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  1. Y'all do realize Wall lost their best player, the guy that made them go, right? Who is going to get that first down when it's 3rd and short now? You could bet the house last year and you still weren't going to stop Dacy, even the all stars of the state didn't completely shut him down. Someone might fill his shoes, but they won't be as talented as he was...
  2. I think it's going to take a more diverse offense than what NB runs to win it all. JMO
  3. The team with the worst record in baseball taking 1 game from the team with the best record is hardly ugly in my eyes... You can never admit when you're not completely right can you?
  4. He's been earning his money for a good while with the caliber of athletes Winnsboro has and their success.
  5. I like Holland. He's a goofy dude but that's because he's left handed. I think you keep Beltre, you know what you have with him. Why get 3 guys that may or may not pan out...?
  6. Can't wait to see this young DF receiver you guys have. Heard he is D1 type player. What do y'all think? Are we talking UT/Baylor or SFA type?
  7. No way, I agree with you. Profar is worth a front of the rotation guy. Definitely not a utility player, whoever said that is just naive. I don't think he'll get a David price/ max scherzer deal by himself, but he's not far from it. Maybe add a good young arm with Profar and they could easily land a scherzer type free agent. If they're gonna trade Profar, it needs to happen this offseason at the latest. I also think it's time for Moreland to go. I don't think JD will get much for him either.
  8. I mean most of my clientele comes from the Cedar creek lake area. Malakoff, Kemp, Eustace...I catch a lot of those towns games. I try to watch as many east Texas teams as I can and since I picked up some properties in the northeast, I'll be around those teams up there later in the year.
  9. I think Profar has something more serious than what they're letting the public know. He has sat out 100 games now... Not a small injury
  10. Defense. Linemen. Discipline. Tackling... You want me to keep going?
  11. I wouldn't mind trading Profar, I think Odor is going to be a solid player. It's not like you're losing a future 30 HR 30 SB guy. Profar will never be that...
  12. That was JD's call, heard it from the mouth of Jackie Moore, himself! Even after being warned by Hawkins and Maddux that he didn't have the work ethic to stay healthy as a starter. Ogando, same situation....
  13. Well that isn't good news. People ain't gonna pay me to shoot 2 woodrows. Saw a bunch of green on the ponds last Decemer though.
  14. I recently gained access to 2 properties full of mallards up there, so it looks like I'll be up there about the time DF and NB get going full steam...I'll see you around.
  15. I could give 2'### about anything CR related, but if you wanna go down that road, Eustace ain't but a couple notches above them, and that's sad. DF ain't the same DF. Go watch your kids work out and tell me they're gonna make a run this year.... Lol you'd be lying to yourself man.
  16. Yeah because there are farm systems out there churning out all stars...? I know you said with somewhat of a sarcastic tone, but I feel like you really think there are farm systems that produce all stars on a consistent basis and there's not. Rangers have some of the top rated INFs on the farm in all of baseball.
  17. How do you determine I was riled up by that post? I answered it in a calm manner...
  18. Actions speak louder than words in my book. DF couldn't stop the run and got exposed
  19. Ima tell you right now, Winnsboro is better than Eustace at that offense and DF struggled mightily stopping it...
  20. Yeah, it's a misdemeanor, so what. I bet it happens weekly across the MLB.
  21. Just gotta let it play out. Nothing you can do except get a good look at some young guys. Back ups to middle of the order guys usually aren't as good as the back end of your starting line up, so when your normal 7s and 8s are having to hit 2, 5 and 6, it ain't gonna be pretty. I wish they would get rid of Soto and see what Chirinos can do with nearly a full summer. Also, they have Profar, Sardineas, and Odor and they don't need all 3. Pick 1 and trade the other 2. Odor is my favorite simply because I haven't seen much of Profar. I think Odor probably swings it a little better. They need to go get them a young power hitting corner OF.
  22. Ron ain't leaving balls over the middle of the plate. Ron isn't the one that isn't getting the hits with runners in scoring position. No one in the world would be in better position given the circumstances his club has had to deal with. Name one guy that would have a good year after losing 3 of 5 starting pitchers, 2 INFs, one of which usually has somewhere above 35 bombs with 100 RBIs. I don't think you realize how hard it is to even make a run at a World Series, much less make it back 2 years in a row.
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