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  1. Funny thing is we were 2 below the cutoff a day or two after snapshot day...lol way it goes i suppose
  2. Think cooper is over here, that'll be interesting...lol
  3. Region 2 ? Dang,do we even know anyone in region 2 ? Well let me introduce myself, they call me chain and I'm a highschool football addict,they say the first step in breaking addiction is admitting you are. Welcome to the truth...woooooooo..hahaha let's get this bad boy started ol son
  4. Was gonna mention that Bickham ran wing T ,but decided to just leave it be,many wouldn't know the dif unless they played against it anyway..I like to see the rock slung around,but when i played back in the day,we just ran it through your head and i enjoyed that too...
  5. I somewhat disagree sir, Carthage isn't on another level, that's Next year when young surrat is a year older,then he separates himself and takes the Dawgs with him.This season they are just really talented and have a legend at the helm on the sidelines..none the less,I think Carthage has enough in the tanks to get by gilmer and all it takes is one point
  6. Look,just lay the ball on it's side,laces facing the kicker and have him kick it as hard as he can,knee -thigh high at the dude right in front of him...if it hits him its yours,if it squirrel's they ain't getting it on a hop and they will try to get away from it at all costs,if they dont it's your's anyway because you can't control it and recover it till it stops doing weird stuff
  7. Yes sir, I was under the weather this weekend and just now got back on smoaky,congrats on the win
  8. That was also the most gutsy play traylor ever called in his career.. IMHO
  9. Seen both play,lost to both this season, IMHO Tenaha has the best chance to come away with the win,but LL has enough to edge it out.Turnovers will be what decides this one in the end,an untimely turnover or blown assignment maybe.Tigers Have the front seven to slow the lions run game and they really aren't a diehard passing team.THE lions defense is solid up front but may have issues with tenaha's pass game..like I said,blown assignment or turnover could be the deciding factor
  10. Once you learn to beat a team,the fears of their programs legacy falls away, it's just another team in front of you.. until One of these two beat harmony,you have to take the previous games into consideration,and the eagle's have beaten both.l enjoy watching The tiger's and Newton eagle's play,very talented team's no doubt,and either may win the chip and deserving of it,but one of yall is gonna have to put harmony down first and there in lies the conundrum,they aint about that.That big line put hands on Newton last year and for the most part,they all return for another taste,they took a district title from the tiger's this year,they aint about to lay down anytime soon, y'all gotta come take it,To THE VICTOR GOES THE SPOILS,May luck be in your favor,and may the lord bless all the kids playing with no injuries and may they leave with a full heart and clear eyes.strap em up fellas
  11. Think Carthage is about to send a shockwave through 4AD2 Friday..Think they are about to dismantle PG in front of everybody,and the longer the game goes on the worse it gets.PG stepping into quicksand,this is as close to a title game as you can get and surrat and Preston know this,they Will coach accordingly.Not saying PG is a bad team,just Carthage is a better one.good luck to both and no injuries going forward
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