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  1. Went to the state band contest there earlier this year. Seats over 40000.....really cool location
  2. I think continuing to implement the 2 RB backfield with misdirection and a lead blocker should do the trick.
  3. I loved the new wrinkle with both backs in the backfield with a traditional lead blocker.
  4. Head scratcher huh? Along with the end around that resulted in a fumble in the first half.
  5. Getting smashed in the mouth the first 2 drives of the game will "uninspire" lots of teams.
  6. I'm not even sure Kilgore made more mistakes than CH. Does anyone know the final penalty totals? Seems like CH had more. I know CH had 1 more turnover than Kilgore. Dropped a touchdown in the first half. Another long touchdown called back in the second half. If CH could play a 100% clean game......imagine the possibilities?!
  7. Agreed......Our outside linebackers should be able to crash the edges against Davenport. Brooks and Cook should be able to live in their backfield.
  8. Super excited to be playing at McLane stadium. It's a beautiful facility and should make for an awesome atmosphere next Friday
  9. Can't come out flat like last year. However, I think Boerne last year was much better than Davenport. CH will definitely have the team speed advantage. Just gotta execute. Our defense will set the tone IMO
  10. Gosh.....I just rewatched the offensive highlights several times on Hudl! Our offensive line manhandled Kilgore's defensive front all night. I might need to call CPS this morning and make a report of multiple cases of child abuse last night at Lobo stadium.
  11. Kilgore congrats on a great year! Theres probably a good basketball tournament this weekend
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