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  1. Thank you for every update me and my family said a prayer for the young man and the family and we will continue praying. God bless Cooper and everyone around him for his recovery.
  2. Aledo wasn't going to let Hale beat them at the end those last 3 plays didn't look like there was an 1:45 delay in between
  3. This is your opinion just like other people have theirs that's one thing you can't control is someone else's opinion. It doesn't mean they are right and doesn't mean they are wrong. It just boiled down to the better team won yesterday.
  4. I agree CH had no answer offensively what to do I think CH was shocked with their overall athletic ability and speed to keep them bottled up all night.
  5. I watched this game and it looked like CH came in expecting to win and Borne did their homework and shut them down. CH to me was looking right past them
  6. Congrats Kilgore we are proud of y'all win or lose y'all definitely left everything on the field that's all us fans could ask for.
  7. Congrats CH we definitely get our moneys worth when these two fight it out in the playoffs. I will be rooting for y'all here on out. Go show them what our District is all about
  8. Moron we drove inside the 10 twice on the two missed fgs so imagine if they were TD's too. So what game was you watching
  9. Yep not too mention our offense is definitely driving it up and down the field
  10. Welp wait until you see Kilgore in the second half gonna lay it down even better than that first half
  11. Don't even entertain that comment he is definitely an Armchair HS football guru expert on everyone's team. Definitely love's to hate always has time because his alma mater almost went 0-10 this year. Well at least he will get the first overall pick for his HS team next year he thinks. Hahaha...
  12. Win or lose I will definitely be rooting for CH just like I did last season. I wanted nothing more than for them to beat LBJ last year but the last two years we definitely showed how strong our district really is. Everybody thinks we are just homers but we definitely show the state our district is no joke every single year we have a team either in the championship or final 4 more years then none.
  13. Man it just stinks because a very good football team will be eliminated again from DOD teams having to do the hard work for the rest of the state. If it ever gets changed I believe DOD teams would be in more championships than the other districts I truly believe that but just my opinion.
  14. Kilgore was coming off their bye week also and played very flat on offense.
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