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  1. He's got kids coming out of the hallways to play
  2. A/D and head football coach Connor Sharp is now leading the tribe,welcome to the rez coach..
  3. Board meeting tonight,should be info coming out afterwards.
  4. Sense of humor is valuable commodity these days...js
  5. And after all this,one really nasty nose gaurd can absolutely wreck the timing of all forms of bone /flex or the veer...under center or gun..defense wins championships...let the wood fly...lol I prefer them veers tho.
  6. Yeah I been in and out of town all week,and crazy busy and just got back on smoaky for a min.
  7. Think when Tamp left,it upset the apple cart a little . maybe alot.
  8. Easy enough to teach football mentality but exponentially harder to teach winning mentality..takes time and trials..js
  9. Had a dream about this pick last night,and when I woke up this morning it was daytime…destiny…lets roll ✌
  10. Candle stick holders are always a nice gift for the newlyweds..health inspectors are heading to the cafe after an anonymous phone call about mice
  11. Learned a long time ago not to judge a person till I've shaken their hand and had conversation with them...wishing the new boss the best of luck
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