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  1. I think a lot of that was an offensive / total plan issue...if he's totally focused on the D then it should be good
  2. and I heard him in a old SMU historical piece say he, "thought it was weird that they had guy cheerleaders", etc alluded to so few women.
  3. I like the oh so gentle nod towards Eric Dickerson and their great history ...
  4. "he couldn't find a way to get wet in the rain!"
  5. this isn't college, where the coach recruits HIS KIDS... these are Gilmer kids that have played under Metzel in some capacity all along...
  6. and everyone was affectionately "hey Double-ugly"...
  7. "he's about as good as Ned in the first grade reader!" or "he couldn't get out of a wet paper bag!" heard that from my dad...talking about his players for years
  8. if I was a top WR, I'd look at the info...along with the idea that a Jimbo good offense means you throw it 15-20 times a game (awesome opportunity for targets there)
  9. watched game 3 a few minutes ago...pounded Tech
  10. bring on Willie Hargett...oh...
  11. I think with everything that has happened and the added stresses and duties that have gotten heaped on many teachers/coaches/admins...it becomes an easier decision to walk away where many of the above would have hung on and kept "doing what they do" until they felt a little more financially comfortable (if that ever happens) or unfortunately until health may whisper in their ear "it's time". I came to the public school side of things late after 12 years of college coaching and some years in the "business world" before getting "called" again to coach...so I need some more years to "retire" but my wife went straight into this world and could retire about the same time -- her retirement and regular pay looks so much nicer. Our world has changed a lot here and she constantly points at the fact that I could easily go make more at a company and not have the crazy parents that "think we're babysitters" or have to deal with the rules that are changing (ratcheting up) it seems by the semester with the same pay - if not less (when you consider our "year steps" aren't matching inflation).
  12. someone to polish the Gilmer Buckeye logos on the weight room equipment...
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