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  1. All this is fine for the computer geeks. 12-2 first year. 11-2 5th year. You can spin the numbers anyway you want but the bottom line is they dominated the Conference every year but 1. In Football the only thing stat that matters is wins and losses. As a Longhorn fan I made the mistake of taking for granted Mack Brown and his 10 win seasons. Riley took over Stoops and took them back to National prominence but go ahead with the program was going downhill. Again and let it sink in. 12-2 year 1, 11-2 year 2!!!
  2. The record was the same every year and they won the Big 12 every year but his last. How did they get worse? Your opinion I'm assuming
  3. Where is the downward trend? Last years 11-2 record or the 12-2 record the year before. Please explain because the numbers don't support your stance. Look, I get it that Riley hurt the Sooner fans feelings by leaving but don't distort the facts. Again, what downward Trend are you referencing?
  4. "Stats be damned" ????? He was at OU for 5 years, he won the Big 12 4 of those years. His record was 55-10. His Team played in 4 New Years Six bowl games in 5 years. He made 3 College Football Playoffs in 5 years. Riley won 85% of his games at OU, Stoops 79% and Switzer 83%. Yes, I agree Delusional Sooner Fans. Stats be damned
  5. Not sure how they were trending down with Riley? Seemed like they Made the playoffs more times than not with him. Consistently ranked in the Top 10 with him. Venables isn't even in the same stratosphere as Riley! Sooner fans are delusional to not admit what a crushing blow it was to lose him.
  6. What has happened in Fairfield? Has all the Talent left? It doesn't seem like that long ago that they were a good 4A squad.
  7. The tune changed on him after last Season. The Defense was terrible and blew 2nd half and 4th quarter leads all Season long. Shocked that Sark brought him back. As far as Patterson goes, we can only hope he can be talked back into putting the headset back on. The Man can Coach Defense.
  8. Exactly! The Defense was terrible last year and not much better this year. That's not going to change until they get some better D lineman in Austin. They are going to have to outscore teams to win now. Scoring and Offensive creativity is what Sark was supposed to bring to Austin and he hasn't done it, even with one of the top RB's in all of College football.
  9. Let me ask you this since you and Kirt are the only Card lovers I know. With all things being equal, if Ewers was the QB for all 4 games would they have the same record or do you think they would be 4-0?
  10. I agree Card is the not the reason why they lost. I disagree that he played good enough to win. The offense he led scored 1 TD in the last half and OT. That is not good enough. Why do you think Texas is vastly improved over last year. It's not the Defense, it's not the QB, don't see it in the o-line. Very curious to hear what areas you think they are vastly improved. I just don't see it.
  11. We will have to agree to disagree. He is a bus driver at best. Watched him last year and this year. Not sure which Big 12 team he could start for. As long as Texas is trotting out QB'S like Card the Horns don't have much of a chance in the Big 12 much less the SEC!
  12. Thought Sark should have fired the DC after last year continuing to blow leads that the Offense gave them. What would it take for Patterson to take over the D and call the plays?
  13. Card is not good. He wouldn't have started for any of the Teams Texas has played so far this year. Not sure what games you have been watching.
  14. Kinne didn't go. His Son transferred to Gilmer the following Season. Gary Junior was an All state QB who signed with UT. Ended up transferring to Tulsa where he was very successful. Played a few seasons on the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad. He's currently head football coach at Incarnate Word!
  15. Thanks Stoney. I know Miami had a good D! Solid bounce back win for your Aggies. Looks like they just had a bad game last week, which happens. Good luck on the rest of the Season!!
  16. Me too. Stats didn't look much different than King. Was he an upgrade?
  17. Agree 100% on the face mask to face mask. Don't agree that it was a defenseless player. I guess I don't understand the rule. If you hit someone with your helmet (face mask is part of helmet) into their helmet, I thought that was an automatic ejection or do you have to lower your helmet and or launch?
  18. Maybe it looked different on TV. On the Jumbotron last night it definitely appeared to be a helmet to helmet hit on the QB. I agree he did not launch
  19. I was at the game last night. The replay on the big screen did appear to show helmet to helmet. I thought it was a fair call. Not sure what it looked like on the TV replays....
  20. Good post! It's been since the 2010 season. That's the year the Head Coach got reassigned during 2 a days and they talked Coach Russell who was the Defensive Coordinator for State Champion Gilmer into coming in right before the Season and taking over. Kudos to Coach Traylor for releasing him to come back. The very next season Russell led Harmony to the 3rd round. The deepest the Program has ever gone. Good post and you are 100% correct.
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