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  1. Lumberton = not considered elite Picks Lumberton to beat CH by 10ts #WeFastToo #woofwoof
  2. Just watch the video. It tells you all you need to know.
  3. They been fans for a minute, they just started posting here.
  4. Folks look at final score only, and don’t understand the circumstances for each score. With Starters and full field to drive, Livingston scored once, and a penalty extended that drive on 3rd and long.
  5. I didn’t know any Henderson fans were left in the smoaky forums. What’s the plan to get the Lions back to fighting form?
  6. That’s is a very true statement. I can’t think of a single media guy that isn’t doing other levels/sports or another industry altogether to supplement.
  7. If Palestine can make a few more strides, it could be a D9 sweep next year.
  8. Lumberton defense better has some wild dogs on it if there’s any hope for a win
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