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  1. I've driven thru both towns ... theretofore, I'm going with Tatum .... Well, let's see what the book says ... Lumberton is averaging 256 yds per game passing (14TDs) at 24 Att per game and 139 yards per game rushing (5 TDs) at 27 Att per game
  2. The District of Doom starts district play with a 12-15 record ... however, 4 of those loses were to currently undefeated teams. And who would have thought L-E would be undefeated at this point? .... maybe it's the fact that three of their wins were posted against opponents that are currently a combined 2-10 ... but a win is a win and two hundred years from now who'd notice.
  3. Depends of whether Athens' QB is healthy and plays this week ... missed this week vs Kaufman.
  4. Don't know, but I figure most everybody has a chapter in their book that they don't want read out loud ...
  5. Just looking around on Thursday nights ... when you get to the point where 4A JV games are being worked by 3 and 4 man crews, you definitely have a shortage ...
  6. The so-called District of Doom came pretty close to being Broomed ... maybe Week 2's schedule will be more inviting.
  7. Final: K 24, L 17 Buncha folks wrong on this one ...
  8. somebody's reading too many of their own press clippings ....
  9. Been involved in it twice ... neither had the desired outcome.
  10. The varsity part got about 9 plays in before a lightning delay ... they finally gave up about an hour later
  11. SS is still learning and yearning ... kinda a long way from being where they need to be ... new coach/staff and coming off an O-fer is a tall order to change in a brief span ... Jax in somewhat same scenario but have QB that will probably make the difference in this one. SS has a young, small RB that shows some talent last year when I watched him ... didn't really get rolling though in the Lindale scrimmage ... at times, didn't look like the same kid as I remembered. Jax must improve on D to be in the hunt long-term ... not giving up 39 ppg like last year would certainly be a plus.
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