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  1. Just wanted to say....Go Spurs!
  2. MavGrad....you keep picking against the Sun Devils and they keep biting you in the ####. I say keep on picking against them. Especially in the Pac-12 Championship game. I want them in the Rose Bowl!
  3. Oklahoma Michigan A&M Wisconsin Notre Dame Penn State Arizona State Missouri Baylor Oregon State Tiebreaker: LSU total offense vs A&M: 426 yards
  4. Houston 3 J'ville 2 Suicide squeeze by Brandon Barnes gives the Astros the win, wait........
  5. Let me have the team who's on a hot streak.... Oversized People 23 Cattle Managers 15
  6. I blame Mike Defee and his officiating crew for this loss. LOL Seriously, I just couldn't see Texas winning this one. They'll have their hands full on Thanksgiving day with Tech, too. And let's not even bother discussing the Baylor game. Texas will finish 8-4 and go to the Alamo Bowl, just like I said all along.
  7. PHS did an okay job in the first half, but it seemed that Jasper just came out in that 2nd half determined to expose something on the right side of PHS's defensive line. And expose it, they did.
  8. There was no play because the referee had not declared the ball ready for play. I know it was tough to hear at times last night, especially when the R's back was to you. I was down on the sidelines and had trouble hearing at times.
  9. Maybe Franklin thought this was last year and they had a BYE for winning the D-Title. Hmmmm
  10. I'm not saying that Beckville didn't overachieve, but this is a post about who was expected to go to the playoffs and didn't. Beckville wasn't expected to make it, but them Bearcats definitely overachieved this season.
  11. This isn't a Yoe post. It's a post about that Santana song, oYe Como Va.
  12. Beckville was picked to finish 6th in their district.
  13. My more pressing question is....WHY WOULD A PRIVATE SCHOOL WANT TO BE SUBJECTED TO UIL GOVERNANCE? I mean, they join the UIL and they can completely forget about openly recruiting anymore. They would have to do it the sneaky, old-fashioned way like all the other UIL schools.
  14. No, but you do have to be a varsity team and compete in district to go to the playoffs. CS would be in the playoffs easily if they weren't a JV team. I think they would've finished 2nd to Navasota in their district.
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