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  1. I blame Mike Defee and his officiating crew for this loss. LOL


    Seriously, I just couldn't see Texas winning this one. They'll have their hands full on Thanksgiving day with Tech, too. And let's not even bother discussing the Baylor game. Texas will finish 8-4 and go to the Alamo Bowl, just like I said all along.

  2. Going to be some good lineman playing tonight. Cuney committed to Texas, Thlang committed to UL-Monroe, both very good players.


    I think the story of the night will be Palestine stopping the RB for Jasper. Can they stop him? If they can not it will be hard for them to win.

    PHS did an okay job in the first half, but it seemed that Jasper just came out in that 2nd half determined to expose something on the right side of PHS's defensive line. And expose it, they did.

  3. Hats off to Jasper. They won fair and square. It was heartbreaking to see that snap come early and sail over Clark's shoulder. To be honest I was stunned. with 3 timeouts and 2:02 left in the game I felt we were primed to get the game winning TD. Instead it swung the other way and Jasper put the game away with a 3rd and 15 TD play. I do have a question about something that happened in the second half. It did not affect the game but it could have. Cats downed a punt on I believe the 2. Jasper was called for illegal procedure. They moved the ball back, then waved off the penalty and moved the ball back to the original line of scrimmage, which meant the play stood. It should have been 2nd down and it was but after a Palestine stop for no gain they kept it at second down. Palestine held for 4 plays and they punted on the 5th. That was bizarre. As I said it had no outcome on the game what so ever, just wondering how that transpired. Good luck next week Jasper. To my Cats. You gave it all you had. No shame, it hurts but keep your head up. I am proud of each and every one of you.

    There was no play because the referee had not declared the ball ready for play. I know it was tough to hear at times last night, especially when the R's back was to you. I was down on the sidelines and had trouble hearing at times.

  4. So a touchdown and seconds away from District champs in the last game,

    and in another game same night seconds away from play-off slot.

    Ended up in a 3 way tie for second but didn't make the play-offs:

    was above expectations but still didn't make the play-offs.

    Would have made play-offs if UIL had sent 4 as other Divisions.


    I still say Congratulations to the Bearcats

    I'm not saying that Beckville didn't overachieve, but this is a post about who was expected to go to the playoffs and didn't. Beckville wasn't expected to make it, but them Bearcats definitely overachieved this season.

  5. Good post. Is there some rule someplace that you have to be a senior to be "good". Tell that to the Carthage offense last year. I hear they returned EVERY starter this year so I guess that they must have been playing juniors and down. How far did they go? Semi's?

    No, but you do have to be a varsity team and compete in district to go to the playoffs. CS would be in the playoffs easily if they weren't a JV team. I think they would've finished 2nd to Navasota in their district.

  6. No one from College Station is making such predictions as some from Jasper are either.


    And, are we talking about the same Gonzales team that lost to a 1-9 Smithville team? LOL, good way to make your team look good.

    I hate my alma mater and I'm pulling for a 90-0 @$$ spanking by Bellville. Just pointing out that CS is a pretty good team despite only having JRs. and SOPHs. on the roster.

  7. I can assure you, the last thing the UIL is considering is how much $$ or time schools, parents and fans are going to spend traveling when they lay out the districts. Especially the ones of us that are outside the DFW, Greater Houston and Weirdville metroplexes. They could care less.

    This is pretty much straight from the guidelines of the UIL's 2014-16 Realignment plan. Also, "blood rivalries" aren't being taken into consideration, either. It's pretty much what we get is what we get.





    And, Slickarick, 100.5 puts you into 1A (6-man). 105 will be the bottom cutoff. That's already decided.

  8. Navasota is Division I..


    College Station didn't participate in district play which leaves Navasota and Taylor as the two largest schools in a 5 team district. The two other qualifiers are Rockdale as the Division II #1 seed and Madisonville.


    Jasper is one of those teams that will probably surprise a lot of people. They started the season off with high hopes.. Played some teams pretty close or even losing some games that where head scratchers, like losing to a (6-4) Orangefield team (both WOS and Silsbee blew the Bobcats out) and 2A Kirbyville and as I mentioned earlier, barely beating a second year program in College Station.


    As you stated JasperDawg may have overstated things, which I agree. Palestine is still a good team. Don't underestimate the Wildcats.

    Jasper wasn't the only team to barely beat College Station. At least the Dawgs won it in regulation. Gonzales (another 6-4 playoff team) had to go to overtime to beat CSHS.

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