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  1. Plays with no issues for me but I probably just jinxed myself now
  2. Congratulations Gilmer y'all definitely did the hard work for the other teams now don't let it be for nothing y'all shouldn't see any team better than what Carthage was. Just don't settle for the participation medal for second place. Gilmer beat the All Mighty Carthage y'all better finish it now don't be doing all the hard work for the other teams.
  3. Just don't let it turn into a trap game. The State title game was last night in Longview JMO but I believe we were the two best teams remaining in each region.
  4. CH y'all better not lay an egg in this one like last year CH went into the Alamodome thinking they were fixing to run those slow white boys out of the building. If CH brings the same intensity as they did for Kilgore then I believe they will be ok but sometimes teams just have bad matchups with teams and the better team will play down to their opponent. Just play CH football give Ricky the rock and he will put that offense on his shoulders
  5. There has to be a winner and a loser I don't blame officials but man took a catch away from us that was a first down the offsides on the onside kick was bang bang the official should have not called an offsides on the play in the moment like that especially when the player they called offsides was on the opposite side of the kick and he never impacted the play. But Kilgore's offense has their opportunities but didn't take care of their business. So I tipped my hat to CH defense for confusing and putting our offense in LaLa Land all game they looked absolutely lost with the blocking schemes that was CH causing it more than it was Kilgore.
  6. Congratulations CH was the better team last night I have no problem admitting it. We lost on purpose we didn't want to advance
  7. We can say in the long term he was playing to win the game. If your offense has the ball it definitely gives your team more a chance to win than punting and giving the opponent the ball and hoping your D can get you the football right back. I just always say play to win and don't play to not lose that's my opinion on a coach look at CH they had 3rd & 20, 4th &3 the coach knew Kilgore was struggling with stopping the run he still ran the play that benefited his team the best he handed it to his playmakers to get a first down. Kilgore offensive coordinator saw they were giving our wr 7 or 8 yards of cushion Ray Charles could see CH was giving Kilgore the short throws but they were determined to not give up the big play. Our coach has to know that.
  8. Absolutely teams would love to play for a championship if CH didn't win a Championship while they had Brisbon and Stewart 4 straight years to get to round 5 every year would it be considered a bust with the talent they had? Just asking y'all's opinions on it being a bust or no with the talent CH had?
  9. JMO I would hate losing the championship game more than the week before. Personal experience when Kilgore was getting their runners up medals the year they lost to Carthage nothing feels worse than getting congratulated for getting second place
  10. I'm not the kind of person to call out my own teams flaws but it's wayyyyy..... overdue coach Fuller's hands are tied but it's time for new coordinators we have another great head coach who knows how and what it takes to be successful I'm not saying it would or wouldn't be I was just wondering what the ch peeps thought on it
  11. Well Kilgore couldn't break the trend of losing to CH in the 4th round hopefully CH can break theirs of losing in the 5th round. JMO I think losing the championship game would hurt more than losing the week before
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