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  1. Kind of although Barry took wider stance when he twisted and changed direction,Bussey just shifts directions...you'll see what I'm talking about when they play this week..I just enjoy seeing athletes do their thing their way
  2. Well to be completely honest in this particular game,all you can do is line up across from the opponent and GATA and see who makes the mistakes,the one that does probably loses...great teams
  3. I've seen him live 7-8 times,he just seems to glide down field when he runs and really isn't putting too much effort into it ...yeah,just fun to watch without any emotional attachment like he's one of the kids you've watched grow up and play,like he'll be running one direction and the next step he isn't and your brain has to make an adjustment..you are like,what just happened...lol
  4. All it takes is one more than the opponent next week to get Jerry's house...
  5. Hmm...Aledo has 10 trophies in that case for a reason...yall better put hands on em,steady and often..they ain't going to lay down,yall are gonna have to put them down and make them stay down..Mr king probably knows this Bo's by 10ish late,this is where you earn it..
  6. Interesting observation,how so?not being a butt,genuinely interested in your opinion,you've followed them for years.
  7. Well obviously I missed it by a couple points but you get the message tho
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