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  1. Hey Rock! Go back and read my posts. Never said anything about Herman being a better Coach than Sark. What I said to the teenager posting under the handle ANTI was if he thinks Sark deserves a 5 year Contract extension after going 8-4 (including losses to Tech and OK state) he surely must of thought the same thing when Herman went 10-4 his 2nd year (after a very good recruiting class). I don't think Herman is a good Coach and I believe the jury is still out on Sark. You see what Idiots A&M are by giving the Coach a 10 year Contract (that they can't get out of) and we have Longhorn fans drooling over themselves over a Mediocre Season and wanting to hand out 5 year extensions to an unproven head coach that hasn't beat a team he wasn't supposed to. Sark could end up being the 2nd coming of Darrell Royal but rewarding the Man after just finishing his 2nd season with a 13-11 record is exactly what's been wrong with the UT program since Mack left....
  2. I would think he has got a good chance. Harmony record 8-5? 1st 4th round appearance in school history.
  3. The QB couldn't pass. Did you watch the game? Coach didn't have the forward pass as an option. Kind of surprised no one else on the Gilmer roster could throw the ball.
  4. "Sark has bought himself atleast 5 more years at UT". Please tell the 5 year old what the hell you are talking about? Sark is 13-11 at Texas. "The record is just a micro piece of the pie". This is the problem with some of you Longhorn fans. You settle for mediocrity. Sark has done nothing. 8-4 in an average Big 12 when you have more talent than everyone in the Conference is nothing to get excited about. I'm guessing you said the same thing when Herman went 10-4 his 2nd year. SMDH......
  5. You give the Credit to PK? Most would give it to Pattersons influence. I would tend to agree with the Patterson narrative. Doubt he would go back to being a College DC, but sure would hate to see him leave.
  6. Don't kid yourself. He's bought 5 more years for an 8-4 record?? Funniest statement I've heard in a while. At Texas 8-4 records don't get you extensions.
  7. I'm sure they were but the old school offense wasn't built for playoff success.
  8. I think they may have started 0-5 and ran off 8 straight. Congratulations to the Eagles! Never would have made it this far with Grandgeorge running the Offense. Great use of your playmakers!!
  9. Good job Harmony. West Rusk defense is poor. WR had 2 stalled drives in the red zone and missed both field goals. QB for WR would be better off running than throwing
  10. O-line seems confused. Several sacks where Baylor defenders are untouched. Very surprised that Sark doesn't have this team ready to play any better than this.
  11. Going with Harmony by 7. Defense gets a couple of turnovers and offense does just enough to pull out the Win.
  12. The Gilmer- Canton game the year before is one if the best high school games I have ever witnessed. Gilmer - Gladewater in 2014 was another great one! In addition to the 7 TD'S from GJ, he had 2 picks at Free Safety.
  13. GJ is a Finalist for the Eddie Robinson national Coach of the Year award. Heck of an accomplishment for his first year. I don't think he will be at UIW long.
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