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  1. Heard there is a HS principal close by that wants it .....
  2. Being from this side of the world, the one that surprised me the most was Terrell and Texas High ....
  3. If I counted right, there were 13 4th seeds that won (5A-2A) ... have tracked it for years due to posts like these ... over the years, we usually average almost 18 a year ... given that statement, I should note that there were another 5 4th seeds who came with one score of winning ...
  4. I worked for a Slot-T guy (Bush) who was on the staff at PNG for several years before going to Dimmitt and then to Livingston ... I spent months looking at PNG film ... The thing that amazed me right away was that I think is '75 they had only one offensive procedure call in 14 games ... that's how disciplined they were ... and when we visited their Spring Training, I was amazed that their athletes were not much more raw talented than we were at Livingston ... but they DID believe that they could take on and match up anyone; and they did.
  5. No, from Jacksonville ... and to boot, I have a OC son who is playing at Mesquite Hanby tonight ... will watch the stream ... I'm afraid I have gotten to the age where I can't climb stands anymore ... unfortunate, because I would have loved to talk with you.
  6. Check on that ... any Friday with football is ten times better than a Friday without it. it doesn't just happen in the first round ... I remember going to a Round Three game in 1989 - Cooper vs Groveton ... Groveton won 82-6 ... in this kind of situation, I think a lot of the score depends on who the winning coach is ... in several instances, I had talks with this one - his favorite saying was if you don't want the score run up, then teach your kids to play better.
  7. I strongly believe that the Slot T in that area originated from PNG's Etheridge in the mid-to-late Seventies ... I have done a flow chart of its development back to Chesty Walker and the Power T in the Panhandle which was evolved into the Slot-T by his assistants at the time - Etheridge and Henderson ... each then developed their own version, taking it into New Mexico ... and then Texas ... on the flowchart, I have each coach/version listed with their career total wins and losses ... it is amazing how many games were won in the state of Texas using the Slot-T. Ok, finally found the chart ... I've visited with a good portion of these folks over the last 60 years ... the one I missed was Vance - the reason I think he is important is because he is the only one I can find who worked under both the Etheridge/Bush version and the L.G. Henderson version ... On a side note, I don't see much of the "O" Set anymore ... especially since someone found a way to run "8-Hole Reverse" out of the "A" Set ... I don't remember seeing that in the earlier versions.
  8. Not everybody, yet ... but I can say the same about current DC's who try to defend the Wing-T and Slot-T ... I have always maintained that if you are a DC who really wants to know how to defend it, find you a team/staff who run the Wing-T and watch how that staff deals with it when they play it when they face another team who also runs it ...
  9. I once was a part of the Slot Mafia ... also ran the West Texas Wing-T ... what I see now is that there really aren't any true purist left ...
  10. That would be their second forfeit in the last three weeks ... not much in the leadership name ... Noticed there was a second forfeit - Wall vs Tornillo. Tornillo finished 4th in a 4-team district with a 0-9 record. Pretty sure I know what that was about. Not to mention the 385 miles between the two towns.
  11. Like I said, "circa before 2009" ... I remember that OT game ... I think it was the last time Jax beat Hendo.
  12. I don't remember the exact year (circa before 2009), but the last Hendo-Jax game (with neither having anything to play for except Pride) held in the last week there were fifteen unsportsmanlike or late hits out of bounds in the FIRST HALF ... I left at halftime and told the ticket booth if I had paid for this ticket I would demand my money back ... my kin, coaching at Hendo at the time, found out Iater that I had left said, "I wish I had known you were leaving, I might have gone with you. I've never been so embarrassed as a coach."
  13. Good choice considering the offensive scheme of who ya'll are playing ...
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