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  1. The words he used are not appropriate for smoaky and i would be banned for a month if I posted them..when you watch a ref pull his flag then look at another ref get a head shake then put the flag back in his pocket . That happened twice and each way..these refs need to be broken up and each put with an experienced crew for a season and really learn their craft a little better.. The inexperience is evident and it's getting worse each year.Uil has been saying for years there was a shortage of qualified refs, they rite.
  2. The player who started the rukus on our team was ejected and will sit out first district game, I was five feet from where it all went down,i watched all of it unfold.what a parent across the entire stadium thinks they saw and what we,who were basically sitting 10 feet from it saw are different, your guy took our qb down hard and way out of bounds,no biggie,but when he tried to get up your player shoved him back down and flexed over him, major mistake on his part.Sometimes actions have consequences,and they are immediate.Note to visiting team's,if you are gonna do that dumb stuff,do it on your own sidelines because on ours you are gonna get checked.
  3. Yo brother,most of us at Carlisle root for Overton every game except against us.. couple Old timers go back and fort with each other, mostly for old times sake.. I'm really hoping the mustangs have finally made the turn and are solid again,we are all better for it.
  4. Nice drive by,you know nothing about Carlisle but speak as if it's gospel ..how bout not smoking qb on sidelines and flexing over top of him,and mistaking us for liberal sheep ..three mistakes in a row,ya out..sportsmanship,yall should try it sometime.
  5. Jeez I remember that now,our coaches were loosing their ... I remember thinking they were absolutely retarded and couldn't count past 3
  6. Sometimes 11 Young Men Have to just sit in the semi darkness of the locker room and listen quietly to the sounds of the players getting spatted and taped up,and decide that today,today we are Spartan's,and on this hill we will fight,here we will stand shoulder to shoulder,on this night they will forever remember our name...whoa,whoa,bump the brakes chain...whew,i was standing up looking around for my helmet, getting ready to lead them...... ladies and gentlemen we ask you to please rise for the playing of the school songs,first the visiting...
  7. Yalls know I always hang with my boys from jo,but this is a big hill to climb..good luck to both and pray no injuries to either..chain out
  8. Yeah I heard about that,thought I heard it myself but thought it was one of their fans
  9. There were many factors leading up to what happened and the chain of events that ensued.most of the teams in our dist,alto tenaha,cush,if they did to yall what they did to us on our sidelines...yall would have been obliged and obligated to go ham like we did..that dude on the other side figured out he had opened a can and we were fixing to go off on em..smoked our qb on our sidelines then shove him back down and flex over top of him and then wanna ease on out to field? Naw...hol up a min pimp,take this smoke show with ya...don't play rowdy ball with peeps that know how to play rowdy ball..I'm thinking they were caught off gaurd with our response and it's vigor..our qb now fully understands that his line has his back and not just at mid-field, but anywhere in that stadium...this is our house,show some respect
  10. After looking at film this morning, they rolled 3 different nose gaurds in on him all night trying to get penetration,just a straight rotation..still couldn't get anything going up the center gap, and he handled it well. Every one of those nose gaurds /tackles out weight him by 75 pounds...lol they were arguing with them selves saying he didn't weigh a buck 20 and was a freshman somebody needed to do something with him...lol...he told them to shut up and do something with it...they absolutely couldn't...And to set the record straight,he weighs a buck 39 after a meal,with two pair of socks on..What's the term they used in the replacements? He's whirrrey...lol ..geez,to go from backup corner/reciever to starting center in one week,welcome to Carlisle bruh man I love our little town
  11. Clay said he never got within a foot of that sideline all the way to the endzone
  12. Probably true on that.you could see they couldn't handle us and it was slipping away from them slowly..just had that vibe all night.
  13. I'm sure it's on Facebook or YouTube by now.,I'm not going to run it out on smoaky,but you don't late hit our qb out of bounds on our sidelines twice on one play and expect to just slope on back across the field..it went straight WWE for a few minutes and multiple ejections ensued,their coach talked trash to white hate and got throwed...crazy night for sure
  14. Yes, their coach got ejected and they packed up and left..very interesting turn of events leading up to that particular moment
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