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  1. This rule has going the way of the catch rule...so many elements to it, that it's very confusing. #1 there is no horsecollar foul if ball carrier is still in tackle box. #2 the language of the rule is quite complex. The hands on "horsecollar" area of nameplate area is not automatically a foul. The rule states the ball carrier must be brought down "abruptly". In rules clinics, officials are instructed not to call it if it takes an extended time for the ball carrier to be brought down. So....there is confusion on ALL sides (fans, coaches, officials, fence jockeys, etc)
  2. I can vouch for Snuffy!! He was the real deal. I witnessed it. Sportsjunkie you must be a youngster.
  3. And now it’s a penalty for targeting and an ejection.
  4. Schools have been given 4 years now to correct this. It didn’t just pop up. TASO doesn’t MAKE rules. It’s either an NCAA rule or a UIL exception.
  5. If a kid is going to make an impact on Varsity he should be dominating and standing out on JV or 9th grade team. I didn’t witness any of that. Did I miss something?
  6. Meet the coach scheduled for 6 pm Thursday. Baseball banquet previously scheduled for 6 Thursday had to move to 7. Disrespectful!!
  7. How about just for fun we keep this thread open for the next 5 years. Coach Castles will land somewhere and I’m willing to bet, eat crow or whatever that he wins twice the games that Henderson does in the next 5 years. Also, Carthage went 6-6 the year after their 5th State Championship. What happened? Surratt forgot how to coach? Why didn’t they run him out of town on a rail?
  8. Did he drag him for a few yards or jerk him down immediately? Was it inside tackle box?
  9. Be very quiet... don’t talk about the game. They may have to forfeit. Seems eerily quiet!!!
  10. If what I heard is true, Coach Strickland from PEWITT saved his life. Performed CPR until EMT’s got there...HERO!!!
  11. In bounds? Looks like he’s on the line to me.
  12. At the 4 second mark if you stop the film you can see that ball carrier seems to extend right hand in front of his body. There is no way to judge this play other than the officials that are on the sidelines that have the best view as to whether the ENTIRE football was in the field of play when he extended therefore that would be forward progress.
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