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  1. I know they've got alot of talent coming up this year, what do y'all think?
  2. gonna be another great game to watch!
  3. I have a feeling Gladewater's program is gonna make a huge turnaround soon! The JV, Freshmen, 8th and 7th grade are all undefeated, and the JV team played longview's JV last week and beat them 28-6. I've got a feeling that the program is gonna start looking good in the next 1-2 years!
  4. Well, I'm pretty positive the Bears have this one. Anyone else think the same?
  5. good post.. I think it's gonna come down to if Gladewater's secondary can hold off Gilmer's pass. Also if Gladewater's run can open up a little more, along with the pass. It's a rivalry game, so I think Gladewater by not a lot.
  6. lol, he got moved back down to JV, and I heard some of his teammates gave him some heck.
  7. It looked like Atlanta came ready to play and my Bears didn't! Webster looked really good tonight for the Rabbs.
  8. Gonna be a tight game. Any opinions?
  9. This is gonna be a good game. Even though Atlanta is 0-3, I know they have two running backs commited to OKstate and SMU, but both have been injured. What are y'alls thoughts?
  10. Spring Hill really isn't a quality win, but a win is a win. Good luck to Athens this friday.
  11. still bitter from that loss? hah. doesn't Athens run the Wing-T? you don't see that, that often anymore.
  12. They're gonna have to, to take down Gladewater.
  13. let's see if Gladewater can go 3-0! what do y'all think?
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