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  1. If a player gets ejected, it's a district policy type situation. Meaning it varies from district to district whether they sit a player following an ejection. There is no UIL rule concerning the game after ejections.
  2. I hope Mildred wins it all so they can say they've had atleast one good year in school history...
  3. Who cares? I would've kicked the PAT as well. You ask a kid to make a play, and he didn't. That's how it goes sometimes.
  4. I do not wish A-Rod was still with the Rangers. I'll take Jaramillo back and keep Ron. Maybe find somebody for Maddux, somebody less hands on. I do think Maddon did a good job with the Rays with a lot of help from the Red Sox. Nonetheless, he deserves it.
  5. No, Gunter is not better than Crockett and I think Mildred will beat Gunter. But to say Mildred is better than Crockett, come onnnnnnnnnnnn man! And I will not say anything to degrade Mildred, I'm a fan. A fan that keeps it real... You can research it, I predicted Mildred to go far and gave the OPP posters all they wanted saying Mildred is not the same Mildred from last year. But it won't end in a state championship title
  6. Yoe better than last year's Dfield team? What are you smoking?
  7. Better than Crockett? You've been looking through maroon shaded glasses buddy.
  8. As long as he can stay healthy, he throws a heavy ball, though it's not the 96 he used to throw. His 92-93 heavy fastball may do some good in the ballpark coupled with his offspeed. I bet Feliz will feel much more comfortable in the rotation. After all, that's all he has ever done before getting into the league. And whoever said he had a terrible slider has never seen his. It's not terrible, by any means. He doesn't control it that well, YET!
  9. CJ is a head case anyway. I'd like to see him gone
  10. All of those years on HGH, he's a cheater and he has admitted to it. You can't argue with BY, he's a VOLUNTEER asst at some knock-off juco. He knows best..........
  11. Won't even be close next year! Mart reloads and Cville loses most everybody that did anything...
  12. Seriously? One of your OL is a good prospect, and the QB might have a shot, but next level football is a different world. Let's not get carried away here.
  13. Lay low? That's what this forum is for. Wall to wall talent huh? How many of your guys are going to play at the next level?
  14. lol ya'll will get your chance against Arp. Keep playing good and that time will come
  15. It's impossible to guess which teams will gel together and become a force to be reckoned with. They got a couple of the classifications pretty close. What else do you expect from them?
  16. Journey to the "state championship" is the technical term, but the real title game is being played between Arp and Lexington this week. I like how someone said earlier that one player doesn't make up the team. In Mildred's case, this is not a true statement. You take away Shimonek and Mildred is hurting. I would like to clarify that I am a Mildred fan, rooting for you guys the whole year, but what some of these kids are saying is making me sick to my stomach. Ya'll are having ONE good year in Mildred history and you're acting like this is a year in, year out sort of tradition. Stay humble, one time! Have some humility. And you better get hooked up before you run into Arp...
  17. Mildred beats Gunter easily, but gets steamrolled by Arp
  18. Mart's o-line, although is not the best they've had, is big will be hard to find the ball carrier behind them.
  19. How bad are you that you get beat on the same route 3 times? I mean, come on mannnnnnnn! Make an adjustment one time...
  20. Mart is going to stack the box and let #20 and the freshmen #12 play one on one with Clarksville's guys. You might complete a few on those 2, but it's not going to be for very many yards. Mart's LB is way smaller than Cville's, but he's twice the player.
  21. I've seen both and Mart is too disciplined for Cville. Cville may break some big plays, but Mart has the athletes to keep those numbers to a minimum. Mart wins
  22. I played Hughes Spring back in the early 2000's at Kerens and they didn't have any fast kids. I was impressed with OPP's athleticism in the backfield, just thought it wasn't utilized well. If HS has some of those cats, which I highly doubt, might be a game. But if they don't have any kids that can go, it'll be a long night for the HS secondary. By the way, Mildred scored on the same pass play 4 times. Corner route to #3. And whoever said he might be the most explosive in the state or 2A or whatever, hasn't seen much football. He's good, but come onnnnnnnnn man! He's not THAT good. He's quick, runs good routes, that's about it. Mildred is going to be tough to beat for these teams in east texas that have been playing the same type of football all year. Line up, run right at you. That's pretty much what OPP and HS has done to people all year. Mildred rolls to the next round
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