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  1. If I was a betting man I believe King ends up under center at UTSA with Traylor.
  2. If I was a betting man I would think King ends up behind center playing for UTSA.
  3. If I was a betting man I would think King ends up behind center playing for UTSA.
  4. Never said A&M wasn't a rival. They surely are. Tech is also a rival. Just disagreeing that OU is not the Horns top football rival and most anticipated game each and every year on the schedule.
  5. The funny thing is the Aggie fan telling the Horn fan who the Horns rivals are. LOL. Have you ever been to RRR? Texas 1 rival has always been OU, particularly in football.
  6. Looking good right now. With A&M and OU already in, would be awesome for the Horns to get to match up with one or both of them!!
  7. "How he knows that" ? Easy answer- He called Jimbo Fisher. Jimbo knows exactly how much it takes at each position to get the #1 Class in the country.
  8. Lincoln and Stoops nah, but Switzer definitely qualified as Scumbag
  9. Agreed! 100% give them Credit for figuring this out before anyone else. They are playing within the Rules. Yes, OWN it and quit acting like stadium renovations or Jimbos just out recruits everyone else.
  10. This doesn't surprise anyone. Everyone outside of Aggieland knows how they got this signing class. This team hasn't been able to win anything significant in the 10 years they have been in the SEC and you have to go back 24 years for the last conference championship. If you can't beat em, money whip em. Go Aggies!!!!!
  11. Sounds pretty strong. Wish him and the Panther program success!!
  12. Not familiar with his Resume. Can you post his experience and credentials? Thanks
  13. LOL! That's what these sites do. Let me guess, your Boy was the projected starter before the 5A move in came to town
  14. Punch? You calling that a punch. LOL. That wasn't even a full slap. If he had punched the skinny assistant, he would have been on the floor. No excuse for what he did, but if you put your hands on a grown man like that you better be prepared for more than a slap!!
  15. Good for Grambling. They got a heck of a Coach!!
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