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  1. Hooks definitely has to play well on both sides of the ball. That being said no one is unbeatable. One thing i feel certain about the kids on this team wont quit, they will be there the entire game. Gunter wont be able to have an off night either and get away with a w. This should be a good game, we see ya on friday. Of course i'm taking the Hornets.
  2. Hooks by 14, hopefully the defense shows up and shows out.
  3. Lots of scenarios out there here are a few: it will make your head hurt!!!!!!!!! Dfield is in win or lose--- 1st seed with win #3 with a lose Hooks is #2 seed secured PP is in with a win they re the #3 seed, IF OC win and PP lose to ND they are out---they are in as the #4 if 4 way tie at the bottom Dekalb is in with a win and PP win-- #4 seed they own tie breaker against Ore city if OC losses OC needs to win to be the #1 seed or need dekalb to lose to QC -- this would make them the #4 seed ND is in with a win #4 seed--- own tie break over DK also make it in if 4 way tie at the bottom 4 way tie at the top: OC #1 seed 2-1 head to head HKS #2 seed 2-1 head to head DF #3 seed 1-2 head to head PP #4 seed 1-2 head to head 4 way tie for 3rd and 4th: Pewitt would be 2-1 head to head----#4 seed Diana would be 2-1 head to head ---#3 seed Ore city would be 1-2 head to head Dekalb would be 1-2 head to head LOL if i missed one let me know
  4. If there is a 4 way tie. It is determined by head to head among the 4 teams. In this event OC, Hooks would be 2-1 and Dfield and PP would be 1-2. OC-first Hooks -second DF- third PP- fourth Hooks is 2 seed in any scenario. OC has to win to get in, or they need help from Queen city to beat Dekalb
  5. UIL web site says each district decides their own tie breaker. I will be asking our AD this afternoon for sure. But record versus does seem to be the rational way. If Dfield wins it is a lot clearer picture. Then it is Dfield,Hooks,PP,Dekalb. Dekalb would hold the tie break versus OC i believe.
  6. IF OC wins that leaves: Dfield with loses to----- OC, Hooks OC with loses to--- PP, Dekalb PP with loses to --- Hooks, Dfield Hooks with loses to --- OC, Dekalb ONE HECK OF A MESS HONESTLY
  7. A win would put OC in playoffs and create a 4 way tie wouldn't it
  8. Hooks gave up 375 yds rushing right up the gut. Not only did the Bears catch the Hornets, they ran right past them. Teams are supposed to be hitting their stride going into the playoffs, instead Hooks needs to regroup. Congrats to the Bears Gray you got your picture
  9. Game day Friday. This game is usually closer than most would like to think. Hooks by 2 td's. You cant swat what you cant catch.
  10. I would definitely sit him this week, make sure he is as healthy as possible for playoffs. I'm sure the Hooks coaching staff is going that direction as well. Big hole to fill on both sides of the ball, but #14 can get extra work load on offense. I think we have another LB or two that can fill in just fine on defensive side of the ball
  11. I was standing on the goalline during the PAT, just hung my head. Glad we got the W , but it was clearly missed
  12. Heard some soreness and swelling. Appt with orthopedic on monday
  13. It is tough to lose the caliber of player Jordan is, But Connor has done a tremendous job at quarterback since being put in there 5 weeks ago. As for Montrell he has mulitple D1 offers, and 1 of them is from Alabama. Just seems to want to stay closer to home. He was actually sitting on my couch one night when his phone rang and it was Nick Saban. That being said. ITS GAME DAY, One game at a time Hornets and this week it is Pewitt.
  14. Montrell Estell--- Hooks. Texas commit
  15. Hooks cant afford to come out flat. PP will most likely come out playing very inspired, considering what the program has endured this year. Along with the fact that Hooks won last year to seal the district championship. LB's and secondary have to wrap up and not let them run free. PP wont be as fast as DF was last week but they always play physical.
  16. Hooks getting one step closer to the one seed
  17. Good game to watch very exciting. Hooks degense played much better this week. Both teams have the talent to make some noise in playoffs hopefully they meet again
  18. This rain needs to hold off. I want to see a good ball game, not a lot of slipping and sliding on a wet field.
  19. 8th grade 30-0 Df. 1min to play 8th grade 30-0 Df. 1min to play
  20. I think the kids rebound for this one 31-27 Hooks. These two teams are a lot more similar than people think in my opinion.
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