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  1. I don’t think Pat Riley could’ve won in Detroit last year. Coach Savage did a good job with what he had.
  2. They lose 6 seniors, 3 of which are starters. The 2 starters that are coming back are pretty dang good though. I know they had a good senior class in football too. I figure they will be a little down but I bet they will be fine.
  3. We are happy with the AD we have. I think your son is a good coach and will do good things. I also liked your younger son, that worked at Maud for a short time.
  4. If I was looking for a good young coach in the area, Jordan Wood at Detroit would be a good hire.
  5. If I was then I would hire the guy on staff and be done with it. Everything I hear he’s a really good coach.
  6. What is the timeline on this one?
  7. Great choice! Coach Coker will do an awesome job
  8. I think Coach McDonald should get a shot if he wants it. He’s done a good job with their basketball team this year for sure.
  9. We played them last year in a preseason tournament and I thought they were pretty good.
  10. Maud and Bowie are both improved but Clarksville is still really down compared to normal. They graduated a good group of seniors last year. They seem to have a lot of kids with limited time on varsity, and a lot of young kids. I didn’t think they were poorly coached when I watched them play if that’s what your implying. Also I would say Rivercrest and McLeod have the best teams they’ve had in a while. LK also has a good group of seniors and are playing well.
  11. I have no idea what the second tie breaker is....Great question
  12. If Maud beats Bowie and Detroit beats Cumby it would be a three way tie between Maud, Bowie and Detroit. Detroit beat maud by 6, Bowie beat Detroit by 6 so Maud will need to beat Bowie by 7 or more to get the number 1 seed. Maud vs Bowie is always a dogfight.
  13. Maud is starting to hit their stride. The cardinals are explosive on offense and if they can come with a little grit on defense they will win.
  14. I check Smoaky time to time and it seems the negativity has nearly taken this site over at times. So I wanted to post something positive. Coach Turner has came in and reinvigorated the kids to work hard. The kids have responded well and are really getting after it. I think the results will show on the field in a couple months.
  15. Why Droddy would want to go back to QC isn’t something I can answer. I just think he was good for them.
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