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  1. Not yet they never even played a single game in the wrong division. JMO
  2. A Gilmer fan I talked to the other day said they will have the backups in for the whole 4th qtr. And they will definitely be winning with ease. This Gilmer fan either knows something that others don't know about Gilmer or he is just a moron talking and basically guaranteeing a Gilmer victory already is obscured. CH isn't pre-seasoned ranked #3 for no reason. I'm just going to guess and say Gilmer's starters probably play the whole game.
  3. Wow wow wow.... I can't believe they punished them like this all for 3 students not getting reported. They should have a punishment in firing the school board who handles the enrollment information for first time offense. I mean I can see a punishment that was just handed down if the school year had started already and games had already been played. But to tell the juniors and seniors they are being punished for something they absolutely had Zero control over. Just hard to think about the kids in this situation man just absolutely hate it for them.
  4. We all have to remember now Carthage doesn't start taking games serious until when the playoffs start. Carthage peeps look at these as 10 scrimmages but either way this game will definitely be a guud un.. 2013 these two played excuse me scrimmaged each other to begin the season and they also ended the season a few days before Xmas playing each other.
  5. I hope all the teams can stay healthy in district I personally hate playing the good teams and most of the time a team if not both teams have starters out. I prefer to play a team when 100% healthy but hey we can hope some times. Hopefully we get another week 11 showdown in district CH and Kilgore this year the last two years it's been Lindale and Kilgore playing for the district and last year's game was an absolute epic amazing game.
  6. Kilgore has Carthage week 1 Gilmer week 2 We will see we're Kilgore is with stout competition. Definitely playing Carthage and Gilmer only helps the teams in the long run and will only make each team better.
  7. O ok dang just don't lose any sleep over my comment then
  8. Really? It's just a prediction man and their opinion just like you have yours.
  9. That's right Palestine's freshman or jv team went undefeated last season and when that team is completely up playing varsity I heard the same thing they are very good.
  10. Final Argyle 0 Sinton 9 Sinton didn't allow a single run in the state tournament. They were definitely everything as advertised plus some I don't think any team in the state of Texas would have beaten them.
  11. Wow I just saw Valley Mills beat Shiner 4-2 today
  12. Congratulations Argyle on beating a good CS team. But Argyle will be facing a different Beast in Sinton if they can beat Celina in which they should if they play Sinton baseball.
  13. I think the coin flip is used if two teams have identical records.
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