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  1. You got that right ... embarrassing to say the least ... In reality, Alvarado probably won't see a lot of success until they find another district to try to compete in ... I saw them play several games on video and one in person this past season ... the offense was fair ... the defense was not anywhere close to fair. Gosh ... they have been in the "I" seems like forever and with 85%+ run ... if someone comes in with the Spread, that learning curve may make things even more difficult for a while.
  2. "If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader - sell ice cream." -Coach Saban
  3. No matter how hard you try, you can't make chicken salad outta chicken mess.
  4. I'm finishing my 29th in your district (and 45th overall, including 16 coaching in several other districts before I settled in here) ... it will be my last ... I have seen enough to know its time.
  5. Haven't found current data ... but in 2018 that position paid just under $84,000, the 5th highest salary in the district .... and just a few coins less than the HS Princ .... and less than half of what the sup makes ...
  6. 4A-D2 not as much as 4A-D1 ... although not much change in East Texas area, the rest of the state has a lot of moves coming .... Although some choices are easy to make, some are very much still up in the air. Common sense is seldom used in the same sentence with the UIL.
  7. I remember coaching against them starting in the Seventies and thereafter ... and they always had good looking kids every year. I truly hope that all the changes made will be a good fit for both the school, the kids, the coaches, and their community fan and power base. I also desire that the changes made will be dealt with patience for those involved … change, by its own nature, can be difficult for some – especially those whose vision lies within the confines of their own personal tunnel. In looking at most situational reality, Coach Shakespeare once wrote, “Not all that glitters is gold.” In that vein, I hope all decisions made this spring by the parties involved will be fruitful - for someone wiser than me said “We are always one decision away from a totally different life.” And that can be good or bad. Only with time can it be revealed if the Ghosts of Seasons Past will win or lose out to the Ghosts of Seasons Future.
  8. Don't know ... really not many movers and shakers in our neck of the woods at this level ...
  9. Hard to hold a fish fry without any fish ... but there's always someone somewhere who thinks they're smarter and better than the ones who tried and failed ... more often than not, they, too, end up in the cut bait bucket.
  10. By the time I came around in HS in the Sixties, Quarterbacks spent a lot of time off the field learning how to read and attack defenses because we called about 95% plus of plays during the game ... of course defenses were more standardized then, especially in the secondary (4-deep Cloud with occasional Sky, and Three-deep) ... most people ran the Okie 5, a few the 4-3 27, and an occasional Split or 7-Diamond ... learned a lot calling my own plays. Helped a lot during in my early coaching days ...
  11. In visiting over the years with the early wristband folks, the purpose was primarily for use of no huddle and up tempo ... now a few multi-flips even have assignments/routes on them .... but heck, I'm old enough to remember Army's "Lonesome End",
  12. Not much innovation seen this year ... everybody waits until someone else has the brains and guts to do something different and then they steal it. More and more folks are ending up with a collection of plays INSTEAD of an offense. I think wristbands are limiting adjustments during the game ... if some people see a weakness in the way a defense is aligned, but that play in that set in that situation is not on the wristband - therefore they can't signal it in and run it - means that you are sacrificing effectiveness for efficiency ... and there is a big difference between the two. To borrow a Doomer quote - "Tru Storie" ... case in point: One Friday night a few years back I was at a game ... it was halftime and I ran into a young offensive coordinator I know coming down from the press box. I said, "They're throwing a lot of stuff at you." He said, "They sure are." I replied, "It's really kinda simple. They're just playing your sets and reading your mail." I walked with him for a bit to the field house. I then said, "If you put your set back and H-back to the same side away from Twins and run a post with the inside receiver, they're unsound and there's no way they can cover it." He replied, "Maybe so, but we don't have that play." I said, "You don't run a post route?" He said, "Yea, but not it that set." I said, "Why don't you just call one." He said, "Can't, it's not on our wristband ... and if it's not on our wristband then we can't signal it in." I told him "Good Luck, and good to see you" and went on our separate ways. WOW ... things sure have changed ... I guess the days of taking what they give you are over. Times change, but in the old days I wasn't about to lose a ball game (which they eventually did) over a wristband. Anything was possible with coffee and chalk until they invented an erasable whiteboard. I figure the days of seeing coaches at clinics drawing on table napkins while eating breakfast are gone. Innovation often comes from new minds that think outside the box. Before you can innovate, you have to at least understand the "now" and then the "why" ... that learning for understanding is never achieved if you are the last one to show up and the first one to leave. It's always been that way - and always will be.
  13. Glossary: Spreadist - one who spreads Not to be confused with followers of Lavelle Edward's vertical and horizontal "Stretch" called Stretchies ,,, Including others, but not limited to a Wingist or a Slotist. Tark Shedist - teams with multiple players entering the Transfer Protocol
  14. Where did you think all these offenses evolved from? Their DNA can be virtually all traced back to Pop Warner ... with a little Rusty Russell and Dutch Meyer mixed in to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the spreadists to follow ....
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