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  1. Played in it...I still think that is the coldest I have ever been. Pads in our pants were frozen, I had to pick my mouthpiece out of my mouth cause it was frozen to my teeth. I remember drinking hot chocolate at halftime instead of water.
  2. That new Spring Hill girls basketball coach should be able to help with the football program as well!! He is awesome.
  3. Maybe clean house with a subpar Head Coach. I like Garrett as a person, maybe a front office guy, but his coaching tenure needs to be stopped.
  4. I can't believe they are playing each other. This goes to show you the population decline in Crockett over the last 20 years. This game would never have happened back in the 80's-90's-00's. Many Crockett families have moved out to Grapeland or Lovelady. When I was in Big Sandy a few years back, we played Lovelady in the playoffs and there were more than a few familiar names from Crockett's past. Just driving through Crockett now is depressing from what is used to be.
  5. Doormat is funny and might be the bench rider. We got runner-up rings the year we lost state, at the time as an 18 year old and the emotion of the year....I thought it was cool. Now I wish I didn't have it cause it just makes you wish it was gold. Not sure if any schools do this now or not. And to doormat...If it makes you feel better to demean or try to make fun of people then I will pray for you and feel a little sorry for you. I didn't ride the bench very much and started most of the time, including the State championship game. Get a life.
  6. Always a tough district as well....East Texas 2A-3A is toughest in the state. They were in district with Crockett for years....Diboll, Rusk, Palestine, Corrigan possibly.....athletes everywhere. They always played tough and did not seem to shy away from contact....you can't change schemes on kids every 2 years and expect them to be really good at it.
  7. Just ridiculous for rings at that age. Many of the kids I know that play all the time seem to get bored with it and not enjoy it. Many of the dads and moms are reliving their youth through them and are way more into it than the kids are.
  8. This getting a ring #### is out of control. I will post a few of my soap-box comments about this topic for the summer reading enjoyment...and because it is just too dang hot to go outside to check the mail. 1. Friend of mine has a kid in TBall...T Ball....and they have an All Star team. They then start posting on Facebook about helping to donate for their uniforms and trip for their tournament. Uh, NO. 2. Travel "Select" teams that ask for donations at WalMart or have fundraisers at eating places. These parents know what they are signing up for and then want to expect friends to
  9. Not sure if I have seen or read anything on here, but Quitman sure could use some prayers after losing one of their players in a car accident this weekend. These guys and the town sure could use a shot of adrenaline.
  10. Daryl Johnston will be there eventually I would assume. Charlie Waters and Bill Bates were fan favorites for sure for many years.
  11. Everson Walls...favorite player of that era...until The Catch.
  12. I do know they just got a great new Supt coming there way.
  13. I think Baylor and McLane Stadium ought to team up with Dr Pepper or Tx High School Sports Hall of Fame and take one of those bowls away. Central Texas people would get at least 25,000 to Waco.
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