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  1. Truer words were never spoken…lol…but its starting to slow up and I’m getting ready to get on here fo reals…js
  2. The only way he could make the smoaky red page better…put more red in it . It was kinda his calling card,when it disappeared ,I really felt something had been lost.
  3. Looking up at the roof of the porta-jon for the second half is beast mode im not capable of ..js
  4. Sounds like yall second runnin those backings…
  5. Carlisle on homecoming…them brisket tacos the senoritas make….dayuumm…js
  6. I been busy makin bank lately,I’ll get around to trashing it up soon tho
  7. I didn't see her over here in the neighborhood.. I'm calling bs
  8. My Indians are young this year,some would even say they are in a rebuild,they could over perform and show out,but most likely they finish in mid pack,,they do tend to get rowdy in the playoffs tho,when they get in.should be an interesting season to see how coach baker takes them through the rough spots on the schedule this upcoming season.
  9. I think Cinderella gets the crown...don't know how but they lucky as a two pecker Billy goat..
  10. Came through rule earlier...can't see art coming home to the cotton fields...lol
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