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  1. And to think, they used to beat Cayuga as much as Cayuga beat them back in the day...
  2. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that. I don't remember thinking it was in favor of Cards, but more how it changed from batter to batter. Lefties had nothing called in on them in one inning then the next you could throw 2 balls off the plate in and you were getting rung up. Off the plate to righties was bad as well.
  3. I'm telling my mommy. You got me good guy.
  4. I'm hoping the Giants and Cardinals get a chance to fight it out. Cardinals are so scrappy. I have no clue what's going to happen in the ALCS. Royals keep constant pressure on the pitcher. Orioles hitters make you pay for throwing a ball over the middle of the plate, which one gives...?
  5. Solidifies the statement that says "polls are a joke."
  6. Their skill positions as in their 2 fast kids I've seen in their highlights? I agree, their 2 kids can run with anyone, but I think one of them plays one way and the other doesn't play much of the other side of the ball. Only 2 guys with speed will be tough to play against Malakoff with.
  7. CJ is a real tool. I don't care if the Rangers could get him at league minimum, I would not want that guy in my club house.
  8. No need in buying 2 different things to make a drone. They sell drones in complete units now. A lot of neighborhoods and counties in the Metroplex have outlawed these drones. I'm thinking it's only a matter of time till all drones will be outlawed. Invasion of privacy...
  9. Wasn't Posey up to bat? I wasn't watching at that time. I can't really comment, other than on my process of thinking. If Posey was up to bat, and he had a good AB against Zimmermen in his previous AB, I would've went to someone else. If he was fooled or hit something weak, I would've left Zimmerman. Nats have more than a few good arms in the pen, you would think they could get it done. The Angels have let me down, along with the Tigers. Goes to show no matter how much money you're paying guys, it's always about who is hot and who is not this time of the year. I though for sure with Scherzer, Verlander, and Price in a starting rotation that they would win the World Series, but they ran into a hot KC team. I don't have a legitimate prediction for who comes out on top of the AL. There's no telling. I do know this, I'm throwing around Nelly Cruz.
  10. Too tough? He hasn't done anything to hurt my feelings...
  11. I'm willing to bet on 99% of the plays where Gladney is split out, there's a lesser athlete lined up across from him. Why not target him all the time?
  12. You might not have said it, but the first line you typed here is agreeing with it. Bunch of homers with no football IQ. Where's player at? Atleast he brings something to the party...
  13. 4-4 with 4 DBs, lol no wonder the defense is playing better, yall have 12 guys on the field!!!
  14. I still think that. They won't blow anyone out. Their offense uses too much time. They are big, physical and mean, and teague doesn't do well against teams that are mean.
  15. Can't run cover 2 with 1safety
  16. I don't know what Van Alstyne has coming back at QB, but they will be decent. They are big, not near as tough as NB was though.
  17. Dude, seriously? The coaches changed, but the coaches don't play the game. Still the same jimmys and joes that the Malakoff team played last year. I checked the game at halftime between Shiro and Westwood and it was 7-6, you kidding me with that's?!? Shiro has played football for 4 years... If Malakoff is on upset alert, so it Teague because Kemp runs a clock chewing offense...
  18. Not sure people use the "4-4" anymore. Pretty sure Coach O isn't cover 2 either. I think he was a split guy back in the day. You guys should pay attention to the games more. Either that or brush up on your madden skills with homegrown
  19. Giants keep finding a way to get it done. I think Bruce Bochey is awesome
  20. I don't see Westwood even being considered to upset Malakoff. This is as likely as Kemp beating Teague. Malakoff hung 60 last year and Westwood was in the negative yardage until the 3rds got to play defense
  21. He can really play, but he's not SEC or Big 12 type of athlete. QBs are rare, so East Texas not having a front line guy is not that big of a deal. There's only 2 guys in TX that are top 50 and one is in Allen and the other in Stephenville.
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