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  1. Is that your attempt at a joke? I don't live in my parents' basement. I live in my own house. I am a full-time hunting/fishing guide and grew up spending the summers with my dad in "the show." Even played a few years in college, myself.
  2. I did watch the video btex. This isn't Dawson, you don't get ticky tack fouls in the playoffs. Don't you think if the Argyle girl had hacked her hard enough that her arm wouldn't have continued forward in the shooting motion? The video doesn't show the Argyle girl's arm hitting the shooter's arm, it shows her sticking her arm out in front of her body and there's no way you can see contact from that camera angle...
  3. Girls flop all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if the Argyle girl grazed her early in the shooting stance and the Celina girl started the flop.
  4. lol What does this even mean? The guy was being sarcastic and you took it literal...i think...?
  5. Observing baseball and forming educated opinions......not your thing
  6. His first half of last summer was really bad, but he did well in the 2nd half. He's still only 24, he'll be fine.
  7. It is a serious downgrade before this past summer. Napoli could swing it. I like having a decent offensive guy catch 3 out of the 5 guys throughout the summer and Soto catch the other 2. Worked well for the Rangers for the most part of the last 2 summers.
  8. Most of those guys I listed can also swing it. Gentry is a good Major League OF'er, but the guy will never play a whole summer, he can't hit. So is it looking like Soto is the guy behind the plate for the summer?
  9. Oh you've talked to them? A scout's observation of a guy is not a fact, it's an opinion, just like mine. No doubt Gentry has the tools to be a really good one, but he's an NFL safety in my mind, not a baseball player. I've seen him make good plays, but the guys on my list have made awesome plays, all the time. And are not afraid to throw guys out and take chances. McCutchen Trout Kemp Carlos Gonzales Carlos Gomez Josh Hamilton Adam Jones Bryce Harper Yasiel Piug Jacolby Ellsbury Desmond Jennings Starting Marte That's only 12, but surely you won't argue with Gentry being better than any of these guys in the OF, aside from Hamilton's lackidaisical play down the stretch with the Rangers that one summer, you saw what he can do if things are right in his life.
  10. I can name 15 OFs in the AL and NL combined better than Gentry
  11. You're the nerdy kid on the block who always has some comeback because he doesn't get picked to play in the pick up games because no one wants you on their team. Maybe if you had watched a few games and grasped the concepts of the game as a kid, you might've been picked more often and not had to have resorted to your game boy and belittling people with your nerdy comebacks!!! nerd....
  12. It's hard to follow your posts. It seems like you try to be literate, for the most part, but your combination of words gives me a headache. "Attitude isn't so high...?" What does that even mean? I think you meant "expectations." Expectation isn't even close to attitude, other than both of them start with a vowel....
  13. Whatever those signs mean... You and Straw have a crush on Gentry and I don't understand why. He runs good and that's it. Doesn't throw well, doesn't hit for avg, doesn't hit for power, and is ok in the OF. You guys don't understand the meaning of not letting a guy play a whole summer because in 3 weeks of action, he has major flaws.
  14. You're happy because a guy has a good OPS? I hope the A's play Gentry as their CF this year, free out everytime the Rangers face him. But hey, he'll have a ".759 OPS"... You know that's 2 stats added together, right?
  15. A good jv is critical for this size of classification. You can reload instead of waiting on another group.
  16. Whoever said 1 in 8 students at Tatum are transfers or move-ins, is this accurate or someone blowing smoke?
  17. QB will be back from back injury. Bigger RB returns. Undefeated JV with kids that are fast and physical that would've done a good job in varsity role had they not had an older kid in front of them. I didn't go to all the JV games, but I think they gave up 5 TDs all year.
  18. I don't know if there is one. A grown man of 200 lbs can smoke for 3 days straight and it'll be in his system for 7 days. Now on that 5th day of being smoke free, he'll still fail a drug test, but that doesn't mean he's high...
  19. I don't get you HG, you already know that your defense is improved? How!? They started spring ball over there already? Surely it didn't get better throughout the year because you gave up 45 to Whitney, and the week earlier wasn't much better with a clock chewing offense like Franklin's hanging 60 on you.
  20. He said he wouldn't have a problem with it if it weren't against the rules, yes, I know. However, it is against the rules, therefore, he is against it.
  21. Not about what it's doing now, if the ground is wet and temps are to get below freezing, that's not a good mix BRF.
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