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  1. Wasn't discrediting Lovelady in the least bro,yall won it straight up..we just helped at every opportunity.. We literally jumped every play inside the 10...sometimes twice . If yall don't take that and make us pay for it I would have been disappointed..
  2. No doubt..but we didn't do one single thing like we have all year . Great time to change up the roll..jeez christ.
  3. Good game Lovelady,we gave that one's to ya...jeez we couldn't help but shoot ourselves in the foot every chance we got..hope yall got enough for mart
  4. Enjoy the game sir,if Carlisle wasn't playing I would be there watching that one too..
  5. Mart has always played the first half like it was Jerry world,you will have to stop them because it's cutthroat till halftime...and I agree,first half is jailbreak every game..
  6. Yes it was mod removed and he was notified of it...please move on gents
  7. Nick's account was deleted.that ends the question of nick...please move forward with the celebration
  8. Umm sir,sister Betty has a mean backhand tho..js
  9. Father I come to you this day humbled and lacking in your presence,father God on this day I ask for mercy and grace upon these kids that are traveling and playing games today,lord please extend mercy and grace on the the families and friends traveling to watch the games.Dear lord I ask that the lessons these youngsters learn today,they carry into life and learn from them..In Jesus name I humbly ask these things...AMEN and AMEN.
  10. 1 sir,all it takes to get to mart and the next round....I like our chances and at this time of the year,close games are to be expected and usually the prerequisite for one testing their metel..perhaps Carlisle is the iron that Lovelady finds their blade is inadequate and is lacking,the stone upon which it breaks.Or we become the tool they need to put the edge on it..Should be an interesting and lively confrontation to say the least..I'm taking my Indians by 10-14 and late charge by the lions,just think the Indians make enough stops and our offense is a little more than they can account for on the eve..safe travels to all and good health to the Victor as you will need all the tools in the box for the inevitable confrontation with Mart the next week
  11. I was there for the Joe game too.but that was different,yalls back had it bounce back to him in stride...cville dude literally dribbled it about 3-4 yards like a Dam basketball and then did some carrying which is illegal in the other sport...js
  12. Yeah coach t did wonders when he was at Lovelady too...good coach for sure.
  13. Naaa,it would jus set the blue and purple off,especially if you was wearing a single gold chain...
  14. Yall gon have to tell me how somebody dribble a funny shape football down the field ..still makes my head hurt remembering it...jeez
  15. That's gospel sir,this years team can catch in the rain and cold...thank the good lord for that...lol..yall ain't got no 6'8" tight ends do ya?. Cause we ain't lucky with them...lol
  16. Anything can and does happen in round three,ain't no posers here anymore for the most part . yes,you can only play who's on the schedule and player's didn't pick it.few years back we sqeeked the fourth place in dist and wound up playing Centerville in Palestine on a rainy night for the regional championship...came close to collecting them too...I'm a firm believer that on any given Friday,it's up for grabs...let's play the game and find out who wants it more
  17. Try this,lay the football flat on the ground,laces towards the kicker and kick the piz out of it.Its called a watermelon kick and it does crazy things,if you keep it low ain't no front line dude catching it..I kicked them like that in high school and we got 30-40 percent back on deflection shots and if it carrys high,up backs have nightmares trying to field it.
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