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  1. We need a poll. That way I can check the box that says Lindale will win. Plus, polls are popular right now lol. I think Eagles by 21 points.
  2. Does Van get their 2nd district win or do the Eagles bounce back with ruffled feathers after their loss to Center?
  3. Imagine this scenario for all games: 1. Buy a QR code ticket 2. Use the scan to either go to the stadium or watch online. Let the local guys broadcast through a professional streaming company. Everyone buys a ticket, everyone gets their cut, everybody happy, happy, happy. Yeah, I know it would require common sense, compromise and cooperation. Sounded good though.
  4. Man, this was a hard one but I really think Carthage can pull it off.
  5. I agree. I think even with all the injuries Van wins by at least 14.
  6. Does Van bounce back after last weeks loss? Van beats PT, a good CH team and keeps it close with a good Lindale team then loses to Paris. That was an odd game to say the least.
  7. This could become a serious problem. It takes special people for this job. I wonder how you get more of them interested in doing it? I'm sure more money wouldn't hurt but I have a feeling this isn't the only reason.
  8. I guess you just have one of these nights every now and then. Blame it on injuries, off night, mistakes, unprecedented amount of flags, having your stud LB ejected early in the game? Whatever the reason, the whole game was just out of sync. Anyway Van will bounce back next week for district opener against Brownsboro. Hopefully we'll get some of our starters back soon also.
  9. Van posts their game link on FB but anybody else notice how many fake streams are on Youtube when you do a Google search for your team vs whoever? There's umpteen different fake links to Van vs Paris. What do the people gain by doing it?
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