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  1. He's a top 2B in the league, in my opinion.
  2. I'd give my left nut to attend a World Cup game. They're the most intense games of all sports. You guys that don't like the world cup games are in 1 of 3 categories. Old, ignorant of the sport, follower of everyone else. Now I admit, I only watch the World Cup, MLS is boring as hell but that's because of the quality of play. Players play so much harder for their county than their club team. Balotelli could be as dominant as Calvin Johnson if he could do with his hands what he can do with his feet...
  3. How do you explain the series where he went like 11 for 18 with 3 bombs?
  4. READ what I'm typing! When the team is going good or in a playoff series, nobody better than Kinsler. And stats back that up. I KNOW he can be bad. I understand he loses focus on the bases on July 27th during a 1 o'clock day game. I understand this. But it's not what I'm saying. He is a dynamic player when he's focused. He has power, great range, speed, and one of the best turn guys for double plays in the league; when he is focused......
  5. So what if malakoff wins? Do you come get some crow? Will you ever give any team that Teague plays some credit in what they might excel at? Or is every team inferior to your lions? You've picked Teague for the win in every game the past 3 years. Does this make you a JJ? And it's ok to be a JJ, but that also means you can't talk football because you've got the orange glasses on and your opinion is always tainted with an orange tip.
  6. Naaaaaaa, I know who homegrown is and what he looks like. Don't want people to think I'm his friend. That'll be middle of bow season anyway. Starting next weekend, I have to watch most of the games on a hudl, except late November on.
  7. Sunnyvale is a 3A Div Reg 2 team. Good offensively, can put up points. Not sure about their defense, they gave up 40 points to Eustace who runs a similar offense you guys do. They scored 51 in that game though
  8. You missed the meat of my comment. Kinsler was bad when the team was going bad. I know a professional shouldn't play like that, but when the Rangers were in contention, he was at the top of the league at his position.
  9. I liked Kinsler at 2B. He had great range and his lackadaisical errors usually game in games where the team looked lackadaisical. IE, I don't remember any routine plays where he botched in a big game down the stretch. I think Kinsler is valuable to anyone, when he's focused. He was lights out during the playoffs for the most part.
  10. His stock may have fallen too much to get an outright starting pitcher that will service a 3,4,5 starter. What are they going to do with an INF that can't stay healthy?
  11. Don't count chickens before the eggs have hatched...
  12. It's a small rural town. What income do you see coming into the school? Get off Yuga's sack, jeez...
  13. Scored more points, yes. Smashed? Hardly. 7 point game with minutes left in the 4th quarter. Mexia seemed to have shot themselves in the foot late in the game. But credit Teague, maybe they forced those mistakes....
  14. You really think he's hand picking the talent? Wake up, scouts do all the leg work buddy...
  15. You might be eating your words about Eustace. They are big and physical.
  16. I said it was JDs idea to take good arms out of te bullpen and make them starters against the coaching staffs advice. Not sure how that is being applied to the whole organization. Get off JDs sack and admit he made a couple bad decisions in those 2 cases... And for the record, I've never said there was a curse of Nolan Ryan... Did I hate to see him go? Yes. Does his words carry more weight than JDs towards the players? Yes. JD is a computer nerd that needs to keep his nose out of the everyday baseball decisions and stick to the money side, which I think he is good at.
  17. It happened to 2 guys against the coaching staffs' will, Feliz and Ogando. What else needs to be said? I don't understand why you're doubting this situation. You're taking sides with a guy that stopped playing ball at age 11 and only repeats what his computer analysises spit out?
  18. Jake has a point, can any buckeye fans tell me a Jeff Traylor team that DIDN'T have a move-in?
  19. Are ya'll thinking like underage girl or cheating on his wife or hitting on the secretary or what?
  20. What are you afraid he's going to say?
  21. Buffalo is always big and they are big again this year.
  22. Stripes is a typical high school ref, because he has memorized the definition of "holding" he is smarter than anyone that is not a ref. Hey Stripes, send me your next film and let me grade it, see how good you are at your defnitions...
  23. This September call up the Nats have is impressive. Souza. He's up but the Nats have a crowded OF. Announcers saying Nats might want to move him. Choo can't DH simply because you can't be successful in the AL with a DH leading off. Martin is coming on as of late, he needs to have a complete summer next year or I'm pulling the plug on him, although he is awesome defensively. Fielder can play another year of 1b before Gallo is ready then insert Gallo at 3b or 1st, whoever is looking older defensively out of Fielder and Beltre. I don't mind keeping Rios, but you can't hit him in the 3 hole. Lewis would be ok to keep as well, as long as he's the #4, better at 5. I would love for Scheppers to be the closer, he has the stuff. Hopefully Ogando comes back healthy, he was awesome in the 8th inning when he was going good. Feliz, not sure how his repaired and then repaired again elbow is gonna hold up. I say ship Profar elsewhere and get a good starter. Not sure who is gonna give up an arm for a guy who has yet to prove he can stay healthy anywhere but the minors where they play 100 games or whatever. I like Chirinos behind the plate, closest thing we've seen to Pudge. I feel like his bat will come along. He was tops in the league in the run game control dept.
  24. Not everything you read reported is right Btex. Formulate your own opinion with your own assessments. That's what the reporters are doing...
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