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  1. Timpson in week 15 for the second straight year. They have played some great competition for sure. I know Shiner is a great team but so are the Bears. Give me the Black and Gold to win 38-35.
  2. Centerville is in a a real treat Friday. Not only do the Bears have speed but just the way they follow their blocks. You better hit them in the mouth and wrap up or the scoreboard will continue to change.
  3. I 100% agree. Kids make choices but so do coaches.
  4. I understand that but the question is why did they quit?
  5. Not anymore all do not play. All could be seen every Friday in the student cheer section. Not on the field Rhursday or Friday. Got to get kids like this playing. Then ask why did they all decide not to play.
  6. Unless you have a kid on the team you'll never know the true interior issues. I do not have one and don't have a issue either way. The question should be why a very successful sophomore class had almost all of the starters from the past 3 years quit? Qb along with 2 rbs. 3 wrs 2 lbs and a safety. When this happens depth becomes a issue in 5A.
  7. Got to get more kids involved to start. Discipline has to improve. 1 and 9 can be done with almost anyone. Remove the bad apples and work with the kids who want to be there. Play the best 11 even if it hurts some people's feelings. JMO.
  8. I'm not hating at all. Timpson is a great team. DLine is the weakest part.
  9. #9 from Beckville is a beast. Running over people
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