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  1. will be better than Arkansas, LSU and Auburn probably... the pirate may actually have State better than Ole Miss now...he could have them 4th or 5th next year again though
  2. I think I had a 1-9 week mixed in, else I'd been pretty good
  3. Tennessee Kansas Mississippi State Texas UCLA USC Notre Dame Kansas State Alabama NC State *Tiebreaker: TX-OU total points = 64
  4. wonder if Wisconsin tries to get Burt Bulimia back??? would Colorado make a run at Rick Neuheisel? he's on the radio now singing the praises of CU and all the easy ways to build a champion there... gotta also wonder if any of these bigger jobs attract Jeff Traylor?
  5. Mack was "done" those last 2-3 years! He wasn't putting in that same high level of recruiting...he missed way more often than he hit on the guys he wanted. Guys have to be top notch to be a part of your squad...from the coaching side, once you get tired or angry with your higher ups (talking from my experience) and then it makes you take short cuts that effect you and the team's performance later. On the bright lights level they are, you can't afford any trip ups.
  6. I totally agree and have hated that many times w/ the Horns...step on throats
  7. they also storm the pasture when they winning milking contests...
  8. and Gilmer...Gilmer had good games right there on Hwy 271...MP, Pitt, and Gladewater also when thinking about that, L-K and Daingerfield were district rivals at one time...insane to think that we were close enough in size for that.
  9. I've stopped coaching since moving from college to HS...this is going to sound crazy, but much of my reason...I didn't have a CDL in college and those first couple years at the HS level we had a driver, BUT they were constantly saying "coach, we need you to get your CDL"...I didn't want to do all that extra stuff. I didn't want to be asked to drive other sports (I knew that potentially/probably would happen). I seriously miss that competition that I thrived on, but I would be very frustrated by that extra layer of junk. One of my old college players is a head coach in the Corpus area...he has to drive, BUT they pay him extra for his miles (I want to say over 75 cents a mile) and I believe they give him the hourly driver rate as well (to and from his events) on top of his coaching stipends.
  10. I think they ought to let you drink and drive...your bus... it would increase the available bus drivers and help those drivers to not go crazy from the kids
  11. go for that last couple TD's, so they can get 112...if you're gonna embarrass a team...atleast do it well, to a modern record level.
  12. You're saying a few things towards the way I feel. I don't think we have consistently got the right kind of 5 star, blue chips over the years. A coach has to have a strong mindset, knowing what he's looking for in an athlete (his team)...so he can easily sell himself and the program to athletes...so there is a hunger to be there, change the program, and be lifetime Longhorns (not looking to dive out at the first bump in the road). I see some other things come to mind about consistency, when you try to build a champion team (at any NCAA level)...you have to be able to stack top quality talent. Like the idea of saving money, to help negate small disasters inside your family...stacking talent allows you to overcome injuries, suspensions and any other bump that comes along. You need tons of talent, you can never have too much talent (you get good players...you gotta keep them...a la Alabama, Georgia, Clemson)...all this is more difficult in the transfer portal world we live in. You're good players have to be recruiters for you too...elite talent drawing elite talent. You have to play an elite style of football...you gotta be able to put up video game numbers (tons of yardage, crazy points, sacks & picks on D)...players want the eyeballs on them and that does it...and that's what will bring big time talent in, along with W's. It's a circular pattern of positive! To be a highly successful program, you must have a highly successful work ethic...or else you forfeit your opportunities.
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