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  1. And quite glad I'm not a coach. However, the good ones get to pick and choose for the most part.


    If you don't mind me asking slappy...what do you do for a living that allows you to spend so much time on SDC?

  2. With Malakoff Taking ALL 3 Sub-Varsity Games, Malakoff has the mental advantage. The Tigers are believing they can win it, and now the Lions are believing they could lose. That is the great thing about powerful PROGRAMS! BOTTOM to TOP!

  3. ETSN.com has a decent article on the match-up.


    After crunching the numbers Wolfe doesn't look much behind Skinner, Dowell is slightly ahead of Teague RB.


    The teams match-up play for play. But the big difference is that Teague is running MANY more offensive plays than Malakoff. Why is that? Because Malakoff's D-fense gets them such good field position that they don't have to march the whole distance of the field. I'm not saying that Malakoff's "D" will STOP Teague, but... I wanted to make this point as to why the Stats look a a bit in Teague's favor, they constantly seem to march the length of the field , where Malakoff gets great field position and takes it in for many times only a 5-20 yd drive for a TD.


    I've got Malakoff 42-35

  4. I think this game will be a match-up of the skill kids. I think it is Malakoff DB's Vs. Teague QB& WR's.

    I like that match-up.


    I think the 2 RB's match-up well, as do the Big men on both sides of the ball.

    Maybe Malakoff's D can finally slow down the Teague "O".

    I also feel that mid-game adjustments will be huge.

  5. Van is strong, but I do know that Athens has played better with each week. I know Athens has a lot of inexperienced players this year. Many of the Hornets players were on JV last year, two starters were on the Freshman team just a season ago. It looks as if they are buffing out the edges a little more with each week. I hope Athens can keep that going and pull out the win.

  6. Well, teamoverself, you sure are passionate. Your drinking the Driskell Kool-Aide, thats for sure. I'm glad. Malkoff sports as a whole needs mor passionate fans, for that I thank you. Heck, we might know each other. But, you are getting upset and excited about something that I did not say. I never said anything negative about them, I merely noted that Malakoff is not as mature of a team as Crockett or a possible 1st or 2nd round playoff opponent. In a few more years, due to the new "Driskell era" if you will, they will be ready. So please understand what I am saying. On another note, who decided that you will be the judge of who should and should not be a fan? Really?.....Come on. Being from Malakoff, I know that we need more fans. I stay through the length of every game, I don't leave when it gets boring, and the Kerens and Teague games this year got boring, because Malakoff had them in the bag early on. Please, I beg you, dont go around getting ticked off at every fan, resident, or player of Malakoff that doesn't agree complketely with everything that you feel. I would love to see the program grow. There are few programs at Malakoff that have, or have had the right kind of community support that is essential to a winning program. When John Adair was at Malkoff and was running the baseball program during the Tigers deep, run into the playoffs, that program had support. Go to any of DeArtis Nickerson's basketball games, there is support, when Sorenson was here in the late 90's, there was town support. But I have yet to see a game, other than Homecoming, wheree the stand are full. Even the Kerens game this year, empty seats.... Once again I've been around to see these programs, give it a few more years of winning and it will come together and we can sit together, drinking our "coke" and talk about how close they were in 2011. But they are not there yet. Dont get mad. This is a public thread, you have to read post with an objective mindset, not a over proud bias opinion. I will repeat myself, thank you for your support, Im always happy to meet a fellow fan. Understand I am not some "Hater". I am rooting for the same team that you are. I just have a different opinion, thats is what makes this website different from rivals, we are all allowed our opinions. Once again, thanks for your support.

  7. Lol it's so obvious when kids get on here. Listen teamoverself, that's a cute t shirt slogan, but u are mistaken. I can tell u have been drinking the Kool-aid That's good. I want this team to do well. Relax, go back and read my post and u will see my support for the current team and for Driskell. I want the tigers to win Friday. And btw kerens, was never a Goliath. U will know Goliath when he hits u so hard that the trainer takes ur helmet away at halftime. Bottom-line , this is the maturity I'm talking about. Stop worrying about what I say on smoky. Stop cruising the website looking for praise and go watch some game film, big game In 31 hrs. Btw, ur over reaction prooved my point. Nonetheless good luck. Ill be sitting in the stands cheering the tigers on.

  8. Mature in football terms... They are not disciplined, to the level of deep playoff round teams. They don't do well coming from behind. It's not due to the coaches, cause from what I've seen Driskell has changed there mentality alot. But their maturity to play in big games, from the first kickoff till the last whistle. So I'd say mental and discipline. It's not an attack on them, they are great kids, there is just a reason Malakoff doesn't ever make it past the 2nd rd of the playoffs. But if Driskell stays around for a few more years, that could all change. I hope it does. A deep playoff run would do alot for the future of that program.

  9. Malakoff is good for malakoff, but no Crockett. Crockett wins by 7+. Mally qb is athletic and good, but not D1 caliber. I've watch the tigers play this year, many times. They have the same issue they always have, maturity. We had the same problem when I played there years ago. Ill be sitting on the malakoff side this Friday, but I'm realistic, I think Crockett is just much more mature.

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