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  1. Yes it is a hard pill to swallow for the Lions, they dominated every aspect of this game. I feel as if Teague was cheated on that 4th and 1. It was a first down! The ref moved the ball back just a hair short, when it was clearly a first down. If that bad spot didn't happen this game would of had a different outcome! The bad Officiating cost the Lions the game. No doubt about it.
  2. That play and bad call changed the outcome of the game. Bad Call in crunch time! Do you think it was a first down?
  3. This was the play that hurt the Lions! I believe a bad spot was given.
  4. A decision by UIL was made. Just was wondering if those upset have to face them this week? Leave it all on the field!
  5. That's only because he ain't had to throw much, but trust me, the kid can throw!
  6. Yep mineola and the winner of this game will be the last 2 standing. Good Luck to both teams. #StillHungry
  7. Yall excuse slappy he has got that oppositional deficit disorder. LoL
  8. I guess The Teague Lions are doing something right when they got slappy barking lmao
  9. Yeah i am being funny. LoL He is one hell of a Coach, anybody that says otherwise is misinformed. You get on these threads and call people names, and down Teague every chance you get. You have been wrong 90% of the time. You are wrong again. Anytime somebody says anything about Teague you say its garbage. LoL. I like how you hate the Lions with a passion, so much that you get on every thread with your garbage. Didnt you say Malakoff would beat Teague? Or Rockdale? Or West? Or any other big game for that matter? Yes Coach Osborne is a jammed up Coach, and whether you want to believe it or not there is no doubt he will have his troops ready to battle. You called me an idiot in the village. My friend you would be the weakest link in the village LoL
  10. One slap to the earhole and slappy would be out, but i would prefer to hit him in his teeth so we dont have to hear his BS anymore. Hell I would love to box a round with slappy...Let me have a round with him first homegrown...lmao
  11. I played for Coach Osborne, he is a hell of a coach and turned our program around in the 90s. IMO he should of been the Head Coach. I guess you dont know much about how he turned a losing season around when.he took over the 8th grade program in 93. One thing is for sure he will have these boys ready to play some smash mouth football. I always wondered when Teague was going thru all the Coaches why they didnt hand the helm to Coach Osborne. When.he took over I knew the Defense would improve, and nobody on the squad would be soft. I dont think Coach gets into all of this talking bs. They will do their talking on Friday Nights!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!
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