texas High, Marshall. Multiple playoff 5A teams. Palestine made the playoffs and lost to Lumberton that lost to CH. Jacksonville lost to Sulphur Springs, Whitehouse, Crandall, Kilgore, Lindale, & Palestine all playoff teams. Multiple playoff 5A teams. Lindale lost to Kaufman, Gilmer, and Kilgore twice. Once in the 3rd round. Henderson lost to LE, Hallsville, Marshall, Whitehouse, Kilgore, Lindale, Jacksonville, & Palestine. All of those made the playoffs except Jacksonville. Several are playoff 5A teams. Athens lost to Rusk, Kaufman, Jacksonville, Kilgore, Lindale, & Henderson. Kilgore has 4 loses on their record after making it to the 4th round. 2 of those loses came from CH. The other 2 came from Carthage and Gilmer. Livingston was a 4th place team. CH blew them out of the water and then rested a bunch of starters and the score is absolutely no reflection on how they played. BC was 8-4 and with loses to Edna (13-1) Navasota, & El Campo. Lumberton was 11-2 with a loss to St. Thomas. Lumberton would have made it to this round had they been in Boerne’s spot. Boerne isn’t a bad team. They are a really good team, they just haven’t played as tough competition as CH. That doesn’t mean they can’t win, but it does mean that undefeated record is a house of cards.
  4. That’s proof they haven’t played the schedule CH has played. CH hasn’t had to “try to make” any of their games a “big game.” Every game already was big, and aside from a couple down district teams ever team they have played has been fully capable of handing them a big fat L!
  5. RB out of the backfield and middle of the field between 3-10 yards is almost always open on any HS football field. Traditionally LBs at this level are very one dimensional, and most can’t pass cover very well.
  6. I understand that, but he doesn’t average 1yd on scramble passes. He averages just over 1yd per rush.
  7. No question historically this is the DOD. Gotta finish out this season strong and then all go have a good offseason and come back ready to earn it again.
  8. I have. Similar to Lumberton. Offensive line is exceptional. Their defense is slow and lacks athletes, but they don’t make a lot of defensive mistakes. I think the Lumberton QB is better than the Boerne QB, and I think the Lumberton RB is better than the Boerne RB, but the difference is that offensive line. Gotta score points and make them play keep up.
  9. There is not question that this is a winnable game for CH. With what I have watched of them, I would honestly say Kilgore is the team that matches up best against CH. Boerne seems to be much like Lumberton with a better offensive line, but I think their defense isn’t as impressive as Lumberton. CH better be ready.
  10. It’s one of those things where it will get questioned every year, even by me. The teams have to go prove it each season. I believe this year it was once again proven. Two teams knocked out by fellow district teams with the region crown staying in district yet again. Ain't any teams from SETX begging to come play in it. That’s for sure.
  11. Great season Kilgore! CH gotta get it done for the community now!
  12. True, but there’s more than just CH & Kilgore fans voting.
  13. Polls are 48-36 Kilgore. CH not getting love, but that’s okay. Earn it tonight at the
  14. Better believe this will be the hardest earned win of the season for CH. It’s thin ice in the mistakes department for both teams tonight.
  15. Last year that same principle worked out great for CH. Kilgore earned the right to take another whack, but so did CH. Heavyweight battle coming to a stadium near you in just a few hours.
  16. Deuce, Slickey Rickey, Bone-D, & Yella-Dawg-Defense ft. ThaReal-TB12 With the new hit single - “Dawg eat dog” from the album “Business is Good”
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