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  1. How is the district going to handle Alto's games for the next two years? Will their games count and the no playoff penalty applied at the end (the fifth place team advances after all tie breakers are applied) or will their games be forfeited to start with and their points for/against not counted? I can see the logic of doing it either way...just one of the potential issues with this situation.
  2. The number of students in each sport varies....some schools have a large number out for football but minimal out for volleyball or basketball. Which sport would be the driver for realignment and what do you do if more or less come out than anticipated? Would girls' sports be tied to the number of football players? I think the enrollment process used by the UIL is the best way to keep the field level. Even if students choose not to participate, they at least have the same opportunity as schools of their relative same size. It is up to the coaches, parents, peers, and other stakeholders to get the participation level up.
  3. As someone who has coached the largest enrollment school in my division at the end of one realignment and then the next year had the smallest enrollment in the next larger division I can tell you it does make a difference....especially on the subvarsity level which effects how your participation is later on the varsity level. There is no solution to the issue, someone has to be the smallest in the division, but it is not much fun.
  4. Just to be clear, coaches do not submit the realignment numbers nor are they involved in the enrollment of students. The superintendent (or their designee) submits the numbers to the UIL and there should be numerous people who know the number....principal, secretary, PEIMS clerk, attendance clerk, etc. and yes, even small schools have most of these positions so there can be accountability.
  5. What about the students at the other schools in the D2 district who would have to play against a team who should be D1? Don't they matter, too?
  6. I feel bad for the new coaches...they took a job at a D2 school with real state championship hopes and now they are not able to compete for a playoff spot. That has to be very disappointing.
  7. According to the Alto superintendent, the coach was let go sometime in the winter months...she says no one was aware of the enrollment until May so if everyone is correct on the timeline then Coach Gamble had nothing to do with it.
  8. According to the Alto superintendent, the coach was let go sometime in the winter months...she says no one was aware of the enrollment issue until May so if everyone is correct on the timeline then Coach Gamble had nothing to do with it.
  9. It is very hard to believe that no one in the district was aware how holding the enrollment of 3 students could change their division alignment. I don't know of any other district that does not enter students as soon as possible when they enroll simply because of the financial implications.
  10. I would hate for the kids or the new coach to be punished for something they had nothing to do with, but if any school should be a D1 and instead are allowed to play D2 then that would not be fair to the smaller division schools. On the other hand, I think Lufkin's soccer team was able to keep a state championship several years ago when they should've been playing up one division. I don't think the error was discovered until after the season was over. Lufkin ISD confirms turning in faulty numbers to UIL (ktre.com)
  11. This may sound crazy, but just finding competent clock operators is an issue in a lot of places....and they don't have to reset the clock constantly. I can see some real issues with shot clock problems and I'm not just talking small schools.
  12. That quick home game may not include the guy staying to do the laundry or wait for parents to come pick their child up after the game...sometimes the wait can be significant.
  13. It might also help if when a job is posted experts on sports opinion sites didn't hammer the school that is posting the opening.
  14. Is it too much to ask to get announcers at the TEXAS state track meet live stream who can pronounce the school names correctly?
  15. Not to be picky, but did the athlete transfer or move into the district. It makes a big difference because transfer students are ineligible for varsity for one calendar year from the time they enroll....so I'm guessing the family moved into GISD's district.
  16. As stated by several posters, schools have closed in the past for two reasons: Too many students out or too many key staff members out. If you don't have enough bus drivers or cafeteria workers or substitute teachers you simply can't do school. Regardless of which disease is the main driver, you have to figure in the "usual" absences like paternity leaves, stomach bugs, etc. and if it is a small district that adds up quickly. I heard one superintendent say they had 33% of their employees out on Thursday. Yes, waiting until Tuesday will help districts with too many staff absences, especially with the new CDC protocols that can get an adult back to work in 5 days.
  17. Regardless of the score, I believe Lago Vista has one of the best coaches in the state. He's won at Garrison and Sonora before going to Lago...and he's won beyond the wildest expectations there.
  18. I would like to see the championship site moved around the state. It doesn't seem right that Metroplex teams get a home field advantage each year. I know there are only 3 domed stadiums in the state, but I'd prefer to see them in some sort of rotation so south Texas teams don't have to travel and stay in hotels while DFW teams can sleep in their own beds every year. I know the fan experience is probably best in Arlington, but I think we can all agree that it should be more about what's best for the teams involved.
  19. Number of wins of remaining teams: 6A D2 Region 4=78 wins (3 undefeated teams remain) 5A D2 Region 2=76 wins 5A D1 Region 2=76 wins 6A D1 Region 1=76 wins 6A D1 Region 3=73 wins 3A D2 Region 2=73 wins For sheer intensity and emotion, I'll agree that 3A D2 region 2 is a very entertaining region. These teams cannabilize each other during the year and that keeps the total win totals down a little.
  20. Back in the 'good old days', there were 9-1 amd 8-2 teams staying home every year. The current format works itself out after 1 week and I prefer to know that a 4th place team in a tough district was not penalized for being in a district of doom. There are several 1st and 2nd place teams in the playoffs simply because of their geographic location/district alignment. I don't think anyone is going to change their minds unless it benefits a team they support so I'm not going to argue about it. My basic thought is that it doesn't hurt anyone to get a chance to prove themselves in the playoffs.
  21. There are 40 undefeated teams remaining in the playoffs...two regions have 3 undefeated left. There are 14 teams with losing records still remaining. Some of them had major upsets to stay alive last week, but a few simply had difficult non-district schedules with larger teams and once they started playing in district started winning. I think the best way to determine a teams "legitimacy" in the playoffs is to look at the district record, not the non-district. There is one 5-5 team remaining. Once again, I did this quickly so I may have overlooked something...this is just for fun anyway.
  22. I made the correction to the Chapel Hill/Vidor game in the regional data and in 4's over 1's as well as the overall lower seeds/upper seeds stats.
  23. Districts advancing all 4 teams to the second round: 6A-District 10 (Mesquite, Rockwall, Rockwall Heath, Tyler Legacy) District 21 (CE King, Summer Creek, North Shore, Atascocita) District 27 (Smithson Valley, East Central, New Braunfels, Cibolo Steele) 5A D1-District 4 (Midlothian, Mansfield Summit, Colleyville Heritage, Burleson Centennial) District 11 (Cedar Park, Pflugerville Weiss, Manor, Georgetown) 5A D2-District 12 (Texas City, PNG, Crosby, Barbers Hill) District 15 (Floresville, Boerne Champion, Alamo Heights, Medina Valley) 4A D1-District 7 (Paris, Argyle, Melissa, Kaufman) District 12 (Stafford, Brazosport, West Columbia, El Campo) District 15 (Beeville Jones, Calallen, CC Miller, Port Lavaca Calhoun) 4A D2- District 16 (Rockport Fulton, Ingleside, Port Isabel, Sinton) 3A D1-None 3A D2-None 2A D1-District 13 ( Ganado, Flatonia, Schulenburg, Shiner) 2A D2-District 10 (Wortham, Mart, Chilton, Bremond) Please let me know if you find mistakes (as if I had to ask).
  24. Four seeds beating one seeds: 5A D1 Burleson Centennial over Justin Northwest Angleton over Friendswood Georgetown over Dripping Springs Eagle Pass Winn over San Antonio Highlands 5A D2 Barbers Hill over Fort Bend Marshall Medina Valley over Mission Veterans' Memorial 4A D1 Kaufman over Dallas Carter West Columbia over Houston North Forest Beeville Jones over La Feria Chapel Hill over Vidor 4A D2 Monahans over Lubbock Estacado Port Isabel over Carrizo Springs 3A D1 None 3A D2 Ballinger over Crane Stanton over Childress Riesel over Van Vleck 2A D1 Schulenburg over Mason 2A [email protected] Wortham over Maud Burton over Christoval
  25. I'm embarrassed to say that I couldn't resist checking the numbers after CDubya936 asked, so here is what I found. Again, if there are mistakes they were inadvertent. Here are the numbers for lower seeds winning per region/per class/per division: 6A D1-region 1-1/region 2-4/region 3-2/region 4-3 6A D2-region 1-4/region 2-4/region 3-3/region 4-2 5A D1-region 1-3/region 2-1/region 3-3/region 4-2 5A D2-region 1-2/region 2-2/region 3-2/region 4-3 4A D1-region 1-1/region 2-3/region 3-3/region 4-4 4A D2-region 1-4/region 2-1/region 3-1/region 4-2 3A D1-region 1-3/region 2-2/region 3-1/region 4-1 3A D2-region 1-2/region 2-2/region 3-2/region 4-3 2A D1-region 1-1/region 2-0/region 3-3/region 4-3 2A D2-region 1-1/region 2-1/region 3-3/region 4-2
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