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  1. Sounds like you started the thread just to see everyone pick Crockett in the win. Everyone knows who is picked to win this game, but I'd be worried about Malakoff. They play with a type of sneakiness where you look at the scoreboard and they're up 14. I think Crockett might have the athleticism advantage tonight, but will their athleticism carry them to victory? Usually does during the regular season, but once Crockett runs into a good team in the playoffs, it's usually over...
  2. Kerens was a Goliath to Malakoff for many of years....
  3. Size, I don't know. Speed is a definite. Size won't get you anywhere unless you weigh 350 and you're a nose guard if you can't move.
  4. Sooo Div II 3A is stronger than Div 1? That is my conclusion since ya'll got beat by Carthage and they won it all as well last year.
  5. 90% of the time, it works every time.
  6. He did spell it correctly. "Or try to act like have been" Looks like you may want to try and clean your own grammar closet before digging into someone else's.
  7. Your Winnsboro fans think your boys are going to come out and fling it around like the New England Patriots or what?
  8. Taco snacks cover every group in the food pyramid.
  9. I think they work by trial and error. Except when Gilbert played last year, they had no one ready behind him. If Overstreet can get it done, he'll play. Mack is all about what can you do for me now...
  10. Uhhhh, what? I think you just like to type sometimes. Do you like the sound of a keyboard? There's so much more that goes on at those other two levels, high school isn't even close.
  11. Kerens will bounce back teamoverself. They always do.
  12. Your sig is old and out of date, plus it's not true
  13. Played baseball and pole vaulted in the conference meet for Northwestern St. Hit .280 as a freshmen, .301 as a sophomore and had a career ending injury the opening weekend of my junior year
  14. He never said the kid was a terrible player. Jeez, take a post for what it's worth. Steve is right though, if he's as good as you say he is, let's see how many college offers he's going to get. The way you're playing him up, he's a D-1 caliber QB, and that's not the case. He's good, no doubt. But qualities other than speed, strength, and size have put his numbers up for him.
  15. So he's a Andrew Luck type QB? Get real, that's a first round draft pick you're comparing him too. Also, a super athlete in the Oregon QB.
  16. haha like where? Harvard, Yale? Awesome QB schools...
  17. I don't know who you're trying to make fun of, but that's not the debate. Even if you are joking, there's no relevance here...
  18. Garrison will beat some 2A's, yes. They will not suit up a state title contending team every year like some of the best 2A's though. Isn't Winnsboro trying to play those type of teams? Garrison will be Garrison in 1A, where their numbers allow them to contend.
  19. Give me a break, you act like he can choose wherever he wants to go...
  20. 3 scuffles in 3 weeks and there's not a problem there? I guess teams were just picking on you guys huh? haha
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