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  1. I have no clue how he got as high as he did maybe 7 on 7 he shined
  2. Henderson just because they have the 10th best QB in Texas. Well that's what some faithfuls hoped for. Lindale 56 Henderson 21
  3. If Kilgore can dial down the penalties this game should favor Kilgore 42-14
  4. I'm picking my Dogs to get win number 2. But the D definitely have their hands full because Hallsville has a Stud at QB and if Kilgore doesn't play disciplined he could have a huge night. To me he is the difference in this game I have only heard that Hallsville is darn good and that offense is electric. Last game for Kilgore before district starts so as long as they get better this week like they have been doing is all that matters in non-district.
  5. Yeah me too just a typical #### bag trying to blame it on someone else for his idiotic comment. Just a typical smoaky loser that always posts idiot comments doesn't proof read before pushing send.
  6. Kilgore maybe 0-2 but I will take those two losses for the first two games you always hate to lose but I will definitely say Kilgore definitely got better from the week 1 loss. Still too many mental mistakes will cost you against a team like Gilmer. I will say once Kilgore gets going they will be alright they can definitely play with the good teams. I was really impressed with the defense tonight they look to be a tad ahead of the offense. The offense hasn't found their rythem yet the qb and receiver's just look out of sync some drives. With the QB and receiver talent I look for that to get better every week.
  7. Stupid coaching decision on that absolutely had no business kicking the ball to their best player. That one is definitely on the coaches for that TD
  8. Very well said both teams know what they are fixing to line up against. I just want to see a mistake free ball game from both teams that way everyone and me included don't have to think on the what "if's". I just want Kilgore to go into Buckeye land and play Gilmer like we know they can. And relive those epic thrilling games these two have put on for the fans in the past. I know both teams aren't hitting on all cylinders in week 2 but the potential of a good game is definitely there
  9. Who does Carthage play in week 2?
  10. No hard feelings here I can see how someone could read it like that how you commented on it. But yeah I'm ready for some HS football again
  11. Also no I know what a sky kick is I wasn't confusing the two.
  12. You are way off from what I said the onside comment had nothing to do with the score. I was saying Carthage would always try an onside kick even if they were up by half a hundred. More power to them if they elect to try it the whole game then go ahead I don't care. All I was saying I wonder how many kicks they will try.
  13. How many on side kicks will Carthage attempt +-2 they like to try a few seems like everytime they play Kilgore
  14. Wow SH and Sabine are in a crosstown battle gotta good one
  15. Not everyone will play both ways just mainly the skill players mostly
  16. A lot of the good freshman players were either moved up to JV or varsity. That freshman team was left out pretty much
  17. All the good players for the freshman and jv Kilgore teams are up on varsity.
  18. The only thing left to do is for Kilgore to give them boys a reality check sounds like they are perfect in practice. Tell Cuff to wear his dancing shoes tomorrow night gonna have to make him two step to Achy breaky heart
  19. If Kilgore can stay healthy this year they are going to be more dangerous and better than last year's team. Everyone but Van Zandt will probably be playing a little both ways Kilgore will have talent all over the field. I'm pretty excited to get this season kicked off I usually don't get excited before game 1. But with what we have back from last year and the guys that weren't considered starters they saw significant playing time. Plus the young guys coming up they have definitely been eating their vegetables and cornbread over the summer they have grown tremendously. Win or lose great measuring stick anyways
  20. I don't care if it's a practice, a scrimmage, or a real game they are out there trying to beat whoever is lined up across from you.
  21. Not yet they never even played a single game in the wrong division. JMO
  22. A Gilmer fan I talked to the other day said they will have the backups in for the whole 4th qtr. And they will definitely be winning with ease. This Gilmer fan either knows something that others don't know about Gilmer or he is just a moron talking and basically guaranteeing a Gilmer victory already is obscured. CH isn't pre-seasoned ranked #3 for no reason. I'm just going to guess and say Gilmer's starters probably play the whole game.
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