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  1. I really do not understand why all people in East Texas are not pulling for the Bears. We all know the 2 teams from region 4 are good. Look at all the good teams out of region 3 and Timpson handled them all. Terry Bussey and boys I hope ring the championship bell.
  2. Beckville beat Harmony which is playing this week in 3A. Timpson beat Beckville by 4 tds. What dies that say. In all it means Timpson is a really great team that I hope wins state.
  3. With 3 mins left Timpson didn't let 10 carry the ball. Left 14 more points on the field. Black Friday Timpson win.
  4. Still looking for that 6 2 215 back from Centerville. Must not made the trip
  5. I think that any if the 4 teams left can win. I think alot of mistakes will have to happen for Centerville to beat Timpson. I myself am pulling for the Rams to win so we can see the rematch between these 2.
  6. Just come down to the Tomato Bowl on black Friday and watch the Terry Bussey special. Worth the price of the show. Timpson Bear black Friday.
  7. See you Friday. After the game come see me. I'll be by the flaming J. If I'm wrong and Centerville wins I'll buy you a Turkey . But when the Bears win you buy me a ticket to next week's game between Timpson and Joaquin.
  8. Isn't Daingerfields QB committed to Texas? Didn't Timpson beat the tigers? You have 1 close game all year and suddenly the Bears can't play defense and Terry B will be contained. Just silly thinking
  9. Apparently you've never seen Timpson play. Zero chance Jefferson has better team speed. Corgan and Timpson are 2 totally different animals. Not being disrespectful but timpson would hang 40 on Corgan by the half. Centerville is good but will be bouncing balls Saturday morning. Terry Bussey is the best athlete in East Texas.
  10. Give me the Rams by 7. I really like the play from #7 for Joaquin. Kid is a baller on both sides.
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