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  1. We all could hope this for our kids,ain't nobody got clean past,unless they never left tha damn house..well said sir
  2. Was thinking more along the lines of taking out Goliath..you gotta be both amped thru the roof and have some luck go your way..hope they can get the adrenaline back up this week,they'll need it
  3. Wos..cs played their superbowl Thursday and I think they have a let down..jmho..not dissing cs but taking out Carthage has its price and it might have been an emotional toll
  4. If Timpson can get them running sideways this one won't be close.let them get north and south and this one will be played into the fourth before they get a lead..Centerville can eat up a clock with the best of em...js
  5. Typical chill will take em to a couple ot and win again..js
  6. To be honest,I saw them earlier in the season and they peaked my interest, especially with the Dawgs offense just not jelling right.
  7. Gobblers...I think...maybe...hmm.yeah maybe prolly the gobblers..
  8. I personally can't wait till we move the capital our of Austin,place is trash,here is a novel idea,leave things alone
  9. Ain't no chump's in third round... this is going to be a good game..true contender moves on,luck to both
  10. Where the probs lye is that Carthage o ain't near as explosive as last season..might give gilmer the op to keep it closer,but the Dawgs need to worry about cs this week,nothin else matters,win and advance.
  11. 2/3 of a season in mental growth,makes a difference for most teams still think the Dawgs would win,yall live in their head rent free and that's worth 7-10 points.but IMHO it would be a good game this go round if yall meet up later.
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