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  1. 3 minutes ago, TopDog96 said:

    Killgo doesn't like talking about the past, especially @ the rose. So all games before Friday night means nothing. We both are 0-0. One Dog advances and One Dog goes home. 

    I was thinking the same thing.  Several post from both fan groups declaring that the past is pointless come Friday night.  I guess he just really wants to be the underdog.    If that’s the case, I don’t think CH has an issue at all with climbing on top, especially since a couple smoaky posts will alter their motivation.  

  2. 32 minutes ago, kdogs00 said:

    you can call yourselves underdogs, favorites or whatever...it's all irrelevant....it's the mindset/execution of the players that matters...what you or I or anyone else thinks doesn't matter.....but honestly, Kilgore is the underdogs we are the one's whose season ended to Chapel Hill 2 years in a row!!...either way it all makes for an exciting game

    Oh okay.

  3. 1 hour ago, kdogs00 said:

    I'm not saying they don't see this stuff...I'm saying a team shouldn't need to see this to get motivation for this game....motivation should come from the opponent or game they are facing that week...having the opportunity to play in the 4th round of the playoffs "should" be all the motivation needed...you've earned it.....yeah, it's nice to see these experts think highly of Kilgore as they did Chapel Hill earlier in the year ranking them #1 in 4A for most of the year...but that doesn't win anything you have to earn it every week...Kilgore beat Chapel Hill earlier for the District Championship which was icing on the cake....but, honestly I truly believe this team wants more.....winning district is nice but not the ultimate goal...finding a way to beat the team that has ended your season 2 years in a row with hopes of playing for a State Championship is!!!...that's why I truly believe Kilgore will have all the motivation they need in this one..

    Really putting a lot of words/thoughts into a simple post about the lop sided poll.  The comment I made has nothing to do with the team’s motivation.  You drew that conclusion on your own.

    My point was only that CH is perfectly okay with being the underdog.  They were last week against IC and against Kilgore the first meeting.  Worked out one of those and didn’t work out on the other.  This group of kids has been “favorites” plenty of times, but they’ve also been “underdogs” several times over the last 3 seasons and they don’t seem to play timid in those games.

  4. 2 hours ago, kdogs00 said:

    lol, you said that like the Chapel Hill football team gonna get on here and see the polls to get more motivation...like that matters.....if it makes you feel better I didn't even vote...ha

    Nope.  Highly doubt the football team cares about the polls.  I do believe that the coaches are talking a lot about who CH has to do what not a lot of people outside their locker room believe they can do.

  5. 58 minutes ago, Chill5000 said:

    Man I call BS on this. Third round and Kilgore was in a really tight game, I think behind by 7 at the time. IF QB1 could have came back in, he would have. Not saying he won’t play this Friday, I’m sure he will. But tired of hearing the “ he could have played” “ coach wanted to see the sophomore” stuff. It’s round 3 in a tight game. Coach wants QB 1 in! And if he’s capable like everyone is saying. He would have been in the game. He 100% a game changing QB! 

    Time will tell

  6. 1 hour ago, WhoamI97539 said:

    Has anyone heard anything on our QB I was told he could have returned to the Needville game if absolutely needed but I can't get a 100% answer on his status. I'm 99% sure he is playing just curious if anyone has heard? 

    The last time CH played an East Texas team deep in the playoffs with a “questionable” QB, they got beat.  Henderson fans remember that one.  CH better plan like he’s playing.

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