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  1. Yeah we dropping a classification and playing up,we'll either be road ready come dist,or road killed...champ or chump,hero or zero...
  2. You look at the returning numbers for the top ten? Some them homeys brought back very limited number from last year
  3. Alto ain't forgot how to football..they'll be around and have a say..you know
  4. My grandmother told of her two brother’s who were on a oiler in the pacific,that went under after taking shell’s from a jap destroyer.Her with a husband in Europe fighting nazi’s and scant mail from that theater and raising 6 kid’s along with the wives of her brother’s staying with her on rose hill.The preacher driving up with a couple people from the service,The dreadful silence as these gentlemen walked silently towards the porch. My family was notified that my great uncle’s were lost at sea and the navy presumed them dead,the obligatory plans for funeral’s were being made and moving forward,when two day’s later the navy sent a message that the boys along with a few other’s had been spotted by a plane watcher on an island in the vicinity of the battle. Dale and Elsie were lucky,but many of their shipmate’s weren’t.My grandfather made it home after the fall of the German reicht and VE Day.But many of his patriots didn’t fare as well..The war to end all wars and the greatest generation in history,paid an unmitigated price both at war and at home..Most of us will never understand the strength it took to give,THE LAST FULL MEASURE.
  5. Sir,If I may? What school are you with? And the best of luck for the younguns going forward.
  6. Hmmm..if we survive pre dist with a healthy core,I like our chances..could be dicey on overall record with who we face the first five games
  7. I miss the days of qbs throwing the ball and running backs carrying the ball and receivers just you know,catching the ball...
  8. My wife is involved in education and the administration side of it,I hear the issues they have with procurement of educators they have,it is insane to think of young adults going into the teaching profession and not feeling called to do so,weak pay and no appreciation of the profession.When a young adult can make stupid money in the oil /gas industry and at 21 years old,,be riding around in a hundred thousand dollar vehicle and have thousands of dollars in a savings account before others finish their degree....It's mostly a pay problem
  9. Yea our guy got 8th..but kudos for making it to the show
  10. Think our rb is running the 2 hunnert in Austin tomorrow...be interesting to see how that turns out
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