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  1. However you look at it, that cop was sure breathing hard. Maybe all he could catch was an old lady...lol. I kind of see both sides of this, having witnessed an elderly member of my family with alzheimers inadvertently walk out of DG with a magazine. They didn't know it and when we returned it they all had a good laugh but makes you think what if they'd seen it and called the cops? Hopefully they would have handled it better than that guy did, but given the circumstances I can't really fault him too much. He did get too physical with her but there's no way he could tell she had dementia or whet
  2. My response has nothing to do with the subject of the thread but this comment got me thinking about an old song that cracks me up. Yeah, I know, I'm somewhat demented...
  3. No, but I have not had any shots other than numb stuff at the dentist in the last 52 years. Nothing to do with this particular vaccine, just don't want any of that junk floating around in my blood. I think if you want it get it, if you don't then don't. Same way with masks etc. As long as they don't mandate it, all's good with me.
  4. Yeah I'm about to turn 61 and I'm learning this getting old stuff ain't for sissies.
  5. Just don't let Lil Nas sing it...
  6. True, and so do the right socks. I never thought about these things a few years ago...
  7. Those Brooks get good reviews. I might consider trying a pair if the arch supports aren't too tall.
  8. Skechers are comfortable. Just got 2 pair from Amazon last week. Along with good quality socks, they've helped with foot pain I was having. And you're right, Nike doesn't have a good track record.
  9. I can see that. Plus it does take time to consult with lawyers, file suit etc. Either way, considering how the media was coming across, I think my daughter did right. You can't honor God too much.
  10. In all fairness, when the news first broke Nike was not saying much and how the media was reporting it made it sound as if they had a direct hand in it.
  11. I see your point but I guess it depends how you look at it. At the time Nike was definitely not speaking out too loudly against Lil Nas and company. It's not uncommon for this household to dispose of ungodly goods. Glad Nike is taking a stand but maybe a little late. You never know when the rapture will take place. Best to not take chances. I still don't think Nike is deserving too much praise, even if for other reasons.
  12. Gotcha. That's a good place to start anyway.
  13. Yep. I was thinking Nike's first reaction was way too mild for my liking. Glad to see they're suing him. I wasn't sure how the laws worked with something like that, but seems like if you leave the logo/swish on something then that company should have some say in what is done with the product.
  14. Yeah, definitely messed up. I saw where they're denying involvement. Makes me wonder though. If true, seems like Nike would have some legal recourse for tarnishing their name. All I know is it's wrong on so many levels. I'll just pray for all of them especially Lil Nas X.
  15. Google satan shoes. It's sickening.
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