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  1. I see....my daughter just started high school there so I'm not well versed on all the admin problems. However, I am hearing more and more concerning stories. I hate to hear it about my alma maternull
  2. Unfortunately I think the CH football talent pool is on par with a 3A school but their enrollment is at the 4A level. The last few years I've see very little real size or depth on the offensive and defensive lines. Skill positions have always been there but it makes little difference without those hogs up front. The lack of discipline and poor attitudes from the players have also contributed to the downfall as well. I've heard that student discipline is a real issue throughout the whole district at this time. I guess Coach Sitton had pretty good foresight....hate to hear about Hooker
  3. I watched Hudl films on him last year and you could tell he was pretty talented
  4. The soph CH quarterback seems to be the real deal... I'll finally get to watch a live game this Friday. Reports are that he can absolutely fly...
  5. I'm not there but listening...how does the CH QB look in person?
  6. :DI think it took CH 5 games to score 48 (total) last year!
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