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  1. I see seven losses on their schedule, conservatively, this coming year.
  2. But the president is old and probably about ready to retire, and it's work to do all that...easier to draw a fat check. heck it's hard to even get the stat's right on their website historically...they aren't for most sports
  3. but here's the thing on national news: they can't even get it right where he's from (Tipton, TX) so A&M has done a great job acting like they give a rip too
  4. that's a thumbs down for him wasting a year going to A&M
  5. can't help it that Louisiana doesn't have the state budget to pay more than that to have quality sports...
  6. If he doesn't destroy the portal to the top 15-20 level (as far as it's concerned), then Colorado may be looking to shut him down sooner rather than later. This would be a total "failed bit". As soon as his sons leave, it'll be a done deal, I'd imagine. Have we heard anything about Travis Hunter? Is he still there or looking around?
  7. Final AP Top 25 Poll Stunningly Drops Alabama to No. 5 (msn.com) ha ha, suck it Tide and Dogs Final AP Top 25 Poll Rank, Team, Record, Points (First) Michigan 15-0, 1,525 (61) Washington 14-1, 1,459 Texas 12-2, 1,356 Georgia 13-1, 1,328 Alabama 12-2, 1,321 (tie) Oregon 12-2, 1,175 (tie) Florida State 13-1, 1,175 Missouri 11-2, 1,092 Ole Miss 11-2, 1,030 Ohio State 11-2, 1,006 Arizona 10-3, 861 LSU 10-3, 853 Hook'em - I only added a partial list. You can click the link My teams of the year: Michigan: an obvious choice...overcame adversity, whether it was caused by their own efforts to be "sneaky". Texas: it was a great season and yet a season where you look at it like the 2010 BCS game against Alabama, where it was so close it was painful. Being a competitor (coach), sometimes the idea you didn't have a chance was better than a couple small mistakes or an injured player or two away from a truly special championship season. Missouri Arizona Washington Florida State: until Jordan Travis got injured, then they were pretty okay.
  8. I think it all depends on what happens in the next few weeksโ€”transfers and the next few recruits.
  9. that's actually what I was thinking digging through all this muck and figuring too...he was an assistant or administrator for all the championships. surprised he didn't claim all the team tennis championships too while in admin.
  10. yes, that day against Liberty Hill it seemed Gilmer never made the adjustment needed to account for the QB...he ripped them apart. it was a frustrating game to watch!
  11. Will Henderson -- go have another big game and add to the stats: att: 264 yards: 2510 avg: 9.5 td's: 34
  12. how many times has Bellville BEEN HERE? IT may be a bit big for the team and community.
  13. pretty boring stuff...time waste game...hence the date...pray for 3 inches of ice and 2 feet of snow to make it interesting!!! same thing I pray for in some of the early bowl games...
  14. I have no doubt they will be back while he's there at Carthage - a good combo. As I told my wife at the time, when Jeff Traylor coached Gilmer (she was from Washington state, so she was really getting an indoctrination to "sports coach wife world"), there are coaches that will not accept bad results because those losses (L's) go beside their name, and one way or another, they last forever, and you want to represent your community in a great way and your family name in a great way and not ever be embarrassed.
  15. I want them to go back to championship games on SATURDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to have to beg and borrow with a principal or superintendent to get permission to take the last day before Christmas every year.
  16. if Todd or Jeff say something that speaks for them not GILMER in general...
  17. I think with all the big recruiting dates rolling up, it would be important for A&M to at least have it out there that something good is happening...
  18. old Union Grove Lion Stadium...woo I remember that stadium scene being "dicey" from being a kid and my dad coaching there along with Joe Buck Sears, just dated myself pretty bad for the old-timers...
  19. in this video put out by the player's mom it shows 10 seconds and much of it is prior to the altercation...the boy backed into the ref...the ref looks like he pushed him off him with his left hand, then the player revs up and tries to back into him again and that's when we see him pull the helmet off, etc. it's bad, but I don't know how I would have been...hopefully not a kidney shot outside the pads
  20. I would bet the same...that the ref said that he was "part of the field" and that the player needed to go around him...like in baseball or softball umping I will try to get in a good position in the infield for the SS, C, or other infielders to make a play and try to get as still as a play allows when a play is happening while doing my job, so they can make a good play.
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