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  1. Anyone have number 24 for Jefferson stats from last night he ran all over us
  2. Pewitt will bounce back coaches will make sure they look at this week and not keep looking back at the loss
  3. Or biggest problem was we couldn't catch Jefferson on the outside they're just to fast and I know HS isn't as fast as Jefferson so we will have a little better chance at stopping them there
  4. That's something pewitt doesn't have a whole lot of we are strong but not fast
  5. Most of the TDs came from runs to the outside
  6. Much respect to Jefferson they are on the three yard line and instead of running up the score they kneel the ball
  7. I'll give it to them they are fast
  8. Our defense won't break down or wrap up
  9. I'm still trying to figure out how you fumble after you are on the ground and the whistle blows
  10. Big TD pass Jefferson XP no good 26-19 8:44 3rd
  11. Yea like pewitt getting delay of game on kick off cause we weren't lined up right
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