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  1. Good point ... I do see several spread option attacks on the horizon that are interesting ... Brennan Marion's GoGo Offense has received some attention in the last few years (although kind of on hold after he was hired as an assistant at Hawaii and recently to Pitt) ... and I understand a lot of people are looking hard at Chadwell's Coastal Carolina theories ... the full house spread may be evolving ... Texas HS football has a long history of option type attacks going back into the Sixties ... it seems to be in the shared DNA.
  2. Congratulations to both on getting there … I have no dog in this hunt - and have seen both in person - Lindale early and Argyle late - but my main interest is in the logistics … will be interesting to watch … especially Argyle on defense … in the fairly recent past, Argyle has been synonymous with the 10-1 Special … recently they have moved more into the Iowa State model – which is very similar, but with softened edges … it would not surprise me, based on what was shown vs LBJ yardage wise, if Argyle moves back to the 10-1 Special for this one (and I don't ever remember seeing them in what I c
  3. The stadium is a little older than that ... my Mother graduated from there during the war and she remembers marching in the band there about the time she started HS ... always had a red dog cinder track ... one of the last I would imagine ...
  4. you got that right ,,,, Vanover coming out of retirement didn't seem to be much of a threat to the status quo in town - what they want for you, as head coach, to always go no better than 5-5; if you exceed that, well, look for a little pushback - not really interested in too much emphasis on football - board has always been scared that the community might get behind an expectation of having a winning program - generations of board members have convinced the parents and kids in town that a winning football program in Livingston is not possible and therefore their kids should concentrate on othe
  5. Sups tend to like it if they can find the money ... puts a buffer between him/her and the board/public ... someone else to point to if hire does not turn out well.
  6. Welcome to Smoaky ... where everybody believes anybody can win at Jerry's House ...
  7. Well said and then some .....
  8. Noticed the UIL school listing indicates Cross Roads will not have a football team next cycle. Anyone know if this is true or an oversight?
  9. With both Carthage and Celina most likely moving into the region, it certainly appears the pecking order may change.
  10. Coaching, like other life processes, is about the right fit. Hopefully, they will make the right fit. Good luck in their selection process - the kids deserve the best ... and it's ALWAYS about the kids ... or at least it should be ... sometimes adults forget that - especially when personal agendas get in the way.
  11. There's more than one Brian Nichols that is a sup ... Brian A. and J. Brian ... Might check again ... I re-looked and didn't find a Hallsville connection .... But I've wrong before. He also coached at Oakwood.
  12. Laneville and New Summerfield ...
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