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  1. Not sure if he was top choice but wish him and the Atlanta fans much success!!
  2. Hearing small school Coach from East Texas
  3. Not good. This is how I figured it would play out. The guy that posted earlier about the search committee, I had a feeling that was a joke. Hopefully it works out. IMO, Harmony has over achieved the last 7 or 8 years and we will see if the new Coach can keep winning at the 80% clip that Tim Russell has.
  4. Yeah, I heard the Atlanta board was very tight lipped. Lol. I believe the 2 favorites were one that had Carthage ties and one had Gilmer ties. I'm assuming the Carthage guy is now the favorite.
  5. One of the top candidates is no longer available.
  6. Hard to believe Bama is getting points!
  7. Agree about Ridder, he was wide eyed and is overrated. I thought the back 7 for Cincy could all run. Not being able to stop the run was killer. Just don't think you are giving Cincy enough credit for the team they had this year. Bama is on a different level right now than ANYONE!
  8. I noticed the LOS difference but didn't see much difference in Team speed. Cincy has some kids that can run. Bama stayed away from the stud Cincy corner, would have loved to see Bama challenge him.
  9. Quite a few. Bama struggled from their typical seasons. Could have lost atleast 2 more regular season games, but they aren't the same team as they were earlier in the Season. They took it to another gear. You saw them manhandle Georgia the #1 team in the nation and they beat Cincy the # 3 team almost as bad. Put your $ on them in the Natty too. They are on a different level now.
  10. Cincy held Bama to their lowest point output of the year.
  11. Coach Russell and staff just went to the Wing T 6 or 7 years ago. When they made it to the 3rd round of the playoffs (fartherest they have been in program history) in 2010 they were running a pro style offense not wing T. Good Coaches like Russell change their scheme to match the talent.
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