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  1. Granted, it was 21-3 with like 3 min left and Gilmer took all their timeouts trying to score against Hendo’s 3rd string so it didn’t look as bad
  2. Gonna depend on how much Tatum can score, that’s going to be the story of the season imo. Heard a lot of people aren’t convinced of this new OC and they got rid/lost some really good coaches.
  3. Possibly no where. I know he’s applied at several places, I’m sure he’s wanting to be an AD
  4. He didn’t want to be apart of the cupcake crew
  5. I’m thinking he’s bringing in new coordinators, but rest of coaches are staying...at least for this year. I’d like to see the oline coach be promoted to OC, Spencer Borens
  6. I know Wes Pepper coached in the NFL at one point
  7. Just saw the crew leaving Bodacious, announcement coming #soon!
  8. Add Bobby “McMuffin” Nix to the mix. Been buzzing that he nailed the interview.
  9. Admin building been mighhhtttyyyyy vacant last few days
  10. Nope, there’s a secret underground interrogation chamber east of the border. That’s where they are conducting all activities. Admin is just a decoy
  11. AD is going to be able to bring in his coordinators...has to keep rest of staff at least for next season.
  12. Doubtful he returns either. And yes, Joslin is a great coach SH is getting a great dude. Last day to put in apps today!
  13. Not sure if mentioned, but Keeling is a name to keep an eye on
  14. I don’t think anyone really thinks our JV would have made playoffs...at least not in our district
  15. While it’s important to have ample amount of time of preparation, it’s even more vital to get the right guy. They had the “right guy”, circumstances just didn’t play out. No rush to get this done really, interviews just starting this week. ML
  16. Dr. Richardson is a great man, he’s not the problem. People don’t realize the stress and constant work it is being an AD. It takes a toll eventually, good luck to Coach Hy at his new place. Don’t think new coach is on staff can’t see any of them minus maybe one being offered it
  17. Yeah, they were stuffing our run yet we stayed with it
  18. No idea, drop we had late in fourth was killer
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