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  1. Drove up just to see Timpson win. Congratulations. Talked to several Bears at Texas live. Timpson has tons of athletes on this team . Terry is awesome for sure the rest of the whole team played awesome as well.
  2. Garrison and Beckville are way better than Tolar
  3. Garrison is one great team. IMO they could have won that game last night. I would have never stopped running the ball up the middle. Timpson is phenomenal with a ton of talent and speed. I never saw garrison not get positive yards in the A gap. Good Luck to Timpson great year Garrison
  4. Being from Springhill I don't believe you have the gilmer booster address. Thanks for trying to help.
  5. That I'm a Buckeye fan because my friend is OC there? Or recruiting season is open. Which do you not like?
  6. Go Gilmer Buckeyes. Does anyone have a number for the Gilmer boosters club. I'd love to send them money. Coaches recruiting season is now in full swing. Be careful be very careful
  7. Uncle. His dad is Chad probably one of the best all around athletes out of Beckville.
  8. Didn't say they don't have talent. I stated not as talented as past years.
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