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  1. Will Waskom go after another soccer coach to keep them rolling along or will they go back to an actual football guy?
  2. https://www.news-journal.com/etvarsity/rider-earns-top-honors-in-9-4a-di-football/article_2c6ba960-700a-11ec-9e7c-cb5507c81447.html
  3. Athens is already in 4A-1 there in the same district with Kilgore and Doom brothers
  4. I have a feeling LBJ's speed is going to be too much for Sville. If Sville struggled with Hirischis speed then I believe the LBJ speed is going to be the difference and too much for Sville to over come this time. But let's see what happens though.
  5. Wow man o man that was a helluva effort CH great game. Y'all definitely showed them what D9 is about for sure I guarantee you y'all had them biting their nails for sure. Great season CH nothing to hang y'all's head on
  6. So your assuming? Nowhere did I say move to div.1 because div.2 is weak so you come on man
  7. Why wouldn't Gilmer option to move up to Div. 1 and Carthage also? Div. 1 usually stays pretty darn competitive
  8. Seems Franklin hasn't played anybody worthy since week 1 and that was a close one and Waskom has played 2 pretty darn good teams these last two weeks in Newton and Daingerfield. Now will Franklin be sloppy any when they finally go up against a worthy opponent that's going to throw back blow for blow. Something Franklin hasn't had to deal with in a few months let's see how they respond.
  9. Huh??? I think you're taking my comment the wrong way. Or heck maybe I'm misreading yours on everyone being a hater if they think Shiner will win.
  10. If CH can play a turnover free game then I really think they can beat LBJ. JMO LBJ doesn't do anything different that CH hasn't seen to date already. For me it's going to come down to which Defense can get that turnover and give their Offense and extra drive to score on. I was going to say CH couldn't afford to fall behind by more than 2 TD's or they will probably be in trouble but nevermind on that because I saw myself they can comeback ( etc.. Kilgore up 17-0 ). I believe CH will give LBJ more than what they bargain for just like Lindale did last year. I'm not saying just because Lindale won last year that CH will win I'm just saying you can't count out CH just yet before the game has been played.
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