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  1. Congratulations LE on the State Title well earned and deserved.
  2. The call could have gone the other way also and have probably the same amount of opinions. The umpire called what he saw maybe next year the championship games will provide replay for the umpires.
  3. Yep that's what the umpire called also the catcher missed the tag and the runner was aware of it and continued to touch home plate.
  4. Good luck LE go get that Championship this year after being so close last year. I will be watching and rooting for you guys. We almost had us a LE and Spring Hill match up but it just wasn't meant to happen. LE definitely is playing great ball and determined to not let another one slip through their grasps thus go around.
  5. Day 2 Oil belt Harmony 6 Hardin Jefferson 7 Sabine 5 Kilgore 10
  6. I was really surprised to see they were beaten by a jv team. Sabine has been making tons of errors on defense they aren't helping themselves with all the miscues
  7. Bullard 9 Spring Hill 0 Bullard pitcher pitched a no-hitter against a very good Spring Hill team.
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