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  1. CH was a 4th seed this year and went to the semifinals.
  2. Public schools have failed......it's multifaceted but nonetheless the American public school system will never recover
  3. Right?? Haven't you heard..... Argyle should've been the state runner up by pedigree alone
  4. His son is a freshman as well.....I don't see Riordan even considering leaving until this freshman class graduates.
  5. Looking forward to playing in the renovated Tomato Bowl.....what an iconic HS stadium!
  6. I believe so.....we are losing Athens and adding Jacksonville. Everyone else is the same. I think our bidistrict opponents will come out of the Paris district
  7. Next year district will be a battle....lots of good teams and I expect Henderson to rebound. Our region is tougher too.....should be a blast
  8. If the QB can improve his passing accuracy like 15-20% next year's offense might be the best we've ever seen at CH
  9. Yes.....the defense was senior heavy but rotated lots of younger guys in too. The offense will probably have to carry the team early in the season until the defense "catches up" a bit.
  10. The same coach blew a 28-7 lead to Lindale in the semis last year. I watched the game......they called a garbage second half. For what it's worth.....
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