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  1. As a coach forever, and a former Buckeye (so a fan, from out of town)...I don't necessarily agree with the coaches' letting them down statement. Nah...
  2. Gilmer takes it but if this season continues as is...I'd expect it to be too close with a bizarre possibly embarrassing win
  3. I agree, just like Tech found out...Wyoming is a pretty solid, tough playing (chip on their shoulder to beat big P5 schools) and in the past Texas playing uninspired against a "little", unranked team would have gotten down 21 or so and been out of it.
  4. I think Colorado goes down 71-45...very little D in this minor league basketball game
  5. 1. Florida State 2. Oklahoma 3. Auburn 4. TCU 5. Ole Miss 6. UCLA 7. Oregon 8. Oregon State 9. Texas 10. Notre Dame *Tiebreaker: Colorado-Oregon total points = 116
  6. man, they kinda looked tame once Travis Hunter got hurt...I thought Edwards (RB) was better than he's shown the last two games...starting to not get any yards. they're gonna have to find a way to get him balls past the line of scrimmage (a little slot, crossing behind the LB's trying to just find another gash).
  7. I agree with nearly everything you've said but the Heisman part. I think Travis Hunter (because of the crazy two-way stuff) has a chance, but I think Sanders stealing some of those votes may cost both.
  8. the crew for the Buckeyes: Kris Boyd CB MIN,ARI 20192023 GJ Kinne QB PHIL,NYG Blake Lynch LB MIN 20202021 Curtis Brown DB PIT 20112013 Gus Johnson RB ATL David Snow OL PIT,BUF 20122012 Manuel Johnson WR DAL 20102010 Kenneth Pettway DE JAX,GNB 20062008
  9. yes but the pro player doesn't sit in the fieldhouse with the team all day and all week...where there is the us against the world mentality built...so that's where the great college coach like Nick and Urban
  10. Morris Bart would send his green screen motorcycle associate to the scene
  11. Tennessee @ Florida could be one of the better games. Army @ UT-San Antonio on Friday night might be a good challenge to the Roadrunners...never know with the style of play etc and the fact that UTSA isn't scoring like they have in other years. Wyoming @ Texas, I think it was good that the Cowboys beat Tech...it will get more attention on the game for them than they would have. I think they will specifically focus in strong to try and show they aren't falling for the "rat poison". LSU @ Mississippi State, I'm looking for a "upset" from Hail State as they run the ball. I'm not a giant fan of LSU's QB.
  12. 1. Mississippi State 2. Kansas State 3. Rutgers 4. North Texas 5. North Carolina 6. Tennessee 7. Ole Miss 8. West Virginia 9. TCU 10. Arizona State *Tiebreaker: A&M total points vs UL Monroe 51
  13. heard he's in College Station today looking at real estate...
  14. I'm guessing they're building an excuse for the tail beating they're usually gonna take...
  15. I can not understand how this subject matter doesn't get pushed...everyone needs to be in SOME conference or no conference (which in a sense would then be a giant conference).
  16. I believe they were talking about the play clock there...that made more sense. There were a few times that Kilgore got endless time on plays because the play clock would not start - and they would probably have been in a bind or gotten a delay flag, at somewhat important times...just my thoughts from watching.
  17. BEST LINE EVER...from his article this week Ryan McGee @ESPNMcGee "Clemson L SC L N Greenville L Wofford L The Citadel L Coastal Carolina L SC State Lx2 Presbyterian L Erskine L The last time the state of South Carolina had a weekend this bad, was because of (General) Sherman."
  18. If he does...I really to say it, but both probably hit the portal and at least one will go on somewhere that could hurt us as we move on to the SEC!!! Maalik Murphy would probably move on to Alabama...Arch Manning would probably move to either Georgia or Ole Miss.
  19. 1. Utah 2. Colorado 3. Purdue 4. Ole Miss 5. Texas A&M 6. Cincinnati 7. Texas 8. Oregon 9. UCF 10. Arizona State *Tiebreaker: Texas-Bama total points 65
  20. desperate...well, any school wanting to play big-time football and having $ would want to be in the Power Whatever Conferences that we get to...as it's been alluded to it's probably going to simply break into two true championship divisions soon.
  21. I'm dying laughing... they are embarrassing... I always watch (listen) with a grain of salt, knowing the truth lies somewhere in between
  22. you gotta have a big receipt when you're only writing with crayons
  23. nothing like a 350 pounder from Big Sandy or Tenyha de-fluffing you like that!
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