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  1. I love that Denton Guyer and Highland Park are live on direct tv 676-1 and that NFHS network and TexanLive have quality games. I hope the UIL never goes back to no live games broadcast. I'll have the tv and two devices going tonight.
  2. I know it was windy, cold, and rainy on both teams tonight, but one relies on a ground and pound style and one throws the ball around a lot...it is obvious who was hurt the most. But, the fumbles were mostly self-inflicted and happened before contact several times so tonight the better team won. I'm surprised anyone completed a pass in these conditions. Congrats to both teams on excellent seasons.
  3. Pedergrass runs so smooth. I don't know why Commerce had no one on outside contain, but they basically sold out to stop the inside run during the time I watched...I missed the first 2.5 quarters.
  4. Is there a radio broadcast or live stream of this game?
  5. 16 to 14 Jasper at halftime
  6. Yes, the midline was a great addition to a lot of offenses when it came down from Arkansas. To me, the reads out of the midline were easier than from the regular veer and if you had a running QB he was able to get turned up field quicker. It is still a good change of pace for any offense that is under center because the read is very easy to teach.
  7. The split back veer went away when defenses figured out that if you hit the QB on his third step all you had was an unblocked sweep after he pitched it too quickly. The crashing end also stymied the outside veer as it made the QB bounce around the dive back if the mesh point was a wreck. The veer was a thing of beauty until defenses caught up with it.
  8. Has anyone heard anything about reentry to the game today? We didn't get a ticket stub.
  9. Tatum. Jefferson was moving the ball and had stopped the Eagles' offense. That momentum is going to be hard to reestablish.
  10. Another 30 minute delay just announced...about 9 pm start.
  11. The delay works to the advantage of Tatum...Jefferson had the momentum when play was stopped.
  12. This is why so many teams played yesterday....lightning delays were almost a certainty tonight.
  13. They usually get moved for predicted ice on the roads. I agree that unless there is lightning in the area games should be played in the weather conditions that exist...I wouldn't agree to move the game unless it benefited me in some way...passing game, more speed, etc., but would move it in a heartbeat if it helped us win.
  14. Jefferson is flat. Nothing like the emotion vs. ATLANTA
  15. Guyer is about the most dominant team I've seen at the highest levels of Texas high school football. Great defense and a very efficient offense led by a great QB. Don't forget they were beating Westlake at halftime before they ran out of gas last year.
  16. This game mirrored the UT/Iowa State game today...both teams dropped sure touchdown passes. Jefferson hit #5 inside the 10 and he dropped it with no one around. This was a very physical game with both teams showing great intensity. Both teams got personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, but only one player was ejected and that was in the last minute of the game.
  17. Jefferson's offense is explosive and their defense is much improved over last year. Atlanta has played much better this year so I'm saying it will be a close game but Jefferson squeaks it out.
  18. I understand how it works, but I hate to see schools schedule bigger schools and then complain about the size difference. If you are going to schedule them just play the game and move on.
  19. I don't know how this game got scheduled. Lumberton is a large school and beat Nacogdoches by 46 points. I know Tatum is good, but this Lumberton team might be more than they can handle. The bad thing is they have to play them for two years.
  20. So we need to delete and reinstall the app? I couldn't scroll on Friday night...it kept going back to the top game.
  21. Congrats to the young Mustangs...hope it is the start to a real turnaround.
  22. Wait a minute....wait a minute....it appears the favorites are coming back up...it still won't scroll smoothly but at least I can see the two Thursday night games in the area.
  23. I am a very easy going and forgiving person....I've eaten chicken when I ordered fish, I've waited in line at the grocery store while someone went looking for something they forgot, and I've sat behind someone at a red light who was so engrossed in their phone they didn't see it turn green and I didn't even honk the horn. This morning I loaded a bunch of games onto my favorites list, scrolled through the other games to see who was playing where, and had a very enjoyable experience on the app. So when it came time for the game I was going to follow tonight to start...you guessed it, all the favorites were gone, the weird scrolling thing that starts over all the time was back, and the issues I had last week all seemed to reappear. I am just a little peeved and frustrated.
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