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  1. I was referring to the poll currently. It’s almost a believable score for this game.
  2. It wasn’t 130 on the field. I can promise you it’s not 30 degrees hotter. No way!
  3. Nah, that big RB gonna be tired and S L O W after taking so many licks!
  4. I guess you define elite as being THE State Champion. The rest of the world would not. In fact NCAA has a coined phrase “Elite 8” which is what the winner of this game will find themselves playing in.
  5. I would also establish a status quo for an entire district based off of a couple of graduates working at a fast food, fried chicken establishment.
  6. Defining the program historically, under this HC, this year specifically, against 4AD1, and against all TXHSFB are all very different conversations. Last year and this year in 4AD1, CH is absolutely Elite.
  7. Says I’m arrogant after I say Lumberton is elite and will take CH’s best game this year.
  8. Made it to the final 4 last year. Less than 10 seconds from Top Two. Return almost entire team Won top district in 4AD1 Won both playoff games by 3rd quarter at the latest so far this year Picked by multiple media sources as a favorite for the title in 2022 “Not elite” Whoever wins this game will be 1 of 8 teams left in the entire division. A division that is heavy in region 3. Lumberton is definitely a top 8 team. Really good team and will take CH’s best game of the season to win. However, CH is THE best team They will prepare, focus, take serious, eliminate mistakes, and do what it takes to beat Lumberton. I predict it to be several more, but even if it’s by just one point. I guarantee it will be at least that CH WILL WIN THIS GAME!!!
  9. you obviously are brilliant when it comes to TXHSFB
  10. Lumberton = not considered elite Picks Lumberton to beat CH by 10ts #WeFastToo #woofwoof
  11. Just watch the video. It tells you all you need to know.
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