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  1. Paul Norton is moving to (metro) Austin. Don't know if this will at all affect THS football (doubt it) or the same at LTHS, but it's still interesting to see the ripples Texarkana continues to make across America's second biggest/most populous state since the past decade or two.: https://www.texarkanagazette.com/news/texarkana/story/2020/jun/18/superintendent-paul-norton-leaving-texarkana-school-district-similar-post-near-austin/831224/
  2. (Thinking of the Texarkana, Texas ISD (technology center?) with that "T with the tiger eyes" sign on the back of the building shining toward the south end of the Pleasant Grove HS parking lot. Amazing how quirky some of the school district boundaries are in America.)
  3. Out of curiosity, is Texarkana (as was said by the Gazette back in 2017) still the only Texas city with three high schools that have each won both a football and a baseball championship? In addition, have they added PG's 2019 title to the sign on eastbound New Boston Road south of the west side Walmart, where all those other TXKTX hs championships are listed?
  4. BTW, a salute to the young man Kamren Woods who will graduate this spring. Saw where he made first-team all-region on the Texas Basketball Coaches Association squad after also being named District Offensive MVP after leading PGHS to the basketball Sweet 16. This after being named TSWA first team 4A football all-state on the 2018 state runner up team. There were only two other 4A guys who made both this year's all-region TBCA teams and the 2018 TSWA football all-state teams (one from Waco Connally and one from Andrews). Of the three, Woods was the highest-ranked in football and led both his teams to the best records combined. The kid must be a stellar athlete, and he'll be joining 2017 state MVPs and fellow Hawks Cole and Porchia at Ouachita Baptist, which has really accelerated their recruiting since building a new stadium (with a new $800,000 turf coming this summer, from the people who put in Baylor's field).
  5. (Question that I'd speculated on in the Pleasant Grove / Cuero thread: are any kids who are among the few thousand who live in the part of the City of Longview that is on the Harrison County side able to attend Longview City schools, especially if their residence is nearly at the line, or is that a joint Longview ISD/Hallsville ISD "no-no"? Thanks in advance. Just curious.)
  6. I hope that happens for the young man's sake, and UT's. Then it can also be said "it took a Heisman trophy winner to beat Pleasant Grove '18". :>) That being said, back to Cuero's line for a moment.: According to Maxpreps, the Cuero qb (who as expected was a good passer) had a grand total of -2 (again, negative two) career rushing yards coming into the game. He was sacked, what, once, and even then not really as he completed a pass for 20 yards? After reading how senior heavy CHS was, and how 3 of their linemen made all-state (two first-team, I believe) and how their linemen took pride in doing linemen competitions in Texas, I was worried this was going to be a long afternoon. Again, I was pleasantly (no pun intended) shocked when PG led, however small, continuously all the way into the beginning of the fourth quarter. Tremendous coaching, and still, tremendous talent. (BTW, a few here on this thread have talked about the Shreveport television market. I'm guessing (and correct me if I'm wrong) this may be one of the few times in recent years that counties from the "Loyal seven" (the Texas counties that have remained in the Shreveport/(Texarkana) TV market: Bowie, Cass, Harrison, Marion, Morris, Panola and Shelby) haven't had a state champion. Given that the city of Longview has a section in Harrison County (albeit solely in the Hallsville ISD) I was wondering if LHS pulls out a win vs. Beaumont WB if that might sorta/kinda negate that, but seeing this article from earlier in the year makes me wonder how long Harrison County will stay in the SHV market. Probably awhile, since they're right next door to Shreveport, but...: https://www.marshallnewsmessenger.com/news/fcc-grants-harrison-county-petitions-for-tv-market-expansion/article_9c9bba58-691b-11e8-918a-1731f16518ad.html )
  7. Congratulations, Cuero! Beside your super athlete, I was concerned about what appeared to be a strong, very senior heavy line (which I'm sure #3 would give a lot of credit to). PG, wow...no one had you here today, let alone leading at the end of the 3rd quarter (let alone after your #1-in-the-nation-weakside-DE was lost for the season earlier). You all really ARE amazing, and I hope you can reload for a potential special trip back to Arlington next season.
  8. It probably needs to be said that one of the texas 4a all-state teams just came out, and cuero players made all-state in 6 positions between 1st, 2nd, and hm teams. two of the six mentions went to their RB/DB whose last name is grant. 3 of the players were linemen(!) and young mr. whittington rounded out the list making second team at db. Pleasant grove had 3 players on the list (2 dbs, plus 1 lineman (landon jackson) who I don't think will play in the sc). A majority of all-state players on one list does not a state championship team make, but they might. I'm pulling for pg, but this will be a tough fight at best. Btw, every stat I see tells me that pg has the best quarterback, possibly by far except for being a junior to chs' starter being a senior who apparently has patiently waited for his turn. We'll see what difference if any young Mr. harmon makes.
  9. According the Maxpreps, the Cuero quarterback hasn't run for a touchdown in his career, and has just over 1/3 (27 career TDs) of the touchdowns running/passing that young Mr. Harmon has accounted for by his junior season. The Cuero qb (who is a senior) also hadn't thrown that many INTs this season, but apparently had 2 (and 69 yards total passing) this past weekend at Katy. Watch him do a Rogan Wells and go off for 7 tds one way or another this Friday in the big game...I'm honestly expecting that possibility. That being said, the football experts at Dave Campbell and elsewhere are split in their predictions. I'm not buying a word of it. CHS was ranked #2 at season's beginning and I do think they should be a favorite. I, too, am glad the PGHS coaching staff is in place, and believe that PGHS will not fold. I only hope the latter can get out front and keep there all the way to 00:00.
  10. gobblegobble, you have a lineman who has one of the best names I've ever heard in sports: "Storm Dromgoole". (His surname is an Irish one I saw on a map of Ireland (with said map showing in what part of the "emerald isle" the families with the surnames tended to live) at the Palmer House in Chicago long ago, at the hotel restaurant.) And I say that knowing his line competes in linemen competitions. I've no doubt they'll go all out. Looks like your qb only threw 4-5 ints in the regular season, so he, too, looks like a wise player. These are two talented teams who, it appears, will give it their all. Knowing how the NCAA DII championship game went yesterday (also with the last two, highly talented, teams standing) that means some end-of-the-chair sitting for we spectators.
  11. BTW, don't want to belittle Pleasant Grove. Someone on the game thread last night said that at times now they seem a bit better than last year's team. That's a tall order, but, BOY, do these guys keep coming at you like last year's team did, maybe this time with not as much speed and a bit more power. Harmon has broken his own season passing TD record, and Garrett T. J. Cole's single season rushing yardage record, so this team can't be underestimated.
  12. Looks like Cuero, over the past 3 years, has lost a grand total of 3 games to date. These apparently senior-heavy Gobblers may be ready to eat all the marbles instead of just playing for them, and given they have a tough UT commit leading the way they'll be fired up - their line takes a lot of pride in being strong as well. Kirk and (I forget the other PG announcer's name, forgive me) said that a PG player was injured on the final XP last night and didn't look good at the time. This Friday's game (like the Silsbee match last night) may be back-and-forth like Gladewater was. I only hope that THIS time PG keeps ahead, however much (i.e. last week's Pittsburg win) all the way to the final second and "scoreboard". It would be great to have Texarkana's "Texas side" finally have a back-to-back championship team.
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