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  1. 3 minutes ago, playactionpass39 said:

    Not questioning anything, definitely not a kids talent or abilities. Just saying no legitimate coach is telling ANY baseball player to take 5 months off from throwing. There has to be care and maintenance built into any throwing program, so short breaks are always going to be encouraged. LONG breaks from throwing are just as detrimental, if not more so, than not taking a break.

    Definitely "more  than one way to skin a cat" but I'm only questioning taking LONG breaks from throwing then jumping right into competitive PITCHING. Throwing two days a week during the off-season on a regimented throwing program is simply maintaining.

    2 days a week in the off season is my preferred choice when asked my opinion on throwing. However, my head coach will tell a high school coach to shut down a guy in a heart beat. Like I said, every arm only has so many bullets.

  2. 1 hour ago, playactionpass39 said:

    Typical parent. If you are a pitcher, or a baseball player period,  then there should have been some throwing going on during basketball season. You have to maintain endurance and strength to avoid injuries. What does playing catch and throwing bullpen sessions have to do with playing 40 basketball games???? The answer is ZERO. 

    You play basketball on Tuesdays and Fridays. Is playing catch and long toss on Wednesday and throwing a 50 foot flat ground pen on Saturday really asking too much of an 18 year old???

    If you think that is too much work then you and your kid are in for a rude awakening when he gets to UofH, because Division 1 Baseball is a FULL-TIME JOB.

    And you might be careful who you quote on here, there are some college coaches that use this site and others like it to keep tabs on recruits.

    The kid you are questioning as a "thrower" is in fact a legit prospect. He's not a thrower, kid can pitch. These big colleges tell guys to lay off throwing as often as they can, so when they get them as true freshmen, they have more "bullets" left than a kid that has stayed on a throwing program year-round. There's a million different ways to skin a cat, and I'm sure you've had your fare share of success with your way, but there's no reason to belittle a "parent" because you're  a "TX High School Baseball Coach." 

    These legit summer teams, and I'm only including the legit ones, carry so many pitchers that nobody gets overused. The Banditos Scout Team that these Shelbyville kids played for has so many pitchers listed, I bet they all stayed fresh the entire summer. You think U of H, Texas A&M, UT, Miami, or LSU is driving to Shelbyville, TX to watch 1 kid pitch? Move over high school coaches, summer ball is the new recruiting train. 

  3. Teague guys-

    I wouldn't waste much of your time trying to explain or banter with the SETX guys. They all have SEC defenses down there and no offense from the North will prove that otherwise. Whether it be Teague or Yoe, a spread team will pick one of those 8 in the box 9 in the box slot T teams apart down there and you can count on it.

  4. I didn't say it on here....didn't want to give Teague a heads up and didn't say we were not prepared at all just not as much as Teague. Teague has some great ball players besides the BIG 3 ( #15,#11,#2 ) We just didn't make the adjustments we need to for the 2nd half and the turnovers were the difference in the end IMO. These are 2 great programs and I have no doubt the will see each other again down the road.

    I think you're discrediting the Malakoff staff by giving Teague the edge in being prepared. Teague kids made the plays they needed to and Malakoff didn't. There were no adjustments at half. Malakoff ran the ball with the same authority they did in the 1st half. Turnovers were the difference in the 2nd half. Teague QB is the real deal. O line did a good job of protecting him.

  5. Congrats to the Teague Lions for a well played ball game. No excuses here we got beat by a better team last night. 2 things stood out to me last night Teague was better prepared than we were and we did not make the needed adjustments during the game. I have said it for the last few weeks if our #2 was covering Teague #2 he would have a big night and he did. Congrats again Lions and good luck in the playoffs. We may meet again.

    I don't remember you saying that MHS. It looked like the CB had decent coverage on a couple passes, he just lost the play and the other guy made a play. I don't think there was any question about Malakoff being prepared. They were in the right spots, just didn't make some plays.

  6. I am like Anderson County about keeping things going,had to dangle a little bait to get ole Rubber to post !! All joking aside Rubber ( because know you can take it ) what are your keys and insights to this game ?

    Whoever gets off the field most on 3rd downs has the upper hand. Also am excited to see how both teams handle adversity if there is any

  7. lmao wow! Isn't that part of guys stepping up and making plays player? If every team played to their full potential every game then scores and standings would be different. It's when less talented teams step up and hit pre-madonna's in the mouth is when games are won and programs are established. Sounds like you guys are back tracking and this is your defense wall. Even if Teague has a couple talented freshmen on varsity, I didn't see many sophomores. So if that's the case, why not Malakoff move down their talented sophomores and the game still wouldn't be close in Malakoffs favor. Stop acting like Malakoff is expecting to carry momentum from Thursday to Friday night. Just means Malakoff has the better program.

  8. Would have loved for Westwood to have their third back against Malakoff. Broke his leg the week before. He would have been good for at least 2 touch downs

    Oh the back that doesn't get the ball very much? That makes sense. You should go look up the stats that I found in the paper. 80% of Westwood's total yards came on 4 plays out of 48 total plays...

  9. Ya highschool ole rubber is just a troll and probably has multiple names on this site BC 903slappy is the one that said that soooo looks like rubber the one followong me. I've already had to put the youngster in his place about running a cover 2 in a 4-4 defense he just to young to know a lot about football BC that's what my high school ran back in the 70s. There is always one.


    Glen rose and rockdale both dropped down also and are having good years but as long as new Boston stays healthy and wall in region one no one will have to worry/sleep on mineola.


    Dude, you can't run cover 2 with 4 backers and 4 d line. Give it up. In order to do that, you would have to roll a backer back into the secondary which would have you in another alignment besides a 4-4... Figure it out jabroni

    I believe 903slappy said that


    Hammerman and slappy are both rookies

  10. Are you just looking at the teams in 3A D1 and just naming them? (In my Ron Burgundy voice)

    What does my booty hole smell like? You're following me around like a little puppy. Not that you would understand, but turnovers have killed Mineola and you have to think at some point, they'll get that fixed. They return a bunch of guys from last year's 4A squad D2 squad. They have size and speed. They will be a factor in Region 2.

  11. You talk about how much you hate Teague posters BC they attack people with a different point of view then others.....well guess your becoming what you hate.

    Apples and oranges. Teague posters exclaiming how wonderful they are when they've never been out of the 1st round. You're talking about how sub varsity scores indicate what a varsity game is going to be like...see the difference? Mine has validity, your's has none. I hope you realize sub varsity scores are in no way any kind of indication of what a varsity game will be played like...

  12. Ok I changed my vote - Green and Hicks both have 100 + Games - Frazzier Lights it up in the air. Westwood wins in Squeaker


    Ha! I can't remember the last time somebody has rushed for 100 against Malakoff. Edgewood did this year, but 65 of that 105 was against their second defense at the end of the game. Also, "occationally" Malakoff plays slot T and wing T teams and "occationally" they go for 100, but definitely not 2 guys going for a 100...

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