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  1. You do know that Redshirts can play in 4 games don’t you? It’s not like the old days. Arch is the future and should be getting some snaps along with Murphy.
  2. With Baylor being one of the worst teams in the Big 12 this year and the game being completely dominated by the Texas Defense, anyone else wonder why Manning didn’t get any snaps? It makes me wonder if he will get any snaps all season. Murphy only had 1 pass attempt. When the game is out of hand and having virtually 0 experience behind Ewers you would think Sark would be getting these guys some reps.
  3. Offense is outstanding. Even with the 3 turnovers, they can score quickly. The onside kick was executed perfectly even though Lindale was setup for it. The Gilmer receivers got behind the secondary all night. If the QB can learn to throw that deep ball a little better watch out. #1 can fly!! Great high school football game!!
  4. They had to move the chains after the 40 yard gain
  5. Seems like some of the Gilmer fans are throwing in the towel awful early in the season. Lindale just lost to Van and the Gilmer fans think they are going to lose? Gilmer gets it going and hangs 50 on Lindale.
  6. What have you seen from Ewers that indicates he would be a first round pick in the NFL draft? I haven’t seen anything. I’m sure if he’s not projected to go in Round 1 he will be back in Austin.
  7. He could have been Baker Mayfield type. Don’t agree with you that size kept him from being successful.
  8. I moved to East Texas in 2002 and have followed High school football out here since then. I believe up until a couple of years ago Lindale never made it past the 2nd round (maybe once) in 20 years. Your program has always been average. Congratulations on a good couple of years. I never mentioned Chapel Hill. They have skins on the wall. I stand by my comment, this is no District of Doom.
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