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  1. I bet Nadab and Abihu thought God would approve of their worship too in Leviticus 10...
  2. if churches are ok with teaching error as long as it brings in more people, something is definitely wrong
  3. what about divorce/re-marriage (except for adultery)? drunkenness? These are also sins in the New Testament that many churches ignore Homosexuality is sin, no doubt, but Christians cannot condemn certain sins and sweep others under the rug.
  4. A true coaching legend! someone will have some big shoes to fill! I believe!
  5. Gift Card (If it's to a place you like to shop).. If your wife finds out you have cash, you don't have cash.. Academy OR Gander Mountain?
  6. Was it "just handy" for the jailer and his family in Acts 16 when they were baptized in the middle of the night?
  7. I agree, but that contradicts what you stated in an another post... You said faith was all that mattered for salvation. I'm sure this guy believes in God...
  8. IMO, with these "classics" or whatever you want to call them with several games at one location, it would be better for the fans at least if they didn't play the same team twice back to back years. They're playing at a neutral site anyway, so it's not like anybody would be getting screwed out of a home game.. So like if JT and Longview were both playing in something like this, the second year they could swap opponents... Just a thought
  9. Living the dream! Congrats Scotty! Happy to see hard work paying off for a guy that I grew up playing ball with.
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