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  1. Kilgore was coming off their bye week also and played very flat on offense.
  2. We definitely will have us a DOG fight next week
  3. Penalties are worrying me in this one. We can't let Lindale hang around on our stupid mental mistakes. That being said if Kilgore controls what Kilgore does then I can see a 42-35 win for Kilgore
  4. Kilgore is fixing to stack that box like always and make EC throw the ball to beat them. Same story just a different year until EC has a passing threat I can't see them beating us. But that's why they play the game. Kilgore 35 EC 21
  5. Gilmer is 11-0 right? Am I missing something with the coaches some nights you just have to do what you need to to get the W and get out. Every good Dog has a bad day hopefully those days happen and you can still win.
  6. Final Kilgore 28 LCM 6 That was one of those games where you just do what you need to to get the W and get out.
  7. HS football is all about how the two teams matchup with each other. Did CH pull their starters to quick maybe so but I'm not the coach for CH just my opinion I think they pulled them a little too quick. But hey the CH coach would rather have his under classman getting experience playing a playoff game rather than worrying about winning by 3 or 4 TD's. His decision may pay off in the long run with getting those younger kids live snaps
  8. Man this game could be getting pushed back to Saturday if the weather stays for what their calling for thunderstorms and big time tempature change. We shall see..
  9. So does anyone know if LCM throws the football any? How is their Offense and Defense?
  10. O man if LCM has no passing game then it could get ugly. Same will go for the second round opponent if both El Campo and Kilgore win their perspective games.
  11. Man I think Sville D is giving up 40 something points a game
  12. Did I just see Sville was losing 50-49 with 30 seconds to go in the game
  13. I have to agree Lindale just played probably the best two offensive teams in the region. Minus their turnovers and penalties you have an idea of how good your defense will do against vey good offenses. Now Lindale will have no problem having to win games with their offense. Just an outsiders honest opinion
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