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  1. the eye ball test says the Vols are a level better...if I'm to give an extra nudge for winning a conference title, then the Vols fall to #6 behind a USC and Clemson.
  2. the question for Aggy... where's Max Johnson? he could have done something...unless the offense is just that plain of an A-B-C that daddy Brad just said, "no, we're out"
  3. since he appears healthy...I would sure like to use Whittington in that Duvernay type role minus returning kicks/punts. would like Sanders role expanded even more...
  4. I just haven't been a fan of the QB play this year...it worries me. I know Fluellen has been hurt some, but seems he's been way underused. I just wish we'd use the RB screen a little more to utilize that talent, getting those players out in the open turf.
  5. that could be why he's been so half -_-_- of late!!! if he's a team cancer, then go my man...
  6. I do think Tennessee is a better team (and I feel for the teams they play the rest of the season, because I think Heupal will try to blowup the scoreboard...angry), but I think there will be pressure to put a PAC12 champ in if equal or better in record...I think the ACC is done this year (as Clemson has not looked good, the rest of the conference has been weak...Clemson has been in there so much that this Tiger team doesn't match up).
  7. before this past weekend, I was seeing all that same stuff in the visions and that if Longhorn won out they could be a 3-loss team rolling into #4, but alas the Horns can't do anything right but lose
  8. Well, yes...one of those guys is in college and one has not gotten there yet. Despite any doubts, I think Manning will be very good...if he isn't succeeding I think he'll get plenty of lessons and advice to improve him 24/7/365.
  9. really though, Alabama has 2-losses...looking at the rankings, it would not take anything too outrageous to see 3-4 teams lose ahead of them (Saban will be alerting their FCS opponent, "hey, sorry but we are going to score 110 against you" and then pound Auburn too) and they weasel in as a terrible #4
  10. I like your top 4, BUT if USC wins out...it may be hard not to give a nod to the Trojans. The committee will feel some pressure to include a 1-loss conference champ that's been ignored for a little bit. Unfortunately it would leave Tennessee as a great #5 and probably a 5-loss Alabama at #6.
  11. Hey Aggy, you guys may want to get in touch with Vanderbilt and see what it takes to be a success...the Commodores are having a better season.
  12. I was wanting them to go to Card in the OSU game too...this weekend, I feel like a bunch of stuff wasn't working. I gotta say that I have been the utmost disappointed with Worthy this year from OSU on! He doesn't catch the non-perfect ball (which most times, you may not get a PERFECT ball) AND he hangs his head, shakes his head, does all the negative crap that kills a team. I also thought at OSU and again this weekend that Sark may be hesitant to yank Ewers because Manning and his people (along w/ Ewers) may see that as a "oh, he'll yank me out if I'm not amazing...I'll go elsewhere". You hate to think that you take an L to appease players ego, but I can't talk for Sark. There were probably times I thought some of my players "didn't have it today" and was pissed and wanted to change my lineup to send a message and try to overcome a team, but thought it may not be quite the positive message at the time..."a team" is such a delicate balance.
  13. I agree, I came from the agressive stance in basketball of tight defense being aggressive to go after ball in the passing lanes (more like a constant press) to create a lot of offense. I think I would have been in that Paul Westhead/Loyola Marymount style...room a zoom zoom!!! I struggle when it's tough defense that then walks it up and plays something slow...too regimented.
  14. I hate the current system!!! I'd rather it go back to the "whatever computer system" from, was it when the BCS first started? The computer took like a million polls and plugged them into a system, then had some other super small % to base on strength of schedule maybe too...that way it's outta the hands of bias. It's hard enough to overcome the "we can't take Alabama out" mentality since they are ALWAYS ranked high in the pre-season...same with an Ohio State and now a Georgia...when will it be, "oh yeah they're just a solid team, not great", so move them down.
  15. Penn State is overrated EVERY year...and get "smashed in the face" and embarrassed every time they play a southern US team...shows me that Franklin is a joke of a coach (no plan, one dimensional...like Jumbo)
  16. I hate to say this, but many times the reasons that the schools are getting hammered by 50-60 is because the team "quits" or starts to fight each other (blaming, lacking discipline, etc)...the very good team has to run three victory formation plays then punt from half-time on to not beat them by 75.
  17. especially since ETEX/GHS stream every game live on TV...has drastically cut down on the rabid Buckeye travel fans...used to travel from wherever I was coaching to go to their games...had to be there by 5:30 or 6 to get a seat!!! I don't have that Friday travel anxiety now to get out on time...
  18. Pitt gets it rolling in a close one...Carthage 64-6 at half-time they start airing up their basketballs and drawing up schemes and plays for next week's b-ball.
  19. as was mentioned in the THigh thread...Melissa QB had 380 yds passing & 7 TDs IN THE 1st HALF against Terrell. Doubt Hallsville with a weak defense can withstand. Melissa is one of those communities that is definitely growing out of the DFW exponentially in both size, but also wealth. I imagine Melissa will use the old "Jeff Traylor plan"...score 50 by half-time, then play the subs...
  20. I don't know, Freeze might like going to beat up Saban again...especially as he's starting to soften. Kiffen definitely wouldn't want to be in the Auburn pressure cooker of constant mess!!!
  21. people don't pay attention to early basketball because their schedule is big enough they play throw away games to get the scrubs playing time (keep those donors happy) and blow some folks out, getting your team together. the schedule size will stay the same for football...I feel you'd have even better early matchups with a larger playoff for the same reasons...you can play your players, run your playing style and get it together against the best competition. I think it may still lead to a further split division in D1...about 1/2 up and about 1/2 down in division.
  22. I think you get 1 and 2 right in this scenario. USC very well could run the rest of their schedule and then beat Oregon for the PAC...ending with 1 loss. Oklahoma State would probably just wipe out a BIG12 bid with a win over TCU...even with both only having 1 loss. I'd enjoy the Cowboys though. USC going back and beating Oregon, could do the same for the PAC, allowing for a Tennessee or Georgia to sneak in.
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