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  1. Won't be getting my hopes up, but definitely will be watching.
  2. I saw the Astros there in 1970 along with a trip to Astroworld. Stayed in Houston for 2 weeks with my parents while my Grandpa was in the hospital. I think I still have one of those popcorn containers that doubled as a megaphone when you were done eating. Yes, I now get the senior discount at Brookshires on Tues....
  3. Thanks to Twitter, social media is working again. Kind of been nice if we hadn't heard about it until they had finished investigating and reported the facts. Now that the story is out, everyone has an opinion without knowing for sure what really happened.
  4. Exactly. You might could understand if it were an occasional off game but it's been the same story the past few years. So you hit the nail on the head calling it tradition.
  5. Just saw the video. Sad deal. Prayers for him and his family.
  6. I always wonder who will be the next team to surprise everyone. The team you don't really expect to make a deep run, kind of like Mineola a few years back or Lindale a couple of years ago.
  7. I forgot about Shaft! That was another good one they played back when I was in high school. I still crank that up when I hear the original on the 70's channel!
  8. I wonder how many teenagers were running around proclaiming they were the boss with the hot sauce after that aired in 1968 lol?
  9. I hear that played at games pretty often but wasn't sure what it was called either. Pretty good song for high school games. I wish they would bring back some of the old classics that pretty much set the atmosphere for games in the 1960's and 70's like "The Horse", "Hawaii Five-0" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" I guess none of those would be too appealing to anyone except old folks from my generation Some college bands like Auburn still play "The Horse"
  10. Congrats Bulldogs. I had no doubt yall would get the W. I wasn't expecting the goose egg though, haha!
  11. Well my prediction was a mile off! Oh well, a win's a win. To have that many turnovers and still come out on top says something. Congrats Carthage! Now go get that championship.
  12. Go get em Carthage! My prediction: 49-14 Dawgs.
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