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  1. hey, when you at the polka you better find some dancing clogs and kilt
  2. yep, but I'm super pleased to be where they are...gives them a great opportunity
  3. hell before it's over it'll be $2500 and the money will go into a fund where the school will decide about raises (or they will call it a "$500 bonus" and keep the rest until a later date to be used for "stuff")...I have grown to know what my district "will pull"
  4. I'm about there with ya...I started umpiring softball about 4 years ago and it's hard watching baseball now.
  5. No, talking Sark...not Jumbo...Jumbo gets shut out in rec flag football in College Station
  6. message is we weren't there...to see and get the context of the WHOLE situation...that's the problem many times with folks that start shooting videos and posting them to get their ooo's, ah's, clicks and likes
  7. I just think Worthy's hands are suspect +++ and if we can Whit to a place where he is can maintain health then I do think he could be that Duvernay type. I really just want us to get to that place where we have 4 - 5 very solid receiving weapons at one time...says every school lol.
  8. sounds like if it was 2023, he'd be headed for Aggieland and a huge NIL deal...the new Wild Aggie offense
  9. trying to work a deal with Dawn Staley... on a serious note, why not look at Oklahoma's Porter Moser...he's pretty salty
  10. VY, Cam, or Mack Brown's main man Tyrone Swoopes are different totally...more runners...just big dudes running over little HS twerps, then throwing long balls when they wanted to drop back in HS Kyler, well that was a bit of an outlier...Allen HS was a beast program and he was a HS beast!!!
  11. well, we"ll give him a pass then... he did choose OU, so mentally
  12. #1 QB in Oklahoma LOL...playing against Oklahoma HS talent...I'm rolling around laughing
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