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  1. Will definitely help SS ... better days, maybe? ... they return their QB (1200+ yds), both of their leading rushers (almost 900 yds between them), and one of their two leading receivers (46 receptions) ... but somethings gotta happen to change giving up almost 46 points per game ... I saw them play early in the year and they have a soph RB that could be really good. And I didn't know SS / P had been separated by that many seasons - P may finally get to play at a dist game that's almost close - lol PS - I think the biggest question in the district right now is whether Celina comes east or goes west ... and whether Nevada Community, on the bubble, goes up or stays down.
  2. Never take success for granted ... if you do, you tend to forget what it took to get to the point of success in the first place. And once the "granted" takes hold, success can slowly and stealthy slip away. And most people never notice until it's too late.
  3. Young people, like old people, make choices ... some good - some bad. Every program, like a business, has standards and expectations - some minimal ... some more demanding. Some people find it difficult to live and work within those standards. And there lies in the choice. When I was a young coach I had an old coach tell me this and I never forgot it: "There's no program worth more than one kid ... and there's no one kid worth more than the whole program. Finding that right balance can be challenging, but it must be determined on behalf of both that one kid and for all the other kids. We're in the teaching business, so the goal of discipline is not necessarily just to have discipline ... the goal of discipline should be to teach self-discipline." I have always strongly believed that there's a reason the sport is in the curriculum and it's more than just a scoreboard. Lose sight of that and the lessons that could be taught will never be taught. Those lessons are important and in today's world it may be the only place left for young people to learn them. And therefore it all boils down to choices ... some good - some bad.
  4. Nothing explains things better than this statement - "Five-Star Recruits vs Five-Star Culture" ...
  5. From what I've seen, I don't think they play football in Austin anymore ... Sark's just happy that LBJ ain't on their schedule.
  6. hope u and ur kids had a good TG ... good luck to our brethren the Eagles ... like most things at this level, it's turnovers and who makes the kicking game mistake ... and while it may be hard to understand if you never watched the situation unfold from the sidelines, but what often makes a difference late is when one group begins to focus and be satisfied on what they HAVE accomplished over the course of a season rather than what is left to be accomplished; you can learn a lot about the complexities of a young mind standing on a sideline and looking into their eyes - you can tell for sure how they're dealing with things taking place between the hashes ... the problem with being in the playoffs has always been that there's only one team left that's really happy. Stay safe. As for this old septuagenarian dad, just waiting on realignment and hopes for being around for another year of Friday nights in the fall.
  7. You're asking the wrong person ...
  8. Legend? He did coach there as assistant under Long ... considering the community power structure he could be a real possibility if interested. It is interesting to note that a lot of assistants, from junior high up, under Long went on to become rather successful head coaches elsewhere.
  9. Will be very surprised if that happens ... most likely an inside hire ... if he wants it. If not, Plan B is probably not far away and neither match your zero criteria ... Run the show? The job, more or less, will come with its own offensive playbook. Considering giving up 39 and 43 points a game during the last two years, it might be good to focus on a revised playbook on the other side of the ball as well. Truly hopeful for better days ahead.
  10. Time flies ... I don't think they've played in five or six years ... as far back as I can remember, they faced off four times with Argyle winning all four. The last two have been humdingers ... it will also be interesting that this will be the first time Argyle will face them not in the Eagles' 10-1 Special - although the last time they played Argyle played them in (what us old guys call) a 27 Rover look ... we shall see - Kennedale's defense appears solid, but it may take them a few series or more to adjust to a different level of talent on offense that they have not seen ... we shall see.
  11. Going with BP ... been an East Texan for a long, long time, but I once wore that Exporter anchor on my helmet with pride in the dinosaur days. Looking kinda like before this one is over the New Caney scoreboard better have three digits on both sides.
  12. The very nature of the bracket usually involves a risk to some and an advantage to others. Not many teams in the playoffs get to play a 4th seed in Round Two, Good luck ... don't look ahead.
  13. This song and dance comes up every year for the First Round ... Because of that, I've been tracking this for years. In the average first week for the past several years the range of #4s winning has rested between 14-19. This year was no different ... there were 16 #4 seeds that won and another 6 where the #4 seeds lost by one score (7 or less). There was even one game where the #4 seed won by 47 points and another who won by a 24 point shutout. Logic asks, "Well if you pick and choose, where do you stop." - When you look at games involving #2 seeds vs #3 seeds this year, there were 26 games where the winner won by more that 40 points. So who gets to choose who you leave out and who you let in? Usually, regardless of how many you let in, the first round has inherently been where the rejects, the suspects, and the prospects were sorted out. The second round is usually, again depending on the draw, responsible for eliminating the suspects for the equation. It doesn't take a HS football genius to know that all districts are NOT created equal ... just like all regional brackets are not created equal and there is a certain luck that goes with who you draw along the way. And the UIL is happy for you to play ... as long as you send them a check.
  14. I wouldn't look too far ahead ... it's unlucky for sure ... El Campo is waiting in the wings ... and while they are one-dimensional, you would be too if you had the RB they have ... I hope there is a rematch in the future, but there are a few one hundred yard battlefields to conquer first ...
  15. Lumberton appears to be young and loaded in the Sophomore class. The QB, leading RB, and favorite WR (65 catches) all fall into that category. Per Game - averaging 213 in the air and 132 on the ground. Lindale O - 40 ppg Lumberton D - 21 ppg Lindale D - 31 ppg Lumberton O - 34 ppg I would probably predict another scoreboard shoot out for this one.
  16. Celina ... making their last run in Div 2 ... Mineral Wells most likely playing their final game in D2
  17. DOB

    Jax vs Nac

    Everybody talks about CULTURE ... it is the new buzz word ... yet no one ever really defines it ... maybe it's just in the eye of the dictionary user ... Culture really evolves from the community - the educational system also - coaches (and other educational professionals) have to operate within those cultural guidelines if they are going to be gainfully employed. Like virtually all issues, there is no one cause or one solution. And if you desire to bring change, it starts at ground level ... and it's not done overnight.
  18. Well said. Coaches who don't do a good job controlling the score are out there ... but there are few ... and their reputation follows them and often so does karma ... unfortunately, there have been a few coaches out there who would sacrifice any mother's son for another win or another score ... that sounds harsh, but in my career I have seen them ... very few, thankfully, but there have been some climbers that are in it only for the scoreboard. Running the clock has virtually always been an option - but I have encountered some coaches that got fired up and insulted when the "ahead" coach asked (I know of one such case this year) ... Here's a question - for experience's sake - as a coach faced with the situation, should the coach that's way ahead suggest it to the coach that's way behind - or should the coach that's way behind suggest it to the coach that's way ahead? And let four play ... it's an experience that kids and communities usually don't forget ...
  19. Good luck to all the district brethren ... they were about 8 seconds away from a sweep last year ....
  20. Five in the Red Zone ... nothing to show for it ... Melissa made the plays on defense when they had to ... Kaufman moved the ball better than I thought after hearing all the chatter about Melissa's D ...
  21. Lindale ... but Palestine has been unpredictable week-to-week ... Like someone once said, "Beware of Cassius, he has that lean and hungry look." And some teams come off of a bye re-charged ... but some play like their routine has been disrupted and it takes them a quarter to regroup.
  22. If there was ever a toss-up this is it ... either way, there could potentially be some weird developments in the final playoff spot(s). In our neck of Texas, HS football research shows that WITH ALL OTHER THINGS EQUAL that the home team wins about 60% of the time. In our neck of Texas, that same research shows that WITH ALL OTHER THINGS EQUAL that the school with the highest enrollment wins about 60% of the time. So that balanced out with the game in the Tomato Bowl. Numbers? Jacksonville's Offense averaging 21 points per game versus Whitehouse's Defense averaging giving up 25 points per game .... Whitehouse's Offense averaging 15 points per game versus Jacksonville's Defense averaging giving up 36 points per game ... On paper, Jacksonville is potentially more explosive on offense, but can their defense get off the field on 3rd down plays enough to put the ball back in their hands. Probably look for each to score about 3-4 times on the other ... after that it's FGs and ExPts ... But obviously you never know how a non-round ball will bounce. And you never know who'll get dealt the hot hand of momentum and who'll find something in the structure of the other's defense or individual match-ups that the DC can't rally the troops to handle. So, we shall see ... in the end it may end up being decided by who comes to play and who comes in looking forward to the end of the season. Being an old coach, history has shown me that along about Halloween, some folks with a helmet tend to have basketballs - not sugar plums or goalposts - dancing in their heads.
  23. Wow ... that's interesting since Argyle was over 175 under the cutoff last time and Melissa was over 259 under it. I know the pop of the Metro-plex has been trending outward for awhile, but I figured the Covid issues would slow the expanse.
  24. I haven't gone through the Second Half yet ... BUT the First Half had 26 penalties called ... pretty balanced both sides, but really?
  25. Usually depends on district exec comm minutes ... over the years have seen everything from 10 to 21
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