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  1. Watching the game on tv isn't as fun as going to the stadium. However it does have a few advantages, like the bathroom being 20ft away, the seats are more comfortable and the concession stand is the kitchen. Saving all that gas is nice too. I even thought about bringing the cowbells in but just not sure how my beautiful bride of 33 years would react to that...nah, on second thought I'd better scratch that idea.
  2. That's certainly the best bet. I've gotta take a chance on it being aired but I don't like the suspense
  3. Not sure if they're really going to stream it or not, but Van ISD has a link counting down on their Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/1Y0zcwbgIGU
  4. Come to think about it, I think this might have been the case last year with our round one against Sunnyvale. Hopefully this game gets streamed one way or another but I'd much prefer the schools do it if possible.
  5. In all fairness it would be a better gauge if the Van team that beat CH by 6 played CH again, instead of the team that played Bullard. Van was shredded with injuries this season.
  6. Sure hope they can. I know the Van commentators mentioned something about that last week. It would be okay, if Balley will actually stream it. If not, they ought to let the schools do it IMO.
  7. I have too work out of town that day so probably can't make it to Marshall. Will this be be streamed or even on the radio?
  8. I never pick against my team but I agree with what's already been said. This will definitely be a tough row to hoe for a beat up Van. Vandals will play tough and be physical though, so we'll see.
  9. I don't know about the Tyler schools but I think Carthage does to CHill like they've done to every other team this year.
  10. Looks like Van vs PG Thurs 10th @ 7:00 in Marshall.
  11. Oh, I agree. Bullard came close to pulling it off. I really thought Van by 2 or three scores. Kept shooting ourselves in the foot, which is something we can't afford to do this time of year.
  12. This has to be the biggest surprise of the night. I was watching the score last night and kept thinking someone was jacking with it...but nope!
  13. I thought they must have. I was watching the score and seemed like the game was moving at warp speed! Center is explosive and they don't let off the gas when they get ahead. It was a similar score when they played us.
  14. I'm just as baffled as you. Bad snaps and turnovers didn't help, but credit to those Bullard kids. They played a really good game. Sure glad "almost" doesn't count.
  15. So that makes Rusk 4 and Van 3?
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