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  1. Friend of mine said all of Beckville's athletes transfered to Karnack. No game here.
  2. Hate it for the coaches and players. Heard that some of the school board members might be out of their prime. Forgot how to count
  3. FYI I was joking. He was a great coach though
  4. I understand putting your play makers on both sides. I get it. You can't compete in 5a with those play makers playing 90% of the time. You do that in 2A and 3A but both sides are going both ways which evens out. You show me a 4a and above team that wins that plays their studs both ways? I don't care what shape your in you can not be competitive in 5a With your guys playing like Jvilles had to this year.
  5. If I was a coach I'd love to have a total program record of 35-2. Things change your right but at least all teams are going the right direction. Turnover and philosophies of coaching changes can hurt a program no doubt. Looks to me that Tatum has struggled to be elite like in the years past. Maybe get Coach Crawford back like in the 90s. Eagles were rolling under him.
  6. Bleeding steers is the story. No balls I guess.
  7. One last thing about Kenny Canady. I can promise this man loves Jacksonville. Shows up to almost every girls athletics home events. He has zero reason to be here except he shows love and support. He is never to busy to speak and say something positive about your kid. I for one always feel better about my kids wellbeing with him around. Happy Sunday to all.
  8. Best game I watched all year. Bears with just a few less mistakes or capitalized on a few opportunities would be STATE Champs. Great season Bears.
  9. Insanity for me is the lack of numbers in a 5A school. Not hurting feelings but you only had 2 real 5A size dlinemen. Both played both ways 1 got covid couldn't play much. With that said we had 3 really good lbs but hard to make tackles when the dline can't keep the online off of you.Startng Dbs are also starting wrs basically running the whole game. Got to get numbers up. If you look at contributing players for Jville you were at a small 3A level. Hard to win like that for any coach
  10. I'm pulling for the Bears. B. Courtney lets wreck shop on both sides tonight. Bears shock TEXAS!!!!!!!
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