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  1. They weren’t that physical to me on offense. But they mixed it up well. We honestly just didn’t play well on either side of the ball. We had too many turnovers and didn’t have an offense that could make them pay imo. Y’all won’t have the same problems that we did playing them. Again…just my opinion.
  2. He can’t throw? I thought the JT guys said he was the better Qb
  3. How does North look? They didn’t look too good in the vids i watched.
  4. The only good thing that happened on Friday. Well…and the cafe del rio later that day
  5. I hope you’re right. After dealing with the last two seasons and that beat down on Friday, I’ll take it
  6. I’ll be surprised if this game isn’t a blowout after watching both teams. Lancaster has talent but not enough to keep this close, especially if the same Lobo team that i watched last week comes out at lobo on Friday night. Maybe I’m missing something tho….but right now i don’t see it.
  7. Chapel Hill? Is it my eyes or am i seeing that wrong? Y’all lost to Palestine and CH?? 42-17??
  8. Congrats Lobos. Complete domination. I didn’t expect Lufkin to win, but definitely was hoping for a chance or at least a close game. Didn’t happened. Those kids from LV played on another level tonight. Although our offense isn’t that special, they were prepared for basically everything. They were very diverse on offense too and had speed everywhere. I can see why they are considered the top dog in 5A. Heck of a showing tonight at Abe of all places against a rival. As for Lufkin, honestly not sure how to feel about us now. The kids weren’t prepared. Coaches didn’t mix things up and not going for it on 4th down and inches really showed we were playing scared and had no faith of winning this one. I kinda thought the defense was back after the Consol game. Definitely don’t feel that way now. We had some bright spots in the secondary at times, but other than that…..i just don’t know now. The offense is still having the same issues on the oline and at Qb. The Special teams were horrible as well. The kids had no fight or hunger really in them other than a few players. Well…..other than trying to actually fight Longview players. Just sad to watch all around. Hope they can turn it around on the road next week. Can’t start 0-2 in district and expect to go to the playoffs this season. But 84, jbabi, 07 and Anti, It was good to see y’all again and I hope everyone made it back safely. Good luck the rest of the way!
  9. Safe travels to everyone. Although i hope we win of course, I also hope both teams stay healthy after this one. Lp!!
  10. Stop it. Y’all are talking like the lobos have the 85 bears defense. We ain’t got nuthin
  11. I tried to watch the legacy game but after a few minutes didn’t want to mess up my Sunday with that negativity. That was bad bad
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