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  1. I thought West Rusk had the superior talent. Both teams looked good at times and very sloppy at times. As far as the coaching, I didn’t agree with what WR was doing in the 3rd quarter with a good lead going to a no backfield and passing. They had a 3 and out and let waskom back in the game. Of course the fight turned the momentum more to waskoms favor. They were very fortunate to pull this game out.
  2. Toby left Carlisle after junior high. He was at Henderson 9-12. But you are right about the wonder if!
  3. I’ve watched him play many times being I live here. Getting upset time after time on his reads. It’s almost like he’s afraid to run the ball. If he can change that, there’s no doubt he can take over a game. Henderson has had many dual threat QBs lately and he’s definitely got the potential. When he did pull and run, it was awesome. I’m optimistic on what he and his brother can bring to the table this year. Maturity can make a difference. If this happens, you mark my word, the lions will be at the top of the district instead of a middle contender.
  4. I don’t understand this! Waskom hasn’t been mediocre in over a decade now. Very successful!
  5. The sup knows the truth. No need to blame anyone.
  6. Good for him. Maybe the district should look into who is responsible for the suspension. Looks like this coach is trying to build some character.
  7. It goes by school district not city limits.
  8. You nailed it! This staff might be a good jv staff.
  9. That’s a joke. Rusk is better than you think and Carthage QB is being exposed. Carthage is the best team and they now see what they are going to need to do going forward. It’s called pressure.
  10. I still believe Carthage will pull it out but don’t make excuses, Rusk is playing football and Carthage better get it together.
  11. Well I guess his dad see's his future is more important than his job! He’s there to win games. The defense would be much better if the offense could move the ball and run more plays. Simple math! Less defensive plays= better defensive numbers.
  12. Been saying this all year. The Qb has to run the football. Without that, the offense can be stopped. It’s called read option for a reason. Without him pulling and running, there’s no read or option.
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