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  1. I’m definitely not. We clearly aren’t loaded with talent this season, but coaching is the main problem.
  2. Surratt, Steve lineweaver, Samples or Joseph. Heck, I’ll take any good coach at this point. I honestly think Driskell from Malakoff would be a good hire here.
  3. I believe what the Lobo fans are saying. I know y’all are having problems. I just don’t trust Legacy to win it. I just want them to prove it before i pick them against a coach and program that has basically owned them for several years. They also gave up a lot points to a bad Tyler team. A Tyler team that I’ve heard bad things about in regards to the talent level and offense. Maybe something happened and they scored a lot of those points on the backups or whatever, but 55? That’s a lot of points to give up. And something tells me if Tyler can do it, then the Lobo running game can get it going too. I understand Legacy has a talented dline and secondary, but 55 to Tyler? Unless it’s a lot of turnovers, I think this game is close regardless.
  4. Yea, i can’t pick legacy or lee for that reason. I think Longview will still find a way to pull it out. Longview may be struggling but legacy hasn’t beat a good team either. They’ll have to prove it to me.
  5. Because y’all wouldn’t allow us to come to the game….
  6. Canceling that game last year and finding someone a few days later
  7. I WANT out and I’m not a fan of those people. I don’t want anything to do with nacogroaches, especially with everything they’ve done the last two seasons. That’s more than enough reason to end this foolish game. Forget tradition and cost!
  8. Might as well play Diboll then….the talent level about the same. Classier fan base though. Kidding aside, forget tradition. We should start a rivalry with Huntsville, if we’re worried about saving money and playing someone from the pines.
  9. It was a few gang members from both towns and also local rappers from both towns….it really had nothing to do with the football games or sporting events. Nac is just being petty like last year and making excuses to keep as many Lufkin people away from that 2A stadium they have down there. I just wish we would stop playing them. It doesn’t help us at all….other than to save on gas i guess.
  10. He still haven’t shown me any sites. They don’t even like faux news anymore since the election...
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