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  1. Congratulations on a great HS career. Good luck next season!
  2. from what I hear he has made every defense he has faced look like pop warner kids
  3. After watching Erik Richards' youtube highlight video I'm thinking this kid may be the next johnny Manziel.
  4. Rivercrest did lose the best pure pocket Quarterback in East Texas to transfer to Caddo mills
  5. The Air Force Academy is looking at him along with numerous D-II schools
  6. Hasty and Richards were both impressive Sunday. They will both have huge seasons next fall.
  7. If I'm not mistaken Erik Richards had 400 yards passing against Como last year. Wonder if he can repeat?
  8. Congratulations Rebels! they win 39 to 0 over Chisum. A strong performance to bounce back after the loss to Clarksville. Take care of business next week.
  9. You are so eager to talk trash you didn't even bother to read my post. Nobody is making any excuses. Clarksvillle won the game fair and square and shoud be congratulated. What was pointed out was the things Rivercrest needs to fix. Dropped passes,silly penalties,special teams.
  10. Good Game through 3 Quarters In the first quarter a rebel reciever dropped a certain TD pass that hit him between the numbers The Rebels later lined up to attempt a field goal from about mid-field(are you kidding me?) The rebels had a interception return for a TD called back on a cheap call Rebel punt blocked...not surprising....won't be the last this year Rebels GAVE the tigers a 50 yard field on kickoffs All this stuff killed any chances of winning Defense actually did a decent job this week
  11. Hey oleman did you forget to set your alarm clock? Games over Rebels win 34-14 or are you talking about another game?
  12. Alba will be alright. They wont see another Quarterback like the one Rivercrest put on the field again this season.
  13. Rivercrests' o-line is really banged up right now. A lot of inexperience lining up in front of the QB. Receivers have been sure-handed before this game. They had an off night for sure.
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