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  1. Well,how did everyone view their scrimmage this week? We're you looking better than last season in any places,looking quicker,maybe looking like the lines were bigger or stronger? Skills guys advancing their game? Qb play?
  2. Well the old timers used to say (the hotter the fire the stronger the steel)...then they invented Kevlar...lol
  3. Not after that deep freezer negative 9 For 6 days we had a couple years back...lol
  4. Tepper thinks we gonna roll /donkey stomp our way thru dist this year supposedly..I'm hoping we come thru predistrict healthy..thinking coach turned the screws just to see if they break.
  5. They know who posted the letter,annonimity was preserved
  6. Every year and every match up is different,but they were usually hard fought matches..hence my respect for alto...same with Joe..this season would have been electric had all the steaks remained the same,our match was last game...the ramifications could have been an epic match up the kids may have spoken on for years..chain out
  7. Don't overreach...,we brought back 9/10 from a classification higher,before dropping down.some of us can run and throw,just like big boy football...watch and let's see how it unfolds..might be interesting to see..if I'm not mistook,most of our predistrict games are against a full classification above us
  8. Last time I saw Overton they were run centric themselves..
  9. This whole thing disappoints me..who in the cornbread hell is running the shop down there? Somebody was supposed to know these things,it's literally somebody's job to count kids every day..guess we'll blame this on putin too this debacle has probably cost a few student athletes that have put in the work,both in the classroom and on the field/courts a chance to further their career /education....wow,if I'm one of the parents of these kids...I'd be burnt smooth up,we'd be having discussion of who is turning in the resignation first for deriliction of dutys..jeez,my alto brothers gotta be hurting rite now,sorry for the seniors...
  10. Yeah,like kicking over a hornets nest and then standing there and eating a taco
  11. Question,if they didn't and it becomes obvious this was a bs move,does the person or persons that brought this forward get punished in any way for tarnishing a schools character? Lawsuits for liable or any such? Just asking for clarification. Not saying they did or didn't fudge numbers,personally don't think so but you never know.
  12. I'm just curious as to who cryed foul? Whom was so intimidated by the jackets that they would report this to uil? Was it an inside job from butthurt or external forces who were in fear of playing real football against quality? I personally would never believe that a storied and proud team such as alto would even consider such nefarious acts.hell the alto I know would play Lobo in Longview and maybe outnumber them with fans,if they were on the schedule,I know with heartfelt pride that the jacket band would put em on notice...lol...that band gets a stadium rocking,Personally I am looking forward to Carlisle,alto and tenaha being in same dist, last time we played tenaha they pulled the roof in on our heads,and alto always comes in swinging
  13. Dang....here we go again...can we just transition into gods sport without more drama? Who gettin hosed now?
  14. Lol,I saw the black screen and thought am myself...though they was gettin real real...lol
  15. 176 hours,42 mins and 27 seconds..we can get thru this...we can do it..
  16. Without ticking off alot of the home team faithful on here,I would say timpson and beckville will be the obstacle you would have to overcome to take region 3..thinking maybe they might be better this year than last,and yeah I know who they graduated..just a gut feeling I have..we will see...
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