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  1. My pick to win it, Detroit, won't win it unless they get their bullpen issue fixed in a hurry.
  2. JD #### btex, give it up. Guy doesn't know baseball. Twist as many things around as you want, but any GM deals Davis, DUH! Any GM deals Hunter, DUH! He followed in other GM's footsteps signing Lee for a couple months to help a postseason run...Those guys didn't play because Wash didn't want them to and I hope you're not saying Olt is going to turn into a player? Kinsler was dealt because he wouldn't move positions, just about any GM deals him...I don't understand what your'e getting at. Get off JD's sack and worry about Friday night's game with the school of the Blind of whoever you guys play down there...
  3. The last time further solidifies my doubts of JD having any baseball knowledge of his own. What are Profar and Olt doing now? Seems as if Wash knew they weren't ready or they never would be ready...
  4. You know my posts have validity and truth. You hate admitting it because I rag on you. Take off the rose colored glasses and talk football. You're starting to turn into JJ, and don't act like it's a "I'm here for the kids and I'll support them through anything" type of honor, either. What are some things Teague needs to improve on to be title contenders? Nobody has answered the question of what defense does Teague bases out of and what coverage do they like to run in the secondary? Do ya'll watch the games? Somebody enlighten me...
  5. I can't remember the last time a Buffalo team has been tough
  6. This will not be a fun night for the kempsters
  7. We'll see what your posts look like next year after this 2 yr dream run. Live it up man, only success Waskom has seen since you've been alive...
  8. Yeah I'm not sure about the alter ego. Just saying, refs probably could've done a better job, but when does the coach step in and say "next guy to throw a cheap shot or mouth is standing next to me the rest of the night?" Who cares what the other team is doing, do what's right.
  9. Wow, aren't coaches responsible for their players? Aren't parents responsible for raising their boys to know better than swing at somebody during a game or shoot someone the finger? Amazing
  10. Don't be so quick to pull the "classless" tag out, 15-18 yr old boys can be dirty no matter who the coach is. Nobody ever sees what goes on at the bottom of the pile. Don't be so quick to pull the "classless" tag out, 15-18 yr old boys can be dirty no matter who the coach is. Nobody ever sees what goes on at the bottom of the pile.
  11. Lame cop out for coaches not controlling their kids
  12. Svale finished 5 th in district last year with Farmersville, Pottsboro, and Van Alstyne.
  13. I think Eustace has more impressive wins than both Westwood and Elkhart in pre-district. Eustace has beaten Scurry-Rosser and put up 41 against Sunnyvale in the 9 point loss. I think the general population of smoaky posters from the Palestine area and west aren't giving Eustace much credit, they are a tough ball club to beat. What they do is consistent and it takes a toll on 15-18 yr olds throughout the length of a game. I think Eustace is hands down the 3rd place team and might even upset 1 or both of the top 2.
  14. Cry me a river guy. It'll take a better effort from Teague's defense to stop Malakoff than for Malakoff's defense to stop Teague.
  15. It's all good man, it is what is. By the way, what kind of defense does Teague base out of and what coverages do they run?
  16. Uh yeah, not big on my friends pants hanging below theirs butts...
  17. Don't remember saying anything about Robinson.... Tig posters attacking someone with a different opinion, what's new?
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