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  1. He still haven’t shown me any sites. They don’t even like faux news anymore since the election...
  2. Arrest those traitors. Put that trash under the jail
  3. What’s a sisiter?? If you going talk about someone’s education, at least spell right. Show proof that she did all of those things on her own.....from a credible site of course.
  4. The sad part.....most of these criminals that broke into a federal building won’t be sitting in someone’s jail tonight or worse. The repubs on here are always talking about law and order, but nothing right now....
  5. Holding a trump sign and people with trump hats definitely his supporters
  6. They are breaking windows on cnn in the capital building and spray painting cars.
  7. Abrams couldn’t even make sure she won her own race. But somehow she controls the presidency and senate. The repubs run everything in that state. Clearly you don’t research
  8. We lost our running back in that one if i remember correctly, but should’ve won by more
  9. Agree....not confident at all in this staff and these seniors. Not just based on what I’ve seen on the field either. And Forget that rivalry bs y’all are talking about. I’ll be shocked if this one is close. But it’s 2020....
  10. Naw...several of my cousins played for them since 02. And I really became a fan after they came to Lufkin in the 08 season and invited me (a few of their fans on 6A forum) to a few games in the Houston area. We’re not 6A D1 or a rival, so i don’t see a problem with pulling for them.
  11. Offense struggled imo, defense was on field too long. I’m expecting something similar in this one.
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